Cool Halloween Food Ideas For Parties

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Cool Halloween Food Ideas (For Parties!)

Spooky cookies, drinks and other festive drinks, yes please!

It’s that time of year again, Halloween. And invariably you will find yourself planning your own party or perhaps invited to one where you have to bring a dish. No worries though, I’ve got your back, this post is all about making party friendly food and drink to make the most of the spooky season!

As we’re talking specifically about party foods, most of this is going to fall into the category of finger foods and punches for ease of serving.

So if you have a ton of guests coming over, they’re probably going to need drinks. I’ve included both alcoholic and non-alcoholic suggestions here because some guests may not wish to imbibe or maybe they are the designated driver. Rather than have them settle for just a regular coca-cola or water, let’s bring them into the fun as well! I turned to Pinterest for these ideas, as I do for much of my crafting/cooking inspirations.

If you don’t have a lot of glassware, plastic glasses are your friend (even if you do, they make it a bit easier on the clean up). Some other basics include a punch bowl.

Black Magic Cocktail

I found this recipe from Elle Talk and it’s seriously cool. It uses food coloring and some edible pearl dust for an otherworldly ‘galaxy’ type look.

Pumpkin Punch

This punch recipe comes from Tesco in their rundown of 10 spine-chilling drinks, I particularly love the idea of using a hollowed out pumpkin as a punch bowl. Plus, no need to wash out your glass punch bowl.

Raspberry Peach Margarita

I’m a huge fan of peaches and raspberries, so this was a no-brainer for me. Thanks to Cooks with Cocktails, I have another recipe to add to my repertoire thanks to Cooks With Cocktails!

Vampire Drink

For the designated drivers of the crowd, just mix sprite with some concentrated kool-aid liquid (I would choose a red flavored one!) and ice. Pour the sprite over ice and just drop in some drops of the kool-aid. For an extra garnish, merely add some fake vampire teeth. Simple, but yet still refreshing. I found this recipe on Kid Friendly Things To Do.

Candy Corn Punch

You just need orange soda, yellow Gatorade and lemonade vitamin water (Recipe courtesy of High Heels And Grills). Just pour the soda into an iced glass first, then Gatorade and then the lemonade. The result is a candy corn looking drink, ready to enjoy!

Witches Brew

This one is a little bit more complex, but still pretty neat. You can skip the dry ice if you’d rather, but it does create a spine-tingling foggy effect. I found the recipe via Self Proclaimed Foodie. Using orange and lemon juice, together with some sparkling apple cider and grape juice, it creates a nice punch that is alcohol-free.


Appies are perfect for parties, as these dishes are usually meant to be shared.

Black Widow Goat Cheese Dip

This is a rather ingenious way to have a cheese dip (one of my favorite appies). gets the credit for this one. If you aren’t a fan of goat cheese, you can likely make a cheese ball out of something more your taste. The black sesame seeds and piquillo pepper cut into an hourglass shape and black twigs for a garnish are really what sell this dish.

Spiderweb Nacho Spread

I love layered dips and this one starts with a refried bean layer, a salsa layer, and a guacamole layer. You then create a spider web effect with piped sour cream on top! Woman’s Day has the full details.

Cauldron Dip

The cauldron (pumpernickel bread) is what makes this dish super cool. You can find the full recipe and details through Woman’s Day. It’s a Halloween twist on the traditional bread and spinach bowl.

Veggie Skeleton

Instead of your usual veggie spread, arrange your assortment of veggies in a skeleton shape, you can check out Pinterest for the pictures, but mostly you’re arranging your veggies into a bone-chilling shape. Another idea is a veggie arrangement in some other spooky Halloween shape!

Cupcakes & Cookies

I suggest cupcakes and cookies over other desserts like cakes, mainly because they are super portable and go with the finger food theme. Usually, the key to cupcakes is baking your favorite recipe (or a box recipe, I never judge since that’s what I usually turn to!). It’s the decorating that changes these beauties from simple hum-drum cupcakes into spooky designs. Same with cookies.

Vampire Bites

Simple, bake your cupcakes, ice them, cut two small “fang holes” and put in some strawberry jam (to resemble blood). You can find the full story here.

Caramel Skull Cupcakes

These look awesome (Thanks to Sugar Hero for the tips) and I love filled cupcakes for a little bit of extra fun. With Caramel you can’t go wrong.

Melted Witch Cupcakes

Making use of straws with cardstock “boots” is genius, the melting comes in with the green ganache, to create a melty effect. Check out the full tutorial through Six Sister’s Stuff.

Iced Halloween Cookies

You’ll need some cookie cutter shapes for this one. Roll out your cookie dough, cut out your shapes and then bake them. Next step is the icing. I love buttercream icing, but seriously pick your favorite and run with it!

Candy Filled Cauldron Cookies

I found this recipe through Pinterest and it’s seriously cool. Hungry Happenings walks you through this one, essentially you’re making a cookie filled with some candy, pretty awesome right!?

Odds & Ends

Finally, this section is all about the things that are still super cool ideas, but don’t fit under drinks, appies or cupcakes.

Pumpkin Seeds

In my humble opinion, it’s not Halloween unless you got some roasted pumpkin seeds. These snacks are super easy to make and you can create a few different varieties to hit all sorts of taste buds. Pillsbury has a nice variety of seasonings to try out here.

Poisoned Apples

I think one of my favorite memories of childhood (I grew up in Northern Alberta, Southern Northwest Territories) was getting homemade treats for Halloween (When you live in a small town, you’re reasonably confident your grade 6 teacher is not going to poison you!). Candied apples were my favorite.

This recipe (from Wanna Bite) is a delightful take on the traditional candied apple. The wooden skewers are a nice touch to top them off.


So there you have it, folks, I hope you found these ideas helpful and if you did, I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below. If you liked what you read, I’d much appreciate a share on Pinterest or your favorite social media platform! Most of all though, I hope you take these suggestions and blow your next party out of the water (You got this!).

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Join me next week for Clever DIY Ideas for Your Home. Until next time, happy crafting!
Its Halloween season once again and parties are happening, check out my favorite food ideas to make yours a spooktacular blowout! #HallowenParties #Halloween

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