7 Deliciously Simple Christmas Cocktails to Get Your Holiday Season Going

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‘Tis the season for Christmas cheer, and what better way to spread the festive spirit than with some delicious cocktails? Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or simply looking for a festive treat to enjoy at home, I’ve got you covered! Check out my list of 7 easy Christmas cocktails you can make in no time.

For a single gathering, you won’t need 15+ different drinks for your guests. Your party will get pretty sloppy if everyone is trying out 15 drinks in one evening! 

Butterscotch liqueur like this one can add a delicious flavor to many of your Christmas cocktails this holiday season!

These 7 drinks also feature similar ingredients, which will keep your liquor budget pretty frugal as well. The last thing you need during an already “spendy” holiday season is to spend even more of your hard earned money at the liquor store, right!?

Please enjoy these drinks responsibly and always have a designated driver if you plan on drinking away from home.

Ready to mix some drinks? Let’s get started!

Buttered Apple Cider

If you like apple cider, you'll love this sparkling buttery apple cider mix!

This has fast become one of my favorite Christmas cocktails. If you love apple cider, this drink is an enhanced version of the classic winter drink.

You can either use flat apple cider or try a sparkling variety like this one for your holiday drinks!

For this drink you will need:

  • Apple cider (if you like bubbles, grab some sparkling apple cider).
  • Butterscotch liqueur
  • A couple of ice cubes
  • Cinnamon sticks (for garnish)

Mix everything together and top with a cinnamon stick. For a twist, you can heat your apple cider (though don’t use sparkling apple cider for this part!) and warm yourself after a busy day skiing or playing in the snow!

2 Ingredient Cranberry Mimosas

Sparkly wine makes this cranberry mimosa an instant and easy hit for your holiday party!

This drink is seriously easy to throw together with just two key ingredients, three if you decide you want to garnish with frozen cranberries. Ultimately, though, you can make this drink with just cranberry juice and sparkling wine.

Get the full recipe over at Stress Baking!

Cranberry Margaritas

A cranberry margarita can add a touch of class to your christmas party!

Like the mimosa above, this drink features cranberries, which are a popular fruit for the holidays. It packs a bigger punch though with tequila and triple sec. Still a nice fruity drink to celebrate the holidays with, though!

Add a bit more interest to your margaritas with garnishes like orange slices or frozen cranberries.

You can find the full recipe at Chef Savvy.

Frosty The Snowman

This frosty the snowman drink is blue but definitely delicious!

Blue drinks are so much fun, I don’t know why, but they are always among my favorite drinks. To get the vibrant blue hue, blue curacao is the trick. Use blue food dye if you don’t have a blue liqueur.

For an added seasonal flare, crush up some candy canes and rim your glass with them.

Aspiring Winos is where you’ll find this delicious holiday drink recipe!

Sugar Cookie Martini

The sugar cookie martini is a delicious and special Christmas cocktail with icing and sprinkles on top!

Vanilla vodka is the perfect spirit for the holiday season and this drink features a delicious mix of the vodka with some Irish cream and a dose of amaretto. 

What really sells this drink is rimming your glass with vanilla frosting and Christmas sprinkles!

Find the full recipe at Wholefully!

The Grinch Cocktail

The trick to this grinchy drink is green liqueur!

The trick to this drink is its lovely green hue. Midori liquor is a delicious melon based liqueur, but if you can’t get your hands on a bottle, you can substitute in another green colored liqueur, just note that the taste will be different unless you can find a melon substitute (Bols makes one, for example).

It’s perfect for all the grinches!

The Toasty Kitchen has all the details.

Buttery Finger Cocktail

The buttery finger cocktail is made with vanilla vodka, kahlua, Irish cream and butterscotch liqueur!

Like the sugar cookie cocktail, this one packs another delicious punch of vanilla vodka and Irish cream, but with a mix of butterscotch schnapps (or I used the liqueur from my apple cider drink) and kahlua. 

I enjoy casually sipping this drink as I settle in to watch the latest Netflix holiday movie!

Find out more at The Farmwife Drinks.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Cocktails

When you are hosting a party, it can seem overwhelming. Especially if you intend to provide alcohol for your guests, but I hope that these 7 easy Christmas cocktails have eased your mind somewhat. I picked these particular drinks because they feature similar ingredients but are different enough to hit a fairly wide variety of tastes. You might even already have some of these bottles in your liquor cabinet, as I found I only needed to buy vanilla vodka and Bols Melon.

You don’t need to have 30 different cocktail recipes for a party because it’s impossible to try all 30 of those drinks. Keeping things simpler will maximize your fun and keep things responsible!

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That’s all for now. Until next time, stay crafty everyone! 

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