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If you have researched any decorating trends in the past few years, no doubt you’ve stumbled across “Farmhouse Decor” if you are a fan of it, then you are going to love this week’s post about Farmhouse Fall Decor!

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about some simple ways to add farmhouse-inspired style to your indoor space. This week, I will show you how to incorporate farmhouse fall decor ideas into your home, just in time for the cooler temperatures and falling leaves!

I’ve fallen for farmhouse decor because of it’s beautifully light and neutral colors combined with some rustic elements. The general color theme is part of the reason why Farmhouse decor is perfect for fall!

Colors To Consider

Most fall decor schemes call for pumpkins, for farmhouse styling, feel free to experiment with different muted colors!
Muted colors tend to work well with farmhouse fall decor!

Depending on your existing home decor color scheme, you will want to select colors that blend together well with what you already have. Because we’re decorating for a season, rather than a full year, you’ll want to find pieces that don’t stand out for the wrong reasons (such as “Holy crow, were you drunk when you bought this!?”). A conversation piece that works with your existing aesthetic is precisely how I recommend you do seasonal-inspired decor.

So to that end, with farmhouse fall decor, the more natural colors typically work well with most decor schemes, which is part of the reason I quite like this interior design style. In addition to the usual natural wood and cream colors, feel free to add some muted greens and oranges.

Start With A Wreath

I recommend finding yourself a grapevine wreath. You can find grapevine wreaths at most stores that sell dried flowers (Wal-mart even has them). I’ve seen some farmhouse fall tours that have just a plain, unadorned wreath hanging over a mantle or on the door, and it can look stunning if you have a lot of other pieces of decor to offset it in its raw form.

However, you can dress up these wreaths with sprigs of pale green eucalyptus (I have a mild allergy to it, so fake always is my best option!). I even like adding a simple wooden sign or wooden lettering. If you are putting this wreath on your outside door, you’ll want to use hot glue to secure anything that you put into the wreath on it.

If you’re just using it on your mantle or somewhere inside, you can just wrap the eucalyptus or other flowers in through the wreath branches.

Simple Entryway Pots

I love this idea, and you can find it and several others on the Michaela Diane Designs blog, particularly their home tour post of 2018!

All you need are some galvanized steel pots. You can find these on amazon. A lot of home decor stores will carry them. Then you just need a selection of fall flowers (such as mums) to place in the pots and put them right by your door. Easy and relatively simple to care for. If you’re using real flowers, just remember to water them!!

Interesting Tablescapes

A lovely vintage vase, dried flowers and some buffalo check can be perfect for tabletop decor!
Buffalo check or gingham pattern on fabric is perfect for decorating!

If you have a formal dining table, a great way to welcome fall is to add a lovely tablescape. You can even design one that works when you have people over to eat a meal on the said table!

Add some faux pumpkins. I like the smaller and creamier colored ones with some pale-colored greenery. To hold them together, add a table runner and some plain candlesticks.

You can get a little bold with a buffalo check for the table runner or pick a solid color to your liking.

Buffalo Check For Pumpkins

I saw this tutorial on Better Homes & Gardens, and I love it. You might also refer to buffalo check as a gingham pattern. To complete this farmhouse fall decor idea, you just need a craft pumpkin in a cream color, some acrylic craft paint, a pencil, paintbrushes, and some paper plates for paint mixing.

Be sure to check out the tutorial at the above link. It even includes a very helpful video!

These pumpkins can then form accent pieces throughout your home for the fall season! Combine them with fall foliage or fall-inspired saying plaques.

Leafy Pieces

I love fall foliage, I love the deep red colors of trees in the fall!
Some fall colored leaves are perfect for displaying in farmhouse-inspired vases for this season!

I love fall leaves, and they offer an exciting way to decorate for fall. As with any flower or foliage design, you can use fake or real here.

The main conversation piece will be your glass vase. I got this idea from So Much Better with Age, but I’ve adapted it slightly.

For this, you will need a sizeable mason jar, as this will be your vase. You can sometimes find the right size pre-tinted, but if not, don’t worry, you can tint yourself! You can find the full tutorial from Bluesky At Home.

Once you’ve tinted your jar, you just need to add some lovely fall leafy branches and voila!

Vignette – Farmhouse Fall Style!!

I have spoken about vignettes before, and they are a really interesting and useful decor technique for just about any room you’re working on. With vignettes, you are telling a story. You are telling a seasonal tale by combining a few different pieces (start with three) for fall. 

I love putting together vignettes on a coffee table or similar surface. They can pull a room together. For fall, I love throwing together some fall gourds (yes, pumpkin, but you might also look at other types of squash), with some dried flowers or foliage. I love the idea of using dried corn or wheat (or the fake variety) as well.

Wheat makes for a lovely texture in farmhouse style decorating!
If you’re thinking of adding some dried flowers to your vignette, consider adding dried wheat or another grain!

Finish off your vignette with a lovely and seasonally appropriate wooden sign! 

Crates Galore

I found inspiration for this idea from SBK Living when they showcased their unique fall front porch decor.

Mainly, I loved the fall style crates. They used to add a bit of height to their design. They are easy to DIY yourself, by finding unfinished wooden craft crates and staining them to your liking. Adding the wording can be a simple as finding a stencil as well.

I love the idea of the dark stain with the white writing myself. They would be a perfect perch for some of those lovely galvanized steel pots of fall flowers, wouldn’t you agree?

Incorporating Other Fruits & Veggies

If you aren't a fan of pumpkins, maybe try some apples in your fall decor!
Apples are a perfect alternative to pumpkins if you aren’t a fan of the seasonal gourd!

In addition to pumpkins and other fall squashes, look for ways to add in some apples, wheat, or corn. Particularly if you don’t like pumpkins, apples and corn are perfectly suited to fall decor and fit with the natural style feel that farmhouse decor embraces.

Think about adding apples to your grapevine wreath, for example. Or some sprigs of wheat can add some extra texture to it as well.

Dried corn can also add a lovely fall feel to any decor pieces you are looking to add to your space.

Final Thoughts On Farmhouse Fall Decor

As you can see from the above ideas, incorporating farmhouse fall decor into your own spaces for the season does not have to be an arduous task. With sweet and simple ideas, you can easily throw together stunning pieces to enhance your indoor and outdoor spaces. I find these ideas instantly make me crave the cooler weather of fall and beautiful things like apple cider and yes, pumpkin spice lattes (I’m a fan and not ashamed of it!).

What is your favorite thing about fall? Leave me a comment down below. I’d love to hear from you! Please share this post to social media and pin it to Pinterest to spread the fall cheer!

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That is all for this week. Join me next week for my first Christmas Decor post of the year. I know it’s early, but many of the ideas involve crafting, so it’s sometimes practical to start early. Until then, stay crafty my friends!!

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