7 Exciting and Affordable Fall Crafts To Do Right Now

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I’ve said it before, but I’m repeating it here: Fall is my favorite season! The weather is usually cooler, and the tourists have left for another season (don’t get me wrong, the tourists are essential to the Okanagan Valley, but it’s nice when they go home, and we get a bit of a break lol). So if you’re warm to fall colors and want to do a little decorating, I have seven exciting and affordable fall crafts that you are just going to want to try!

Whether you want to decorate indoors or out, fall colors are beautiful!

These crafts are decor crafts, which means they are meant to help you decorate your home for the season!

Things You May Want to Buy

If you're interesting fall crafts, you will want to obtain some pumpkins!

  • Craft pumpkins (Try out various sizes and colors!)
  • Fake Fall leaves
  • Fake Fall garlands (you can find berry ones and leafier ones)
  • Artificial Fall Flowers (basically any silk flowers in colors like yellow, orange and red)
  • Other fake fall findings (like gourds and pinecones)
  • Fall ribbon (I like the thicker and wired stuff!)

You will likely be able to find much of these items are your local dollar store.

Note: I prefer to use fake items as you can reuse them again and again, but you can absolutely grab some real versions of these items, be aware that they’ll have a shelf life!

Fall Lanterns

Candle lanterns make for a great base to add all kinds of beautiful fall decor items!

If you have a lantern lying around, this is a simple craft. You can also find one of these at most hardware stores or Wal-mart if you don’t already have one.

I recommend using a flameless candle. If you want to use a real candle, I would recommend not putting anything inside with it and decorate the outside of your lantern. But with a flameless candle, you can toss all sorts of fall-inspired goodies inside with it without risk of starting a fire!

My favorite idea is putting in twinkling string lights with a fall garland (either a leafy one or a lovely berry one). Then I would top that lantern with a beautiful fall ribbon bow and some fall-inspired flowers, either real or fake. I love chrysanthemums which come in a variety of fall colors, my favorite shade being peach!

“Fall” Your Crates

Craft crates are very versatile, and you can find these at your local Wal-mart or Michaels. I would stain them in a rich mahagony or another warm brown shade that you like. You can then stack one or two of them together on your porch with a selection of pumpkins, fall gourds, flowers, leaves, and garlands. Simple right?

Pumpkin Barrel

I found this unique craft on Clean and Scentsible, and I think I may need to give it a try. You need a galvanized tub, some newspapers, craft pumpkins (2-3 depending on the size of your container), some lights and some fall leaves. This rustic-inspired craft makes an excellent piece for your porch decor.

Hurricane Jars For Fall

This craft is incredibly easy, which is part of its appeal. If you have some beautiful Hurricane vases or jars, all you need to do is find fillers. Smaller gourds, leaves, flowers, and berries can make great fillers for these! I recommend checking Pinterest for some inspiration.

Rusty Tools

Chasing a Better Life is where I found this unique idea to take an old rusty rake and decorate it with fall garlands and flowers. You can choose other rusty tools too and give them a second life with this idea!

Fall Ladder

Do you have an old wooden ladder you aren’t using? You can dress up this old ladder with fall leaves, flowers, garlands and of course pumpkins!

Branchy Centerpiece

I found this idea on Jenna Burger Design, and it’s seriously ingenious! If you have access to tree cuts, it can be an easy way to decorate your table for fall. You will need a drill bit that’s about 1.5” in diameter to drill your votive holes.

Once you have the holes drilled, it’s a case of inserting in your votive candles and accessorizing your branch with some lovely fall foliage and gourds.

Final Thoughts On Fall Crafts

With a splash of fall leaves and some rich reds, yellows and oranges, your house will be ready for fall in no time!

I am a massive fan of the fall colors. There’s just something warm and inviting about surrounding yourself with yellows, oranges, and reds. It’s easy to get carried away and spend a small fortune on decorating your house for the season. However, I hope these seven crafts have shown you that it’s possible to do it on a budget. You can generally complete these fall crafts for under $20 each, particularly if your dollar store is well stocked. For more tips on how to source crafting supplies, you can check out my earlier post on the subject.

I hope this post inspired you to go out there and bring a whole heck of a lot of “fall” into your house. If it did, I would love to hear from you, drop me a comment down below or share this content to social media and spread the love! 

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That’s all for this week, next week tune in as I talk about how to try out different topic ideas on Medium. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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