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19 astonishing DIY coaster crafts for you!

Hey crafty friends, this week on the blog, I thought I’d share with you my favorite DIY Coasters that will look attractive on your coffee tables (or wherever you put them) without requiring you to drop an insane amount of money.

Coasters are designed to protect your gorgeous wood furniture from condensation from your water, coffee, or other drinks. However, I find the store-bought ones are rather lame and dull, and we can do so much better! So I’m going to show you quick and relatively cheap ways to create your own coasters that will suit a variety of home decor styles.

Resin Coasters

Comic book lovers will love this resin coaster idea!
Old comic books make for perfect fillers to your resin coasters!

I love working with resin, and it can be a bit tricky, though! I found the best way to work with it is to find a cardboard box that you can use as your work area. Easy clean up and you can reuse it for other projects if you like. I wound up buying a resin mold kit from Amazon (you can find that here). I like silicone because it’s easy to peel off the cured resin when you’re done!

If you have someone who loves a pithy quote, check out this resin coaster idea!
Seashell pieces and a paint marker dress up this plain square resin coaster!

Beyond that, resin coasters are highly customizable. Some suggestions:

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles make for great DIY coasters. Most crafters use plain white ones and dress them up with a variety of techniques. You could very likely choose other colors for your tiles, but keep in mind darker colors might mute any technique you’ll use. Another tip, make sure you include a pad on the bottom to prevent scratching your furniture, such as a cork backing that you simply glue on.

So what are some ideas to use with your lovely ceramic tiles?

Wooden Coasters

Craft wooden squares make excellent bases for DIY coasters. With wooden coasters, I would definitely make sure you seal them with a waterproof sealer at the end, so they last forever. Otherwise, let’s look at ways you can use wooden squares to create the custom coaster you’re after:

Coasters Using Other Materials

You aren’t just limited to coasters using the obvious materials like resin, wood or tile.  I probably haven’t even found all the ideas using things that aren’t exactly “tile-shaped”. However, these are some of my favorite ideas.

DIY Coasters Are Quite Fun To Create!

I quite like making coasters, and I hope this roundup of some of the best coaster ideas out there shows you that there are loads of ideas you can use. Coasters are also reasonably easy on the bank account, especially if you have a lot of these paints and sealers and other things on hand already. 

Coasters are a beautiful and quick way to transform the look of your coffee table. Best of all, you don’t have to change out your whole coffee table! When you grow bored of one set of coasters, just whip up a new batch! You can also create unique gifts as well with coasters.

That’s all for this week my friends, next week I’ll be showing you a bracelet tutorial. Not entirely sure what I’ll do next week, but I’m feeling like a bracelet so that’s what I’ll do!

As always, please share this post to social media and pin it to Pinterest. Also, if you have a coaster idea you don’t see here, let me know in the comments down below!

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