3 Easy Steps To Make This DIY Celestial Necklace Set

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In this blog post, you will learn how to make an easy, yet gorgeous DIY celestial necklace set.

Celestial jewelry features moon and star elements in their design, and they are still quite popular. Some people associate these pieces with inspiring them to “reach for the stars” or other uplifting sentiments as well. Others even see some elements of empowerment in featuring such stellar elements in their jewelry.

The secondary or side pendants are smaller than the central one, with just a moon and star and one pearly eye pin connected!

I think they’re just pretty pieces that go with almost any type of wardrobe! This jewelry set that I’ll teach you to make featured a necklace with a three pendant design and matching earrings. To add a pop of contrasting color to the gold, we’ll be adding some pretty blue pearls in as well.

The central pendant is the longest part of your necklace, with a crescent moon, a sun burst and a star to finish it up.

Ready? Let’s get started!

What You Will Need:

  • Gold jewelry findings, including:
    • Jewelry chain
    • Eye pins
    • Split/jump rings
    • Celestial pendant connectors (Like this set from Amazon)
    • Earring hooks
    • Lobster clasp
  • Blue pearl beads
  • Jewelry pliers:
    • Round-nose pliers
    • Straight-nose pliers
    • Cutters

I also find that it’s useful to have bent-nose pliers as well. It’s easier to grip some of the smaller bits of the necklace and earrings with two pliers than one.

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Getting Started

The second chain is a decorative piece to add a bit more dimension to your celestial necklace, use split rings on each side to make the connection.

The first thing to make is the necklace. The best place to start is to measure out how much chain you will need. I like longer necklaces, but if you prefer a shorter chain, that’s possible when you’re making your own!

Once you have the main necklace chain, attach your lobster clasp or other closure.

After you have your jewelry chain cut to the desired length, don't forget to put a clasp on it!

To add the little extra chain, measure out the length you need and attach each end to some mid-point on each side of your necklace.

Make Some Pearly Eye-Pins

Now your pendants are ready to be attached to your gorgeous necklace!

For each connector, you will want an eye-pin with a blue pearl bead on it. The necklace will need two for the main pendant and one for each “side pendant” for a grand total of four.

For the earrings, you will also need four total (two for each side).

The trickiest part of the eye pins is making the closing loop once you have the pearl bead secured on it. Your loops will improve with practice though, so just keep at it.

For a simple and informative tutorial, I recommend checking out How to Make an Eye Pin from Wire on Beadaholique’s YouTube Channel. Also useful if you need eye pins, but only have wire!

Connect It All

This is the completed DIY celestial necklace set in all its golden glory!

When you have your pearly eye pins, the rest is downhill. Connect everything with a jump ring and attack the pendants to the necklace and the earring pieces to an earring hook.

Final Thoughts

Once you've connected everything your earrings are ready to be put on!

After you have connected everything, your DIY celestial necklace set is ready for wearing or gifting!

I love how simple and yet elegant this necklace set turned out. This project is super customizable, as you can swap out the gold for silver findings or change the color of your pearls. You can even do crystal beads instead if you like!

Once everything is attached, your DIY celestial necklace is now ready to wear!

Some interesting color combinations I’d try in the future are:

  • Silver with yellow beads.
  • Silver with pink beads.
  • Gold with purple beads.
  • Gold with white beads.

The possibilities are endless when you’re making your own jewelry for sure!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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