Cool DIY Drink Coasters You’ll Love For Your Home

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Did you know you can easily DIY drink coasters that will protect your fine wooden furniture for years to come?

Wooden furniture can be a beautiful addition to your home decor, but it’s tricky to maintain with everything we do to our furniture in just living our lives. Coffee, tea or other drinks can create horrible “rings” on the surface of your wood furniture, however you can stop this with drink coasters.

Creating your own unique drink coasters can become an incredibly fun project to complete on a slow Sunday afternoon. With just a little craft paint and perhaps some resin, you can create something that nobody else is going to have sitting in their home.

Drink coasters can also make a clever handmade housewarming gift or just a general gift for someone on your list.

Ready for some inspiration? Let’s get started!

Resin Drink Coasters

If you plan on doing resin drink coasters you will need to ensure you have a good work area set up. Because resin forms into a hardened plastic substance as it cures, you don’t want this to wind up on your floor or table.

Comic book lovers will love this resin coaster idea!

You will also need molds for your coasters. I’ve never tried to make my own, but you can find affordable silicone molds usually on Amazon. For example, I prefer to use this 3 pack silicone mold, but you can find a variety of different shapes and sizes. I prefer silicone molds because they peel away from the cured resin easily.

If you have someone who loves a pithy quote, check out this resin coaster idea!

Make most resin drink coasters by mixing the resin as directed and pouring into a mold. I find it is easier to add things like glitter or seashells to the mold before you pour the resin in.

So, let’s see some ideas!

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles make for great DIY coasters. Most crafters use plain white ones and dress them up with a variety of techniques. You could likely choose other colors for your tiles, but keep in mind darker colors might mute any technique you’ll use. 

Another tip, make sure you include a pad on the bottom to prevent scratching your furniture, such as a cork backing that you simply glue on.

So what are some ideas to use with your lovely ceramic tiles?

Wooden Coasters

Galaxy drink coasters are super easy to make, learn how to create your own today!

Craft wooden squares (or other shapes) make excellent bases for DIY drink coasters. With wooden coasters, I would definitely make sure you seal them with a waterproof sealer at the end, so they last forever. 

Now, let’s look at ways you can use wooden shapes to create the custom coaster you’re after:

Coasters Using Other Materials

You aren’t just limited to drink coasters using the obvious materials like resin, wood or tile. Check out these clever ideas:

DIY Drink Coasters Are Quite Fun To Create!

Drink coasters are incredibly fun to make and the best part is these ideas will help you protect your fine crafted wooden furniture without you having to change the way you live in your home. Making your own drink coasters can also save you a ton of money, especially if you have a well-stocked craft stash full of craft paint and sealers!

I also like giving a set of these as gifts as almost everyone can use a set of stylish coasters and you can create unique patterns that suit that person perfectly rather than having to hunt high and low through home stores for something that “might” do the trick.

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Until next time, stay crafty my friends!

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