How to Make Super Easy Galaxy Coasters For Your Home

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Galaxy prints are still quite popular. There are oodles of projects online that involve adding a fun galaxy print to pretty much all your everyday items, but my favorite has to be creating galaxy coasters to add a stellar piece of decor to your home.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to create your own unique galaxy coasters using plain old wooden coasters and a few other materials. You might even already have some of these supplies on hand. I know for me, the only thing that I needed were the coasters and the dragonfly glaze.

Whether you’re looking to add a touch of outer space to your own home décor or want to give someone a special, out-of-this-world gift, you can craft these stunning DIY coasters. Ready to get started? Let’s start with the things you’ll need to create this project.

What You’ll Need:

To make your own galaxy coasters, you'll need some paint, dragonfly glaze, glitter and, of course, some plain old wooden discs!
  • Black Craft Paint
  • Folkart Dragonfly Glaze (Red-violet-blue, gold-red-violet and violet-blue-green colors)
  • Folkart Glitterific Paint – Silver
  • Mod Podge Gloss
  • Nylon brushes
  • Spouncers (¾” & ¼”) or foam brushes of different sizes
  • Unfinished Wooden Coasters
  • Optional: Clear “bumpers” for underneath
  • Fine sandpaper (if needed)
  • Old newspapers – perfect for clean up

You can find dragonfly glaze wherever Folkart paints are sold. I snagged mine at Wal-mart, but craft stores like Michaels or even dollar stores might have the product.

Prepare Your Coasters

Start by completly covering your wooden coasters with black craft paint. If you need another coat, go ahead and do it!

I like to sand each coaster with fine sandpaper, to give the paint something to grip onto.

Then apply one coat of black paint to each coaster. Allow the coat to dry fully before deciding if you require another one. I needed about two to get full coverage.

It’s Glaze Time

Dragonfly glaze goes on cloudy, don't worry, it'll get darker as it dries!

Dragonfly glaze is beautiful, adding a shiny finish to colors, but it works best on dark colors, which is why we’re going with a black base. Taking your larger spouncer, dab the different glaze colors in random patterns across the coaster.

Once the glaze cures, you'll begin to see some lovely galaxy like colors on your coasters!

It’s a good idea to have overlap between your three colors. 

Add Some More Black

Once your glaze has dried, you can add some more black paint to give everything a "nebula cloud" look!

Once your glaze has dried, it will go from a creamy white to a pretty glaze like color over your black paint, you’ll want to take the smaller spouncer to add in a bit more black paint for the ultimate galaxy look.

I like to think of it as adding some “black clouds” to your coasters

Glitter It Up

Once your coasters are looking particularly cosmic, adding a bit of silver glitter will really bring things together nicely!

After all the paint is dry, it’s time to slap on a coat of glitter paint. I like Folkart’s Glitterific paint because it features different sizes of silver glitter in a clear glaze, so you can get a unique pattern. You can use another glitter paint as well. The results might just be a touch different.

Seal Your Work

Once you've finished all your layers of paint, it's important to seal your galaxy coasters with something. I recommend mod podge!

Because coasters are usually used to keep your drinks from putting water rings on your nice furniture, you’ll definitely need to use some sort of sealant on your work to protect it. I like mod podge, but any waterproof sealant will work nicely!

My finishing touch was to put bumpers on the bottom of my coasters so they wouldn’t slide around so much. You can find these at any hardware store or a big box retailer like Wal-mart.

Final Thoughts

I love how these galaxy coasters turned out, and they were quite easy to make. The hardest part was patiently waiting as each layer dried! I am a horrible painter, but the best part about this craft is you don’t have to have a perfect brushstroke to get the galaxy effect. In fact, the best part about galaxy prints is that they are unique from one piece to the next!

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That’s all for now, until next time, stay crafty everyone!!

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