4 Beautiful DIY Crystal Earrings To Make Right Away

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Crystal earrings are an instantly classy item to add to your wardrobe, but did you know that it’s possible to make your own without breaking your bank account?

Crystal earrings are beautiful pieces to wear, check out how to make these four different types!

You can check out my earlier post here on sourcing your crafting supplies on the cheap. The materials I got for all of these projects were purchased through Amazon or my favorite online craft retailer Create For Less (Affiliate Link).

What You Will Need:

  • Earring Hooks (I like french style hooks, but I also threw some lever back ones in)
  • Eye pins
  • Headpins
  • Split rings
  • Crystal beads – a selection of your choice

Simple String

To complete these earrings, you need earring hooks, two headpins and some beads, simple right?Once your beads are on, just loop the head pin closed and attach the earring hookAll finished!

The Simple String is the easiest of the four pairs I’m showcasing today. For this one, you take a head pin, string your beads on it and finish off with a loop (for a video tutorial, check out Making it Easy with Liz on YouTube), connecting that loop to your earring hook.


All done!

I like these because they aren’t heavy. Heavy earrings can give the wearer a killer headache, and I’m one of those people. 

You'll need a few things to get started with this fun set of dangly earrings start by looping some beads onto headpins

I began by stringing a bead onto a headpin, if your pins are larger, take a wire snipper and cut so only about an inch or so is remaining after you’ve bent the wire to the side, then use round nose pliers to loop the top. Repeat that with five more beads (you want to end with six of these).

for best results when looping, start with your wire just barely visible in the claws of your round nose pliers! the middle bit of this set is a bead on a eye pin

Next, you will want to string a bead onto an eye pin, closing that off with a loop. Repeat that once more.

Connect your eye pin with your headpins using a split ring

Open a split ring, loop your head pinned beads onto it and then one eye pinned bead and close it off.

Using the free eye pin loop, attach that to your earring hook. Repeat this all once more to complete your pair!

More-Complex String

this is a slightly more complex string of crystal beads All finished!

Expanding on the simple string, we add a few more components by breaking up the beads onto eye pins and adding in smaller and larger beads too. How you arrange these is entirely up to you, but for my set, I started with a headpin, put a green bead, followed by the larger white bead and another green. Close that pin off with a loop.

Start with a combo of three beads on the bottom of your headpin to continue, connect your eye pin to your headpin

I took three smaller beads, and looped them onto their own eye pin and then another larger white bead on its own eye pin. Starting from the lever back hooks I used, I joined everything beginning with a small bead, large bead, two small beads, and then finally my colored headpin. Repeat once more for a pair.

Super Dangly-Jangly

This set of earrings is a bit more dangly and a bit more complex All done!

These are an expansion on the Dangly-Jangly I introduced above. In essence, I’ve made all elements of it longer and added a few more beads of varying sizes.

The bottom "flare" is a cluster of three headpins with three beads on each I like to get all my pieces with their beads on them

This time instead of a single color bead on the bottom, I made three headpins with a purple bead, larger white bead, purple bead. I attached them on a split ring and joined it with a single purple bead looped off on an eye pin. Join that to a larger white bead on an eye pin, and for good measure, I had one more eye pin with a purple bead before attaching my earring hook. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll have your pair of earrings.

Crystal Earrings Are A Great Wardrobe Enhancer

It took me about an hour to do all four earring projects, and I consider myself to be an intermediate beader, so if you’re just getting started, don’t get discouraged if it takes you a while. Making loops takes some practice, so if yours doesn’t look quite to your liking, just keep going and you’ll get better the more loops you complete. 

I hope this post encourages you to go out there and make some beautiful crystal earrings. If it does, please share this content to your favorite social media platform or pin it to Pinterest. Also, be sure to let me know what you enjoyed most about this post in the comments down below!

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Next week I’m going to show you some interesting crafts to do with craft paint and in particular, how to make a gradient paint base and some uses for that! Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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