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Small spaces can be a real pain in the neck to decorate. If you have a small bathroom or sitting room, you need to avoid throwing too many things into the space or you will overwhelm it. Also, if you don’t add enough items to the space, it becomes unfunctional! So frustrating!

However, you don’t need to tear out your hair or drop your entire life savings into creating fancy custom furniture for your cramped quarters. I have six hacks you can use to create a functional and cozy space for you. I have three simple changes to make indoors and then we’ll head outdoors for some ideas to use on your balconies and small garden spaces to create some breathing room.

Indoor Spaces

Small spaces can be tricky to decorate, but with some simple additions, you can feel like you have oodles of space!

Most of us spend a lot of time indoors, so it can be really annoying when you have a space that feels cramped and unusable. The easiest way to refresh it is to create the illusion of a larger space, which is actually fairly easy to do, check out these simple ideas below.

Curtains For Small Spaces

Curtains that just frame the window can create the illusion of less space, the taller your curtains, the more space your brain seems to think you have!

Curtains are relatively inexpensive, you can usually find them in most big box stores and complete this hack for under $50.

The trick with curtains is to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible, with the hem hanging as close to the floor. It makes your window larger and creates the illusion of a larger space.

In the bathroom, do the same with your shower curtain! If your budget is small and you aren’t afraid of some sewing, you can even look at adding a panel of fabric to your shower curtain instead of buying a whole new one.


Dark colors can overwhelm a small space and make you feel like the walls are closing in on you. Picking a light neutral color can create the illusion of space.

If white isn’t your favorite, a light pastel color or even a dove grey can be a perfect alternative! Save your bold and vibrant colors for accent pieces like pillows, curtains or towels.

Storage Ideas

small spaces can be challenging, but with some simple storage tips, you can declutter and create space!

Clever storage ideas can absolutely create space by storing away clutter. Think under-the-bed storage options or shelving that pulls your items upward and leaves you with some floor space.

Other storage ideas include finding tables that also have storage space underneath. I also love storage ottomans because they can create an extra seat or foot rest and still store away items you still wish to keep. Out of sight – out of mind!

For more storage ideas, check out my post Amazingly Simple Storage Ideas That You’ll Love!

Outdoor Spaces

Small spaces outdoors can be enhanced with simple things, like a statue!

If you have a little balcony or just a small plot of land that your house sits on, you can still maximize the use of small outdoor spaces and enjoy it. I used to have a horrible backyard in my old condo, I never used it, but I think if I’d spent a little time and energy I could have created something that I would have loved to spend hours sitting out in.

So don’t let that outdoor space go to waste! These ideas are quite easy to implement and are sure to entice you to spend some time in the great outdoors!

Vertical Garden

A vertical garden like this can add a ton of space to your tiny garden!

The Horticult came up with this brilliant idea to turn your plain old clay pots into a vertical garden, which is perfect for small gardens or balconies because it doesn’t use a lot of horizontal space. I enjoy planting vegetables because you can enjoy some green and save yourself some money by growing your own produce in the warmer months.

Water Features

Water features add a lovely ambiance to your backyard, and you can find smaller ones that won’t overwhelm your space. Even cooler, Fix.com has a tutorial on how to make your own water garden, complete with plants and even fish if you like.

Rock Borders

Small spaces outdoors can be challenging, but with a bit of portioning, you can have a beautiful space in no time!

You can add some separation in a yard with borders. You just have to dig a trench and find some rocks (either purchased or gathered on your own) to great a natural-looking border to your planting spaces and your pathways.

Final Thoughts

Having small spaces in your home doesn’t need to feel like a curse! You just need to be a bit more strategic in your decorating plans when you have a slightly cozier space than you might otherwise like. Simple and slight changes are all you really need to create an oasis for yourself.

Do you have a clever idea to refresh a cramped space? Let me know in the comments down below and be sure to share this post on your favorite social media platform to spread the word.

Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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