5 Amazing Fall Activities

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Fall Is My Favorite Season

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Fall is the best season in my humble opinion. Outside temperatures are usually in my comfort zone and you can’t go wrong with the colors! The Okanagan is no exception and once August turns into September, I look forward to the end of the tourist season. Should you find yourself in my neck of the woods during this season, here are my favorite ways to take advantage of this colorful season.

Though this post is about Okanagan specific fall activities, I’m sure you can apply many of these to your own unique place in the world with similar results!

Boating & Fishing

The lake is typically too cold at this stage for a swim much beyond the first two weeks of September. Boating can still be done though, and it’s still a great deal of fun to get out in the boat for a cruise. If you like fishing or would like to try your hand at it, the Okanagan Lake is home to several edible species of trout.

And even if you aren’t about the fishing, boating is still a fun activity. I love cruising about the lake and taking pictures of the fall foliage. Be sure to check out your local boating regulations before heading out though, such as a boating license.


I prefer hiking in the fall to the summer. Summers in the Okanagan can be very hot and if there isn’t a lot of rain, we can get smoked out from forest fires. The cooler temperatures of fall usually lend well to some great hiking. I like to check out HikingAddiction.ca for a rundown of local trails in the Okanagan. If you want to find local trails in your area, some places to look into would be your tourist centre or even just do some online searching.

Make sure to plan your route, bring water and sunscreen!

Fruit Picking

Fruit is still being produced at this stage, it’s primarily Apples. Check our your local area orchards to see if they offer picking times, have your own containers (some will provide boxes or bags, but it can’t hurt to have your own containers ready to go just in case!). The more you pick, the more it costs, so keep that in mind (it’s measured by weight). However, it’s a fun activity and you end up with some good quality local produce.


There’s still plenty of good golf days in the fall. I am just getting started as a golfer, but I love the exercise and scenery. It makes for a lovely afternoon or morning. Make sure you bring water and sunscreen as you will need both for this outside activity!

Festivals and Farmer’s Markets

There’s still plenty of fun events in the valley after the September long weekend. From the Pentastic Hot Jazz Festival in Penticton to the Hopscotch Festival in Kelowna, there’s no shortage of exciting events in the valley. Smaller towns will host their own events as well, so be on the lookout for those.

Places to go to check for these local events are your local chamber of commerce or the website of the city or town.

I hope this gave you some inspiration. I’d love to hear from you, please share your favorite fall activity in the comments down below.

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Fall is an amazing season! The weather is usually cooler and the scenery is alive with brilliant colours! Check out some amazing ways to get the most of the season!

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