Fall Farmhouse Decor – 9 Simple Ideas You’ll Love For Your Home

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Fall farmhouse decor is a beautiful theme to consider when you’re eager to decorate your home for fall. Farmhouse decor is like rustic style in that it’s casual and light. I associate lighter colors with farmhouse decor, whereas rustic can often take a darker palette, however both favor earthy tones and natural wood and stone.

For fall, besides focusing on creamy and neutral colors, you’ll want to look at pops of orange, red and brown. If you already have a farmhouse decor style in your house, then it’s really just going out and finding fall elements that mesh well with what you’ve got currently.

If you don’t have a lot of this style already, the beauty of farmhouse fall decor is that it can blend nicely with more other decor styles!

So if you’re looking for inspiration for your fall decor, let’s look at 9 easy and breezy ways to use farmhouse decor in the fall!

Colors To Consider

Most fall decor schemes call for pumpkins, for farmhouse styling, feel free to experiment with different muted colors!

Farmhouse decor typically favors light and neutral colors, like creams, greys or taupes. However, for fall, you’ll want to look at adding in lighter shades of orange, green, red and even brown.

Some colors that I’m crushing on this fall:

Most paint companies have websites where you can go for color inspiration as well, though word of warning, you may just spend hours scrolling through them!! 

Start With A Wreath

A wreath is the perfect starting point for your fall decor. I love experimenting with grapevine wreaths (sold pretty much wherever you can find dried floral supplies). If you like the idea of having multiple things, a plain, unadorned grapevine wreath can create a beautiful addition.

However, if you want to dress that wreath up (which is always what I do!), you can experiment with adding sprigs of green eucalyptus or dried wheat or leaves. Wooden lettering can also dress up that wreath as well.

I recommend using hot glue to attach pieces to your wreath. Just a small amount for each piece should do the trick!

Simple Entryway Pots

Entryway pots are a great way to usher in fall. Also, you can reuse pots throughout the year, simply change out the arrangements to match your season.

For fall, I recommend lovely fall colored mums or sunflowers. If you aren’t a fan of flowers, some dried wheat or straw can go nicely for these pots.

As for the pots themselves, I like the idea of galvanized milk jugs, or you can even dress up plain ol’ terra-cotta pots with a bit of chalk paint. Check out Fox Hollow Cottage’s Beautiful Aged Terracotta Pot Paint Makeover for more details on how you might do this for yourself!

Interesting Tablescapes

A lovely vintage vase, dried flowers and some buffalo check can be perfect for tabletop decor!

Decorating a formal dining room table is a great way to pay homage to fall. You can design your tablescape so that you can seat people around the table or you can go all out and cover it entirely.

Pumpkins, predictably, are perfect centerpieces for fall. I recommend pastel colored pumpkins and smaller (sugar pumpkin sized, not jack-o-lantern sized). If you can’t find a color you like, find some plain orange craft pumpkins and simply spray paint them the color you like. You’ll also want an acrylic sealer, as otherwise your paint may peel.

Finish it with a buffalo checked table runner!

Buffalo Check For Pumpkins

Buffalo check or gingham pattern is a popular style for farmhouse decor. You can even paint a pumpkin in buffalo check, using regular acrylic craft paint. It really is a unique way to dress up a plain cream craft pumpkin with a bit of personality.

Learn how to make an Easy DIY Painted Buffalo Check Pumpkin over at Better Homes and Gardens.

Leafy Pieces

I love fall foliage, I love the deep red colors of trees in the fall!

Another clever way to dress up your home for fall is to incorporate some leafy branches in a delightful mason jar vase. Think pussy willow branches or even some long-stemmed flowers like a sunflower can work perfectly for this.

Vignette – Farmhouse Fall Style!!

A vignette is best described as a visual story. For fall, you want to tell a seasonal tale with a few key pieces. I recommend choosing around three pieces that work well together.

This piece can then sit on a table, such as your coffee table. Toss together a fall gourd (a pumpkin or a squash), some dried flower and foliage and even some dried corn or wheat.

Wheat makes for a lovely texture in farmhouse style decorating!

What will really bring the pieces all together will be a lovely wooden craft sign. To learn how you can make your own custom design, check out my earlier post How to Make an Amazingly Easy Custom Wood Sign You’ll Absolute Love

Crates Galore

Crates can add height where you need it for your seasonal decor. Many stores sell these simple plain pine crates that you can easily paint and decorate (I usually get mine at Wal-mart).

For an added splash of personality, consider using a stencil to create some lovely, fall inspired words along the sides of your crates.

As for the paint you’ll need for these, you can either stain your crates with a shade you like or even spray paint them the shade you’re after. Use plain acrylic craft paint for any wording you’d like and seal it all in when you’re done.

Such as SBK Living did for their Fall Front Porch Decor post!

Incorporating Other Fruits & Veggies

If you aren't a fan of pumpkins, maybe try some apples in your fall decor!

Pumpkins are pretty much what everyone uses for their fall decor. But if you aren’t a fan of this fall gourd, look at some other fruits and veggies that might just do the trick for you.

  • Apples;
  • Corn;
  • Wheat; and,
  • Fall foliage or flowers, like sunflowers or mums!

No matter how you choose to decorate for fall, it’s important to pick things you love to look at in your home. Who wants to look at an eyesore for a few months? Certainly not me!

Final Thoughts

Fall farmhouse decor seems like a real mouthful (and it is, I mean, I wouldn’t want to say it 3 times fast), but it’s super easy to decorate using this style because of its ode to natural and light colors.

You can easily throw together some amazing fall decor pieces with a bit of painting and sourcing products like pumpkins, apples, etc. Instead of spending oodles of money at your local home store to get ready-made products, you can buy the bare bones and create something custom that fits just right for you. Save your money for your pumpkin spice lattes (or some other appropriate fall drink of your choosing)!

What is your favorite thing about autumn? Let me know in the comments down below or tag me on social media. Also, please do share this on Pinterest so others can find inspiration for fall!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!

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