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I used to work at Michaels years ago when I was getting my Bachelor’s degree, and since then, I’ve always tried to keep crafting. I find crafting, though it can be an expensive little hobby, is so rewarding because you’re creating something unique. However, I understand that life can be busy and it can be hard to find the time to gather inspiration and create something uniquely you!

I Want To Inspire Busy Creative People To Create!

I started this blog to help other creative people (like you!) unleash their inner crafter and get inspired. This blog will contain articles about jewelry making, general crafting, seasonal crafting, home decor, and food posts (because baking is absolutely a form of crafting!).

From time to time, I do write articles about writing and blogging. You’ll find those in the Misc. category.

If you want to dive right into my blog, click here. Or, feel free to narrow things down by clicking one of the categories below! Feel free to say hello in the comments section of your favorite post. I’d love to hear from you!

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