4 Amazing Crafts Just in Time for Halloween

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Stuck on what to craft for the spookiest holiday of the year? Read on!

Alright, July is over, hard to believe isn’t it? I decided to share some Halloween crafting ideas in August as I want to give everyone time to try these ideas if they’d like. I’ll have a few more last-minute type posts closer to the event in October. This week is all about decor and I like what I call “spooky elegant” decor, so that’s what you’ll find in today’s post. I hope you find these ideas inspiring and exciting and if you do, I’d love for you to share this on social media or just give me a shout out in the comments down below, it helps me figure out what people are reading so I can continue to create excellent content!

When you’re looking for supplies, don’t be afraid to get creative. Check out my earlier post on tips to find crafting supplies. I found the bulk of my supplies in various Dollar Stores as well as the occasional buy at my local Walmart.

Where to Shop

I generally will find most of my crafting items at the dollar store or Walmart or even Michaels. Check out my earlier post for tips to source your crafting supplies here. You may even have some of these supplies kicking around the house, which makes it even easier.

Mason Jars

I encountered the original post on Pinterest (shout out to Adventure In a Box) and seriously, these are super cool. They also offer a design you can download for free, but I chose to come up with my own design, as inspired by theirs.

What you will need:

  • A selection of mason jars (I like to try different heights and shapes if possible!)
  • Spray Paint, I used Rust-o-leum in Grape and Orange
  • Elmer’s Glue & Acrylic Black Paint (mix them at a ratio 1 part glue to 2 parts paint).
  • Or, use vinyl sheets in black, you just cut out the shapes you need.

Spray your jars with the paint in a thin, even layer and allow to dry. I like to draw out the design with a black paint marker and use the glue-paint mixture to fill in the larger areas. The mason jars I used this time around were small, so I was able to get away with just the paint marker, but if you have a larger area to cover, the paint marker might not be ideal for more than just an outline. You can either leave them without the lid or paint the lids black and place them back on.

Orange lantern with battery operated tealight Purple lantern with a tree & graveyard scene Purple lantern with tree and graveyard

So lovely!


Nothing says Halloween much like a cleverly put together pumpkin!

Craft pumpkins are incredibly easy to make. You can use real ones or the fake ones sold by many fine retailers around. I usually choose the fake ones because you don’t have to worry about them rotting and you can reuse them for years to come. Plus I like to use the real ones for fall and Halloween baking and cooking (more on that later)!

What you will need:

  • Craft Pumpkins (I’ve seen these at Michaels, even some dollar stores)
  • Hot glue gun & glue
  • Paints
  • Ribbons, sequins, other findings.
  • Glitter paints (both the acrylic craft kind and spray paints)

You may need all of the above or just a few, it depends upon what you wish to do. Use the hot glue to attach most of your findings to the surface of the pumpkin. You can do faces or scenes. There are scads of ideas on Pinterest for inspiration (be warned, it’s easy to waste a day just pinning stuff, I’ve been there!).

Luminary Displays

I love lights and they aren’t just for Christmas anymore! Some suggested items you might want to obtain:

  • Lights (you can experiment with different colors or just use plain clear ones)
  • Empty toilet rolls & battery operated tea lights (to create spooky pillar candles)
  • Pumpkins (Martha Stewart has a very detailed craft using these)
  • Assorted decor that you wish to illuminate

These are just some essential items you’ll want. The internet is full of ideas, I’ve honestly just googled “decor projects that use [items that I have on hand]” and have always found something exciting to try. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new, Halloween is a fun holiday and I think making decor related to it should be just as much fun.


I found oodles of ideas on the internet for Halloween themed wreaths. They are relatively easy to make, with a wreath, some ribbon and Halloween cutouts. You can also head over to Pinterest and check out all assorted types of wreaths, it’s seriously a wealth of inspiration for your crafting!

What you will need:

  • Twig wreath, I used a willow wreath so it’s extra skeletony
  • Spray paint (I usually opt for a glittery color that I like).
  • Glue gun and glue
  • Ribbon (to use to hang the  wreath)
  • Cutouts of Halloween creatures. You can find templates for these all over the internet. For an outdoor wreath, I like to use foam figures just for a little added durability, but you can use construction or colored paper!

So those are my four favorite decor projects for Halloween, I hope you found inspiration and if you did, I’ve love to hear all about it in the comments down below!

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Stuck on what to craft for the spookiest holiday of the year? Read on!

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