6 Clever Comic Book Crafts That Make Great Gifts

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Do you have a comic book lover in your life? Want to wow them with some amazingly stunning yet simple comic book crafts?

Even if you are a comic book lover and you just want to enjoy some themed items for yourself, this post is sure to have some amazingly inspiring ideas that even a beginner can do. Best of all, these ideas are budget-friendly. Depending on what you might already have on hand, you can complete one of these crafts for $20 or less!

What You Will Need:

  • Mod podge (either glossy or matt finish will work)
  • Medium to attach the comic books to
  • Old comic books (I recommend checking on a site like Comics Price Guide to make sure you aren’t destroying something super valuable)

Resin Coaster

I included this idea in this earlier post about DIY Christmas Gifts, and I still love the idea of making a coaster with a comic book and resin.

Comic book lovers will love this resin coaster idea!
A resin coaster is incredibly easy to throw together if you have a coaster mold and some resin lying around!

The process is quite simple, use your coaster mold to measure your comic book in the shape you need (you’ll want to trim a bit more off). You’ll know it’s the perfect size when it fits nice and snug into your coaster mold.

Canvas Work

I found this idea on Mod Podge Rocks blog, and it’s a brilliant piece of wall art. I particularly love the idea of adding colorful wooden letters, just for that extra punch.

You can find different sized canvases at places like Wal-mart in their crafting section, or most crafting stores will have a fine arts section. You’ll also want to grab some painter’s tape so you can paint the black border (or whatever border color you like!).

Light Switch Covers

I love this brilliant idea, and few people would think about customizing those dull switch and outlet covers.

I recommend buying a clear sealer for this craft if you are using these switch plates in the bathroom or kitchen as I’m not sure how just mod podge would hold up to any stains that might end up on them.

Mason Jar Candle

I recently wrote a tutorial for a mason jar candle, and I still enjoy looking at it. All you need is a mason jar, an old comic book, a foam brush, and the best crafting secret weapon…mod podge!

Once your mod podge cures (read the package for details), simply insert your candle or votive and enjoy your new mason jar candle!
Comic books are just the thing to cover up a mason jar that you can then use as a candle!

An additional creative twist to the above tutorial is to pour your own wax candle into the jar in a scent you’ll know your comic book lover will adore!

Comic Book Bangles

This jewelry crafting idea is incredibly cool, and you can find the full scoop on Don’t Eat The Paste! All you need is a bangle bracelet that you will then mod podge with comics. Super cool!

I particularly love the idea of adding glitter to it for just an extra bit of sparkle.

Comical Shoes

There are oodles of tutorials on the internet for comic book shoes (about as many as each type of shoe you can imagine). Generally, these shoes won’t last for a long time and mainly will wear where they bend as you walk. They are incredibly cool, though!

Also, I probably would not wear them in the rain!

Final Thoughts on Comic Book Crafts

I love the idea of using old comic books to create something new. I also have a few friends on my shopping list who would love to receive any one of these comic book crafts, and I hope that you’ve found some inspiring ideas to add to your list of DIY gifts this year!

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That is all for this week. Next week’s post is all about creating that perfect DIY gift for the foodie on your list. Until then, stay crafty, my friends!

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