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Welcome to my first Halloween post of the year, and it’s about a Halloween wreath!! Because I generally deal with crafting projects, I start early. That way, everyone has time to make the beautiful things they want to make in time for the spookiest holiday of the year.

I like doing wreaths because they make the perfect outdoor door decor piece, and you can try so many different things with a little hot glue, ribbon, and spray paint. I’m going to share how I created my wreath that you can make for yourself for around $40 with products that you can find either at the dollar store or Walmart. I will also link up some other chillingly inspiring ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing. Ready? Let’s get started!

Continue reading to learn how to make this cool and "spidery" wreath!
The finished product, read on to find out how to make it!

Materials You Will Need:

  • Grapevine wreath (whatever size you think looks good)
  • Ribbon (I chose a sparkly black one available at Walmart)
  • Black pom-poms
  • Black pipe cleaners
  • White spray paint (optional)
  • Glow in the dark spray paint (optional)
  • Glitter spray paint (optional)
  • Battery operated lights (optional)
  • Wooden word sayings (optional)
  • Hot glue gun and glue

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Sketch It Out!

I find starting with a simple sketch of your project beforehand will help you put all the pieces together. Sometimes it’s fun to dabble a little bit, but if you’re looking for a specific look, I recommend not skipping this step. 

I’ve tried dabbling before and what inevitably happens is that I forget to include an item that I specifically bought to use in this project, and it can be frustrating!

Paint Your Wreath First

If you plan on adding a bit of color to your wreath, you’ll want to do that before adding anything else to it. For the wreath that I’m making, you just need a light pass of white spray paint on the surface of it. I find this creates an interesting look. If you want to go darker, try black spray paint.

I went with white because I love the look of it, check out my earlier post where I used black pipe cleaners to create a lovely tree!

One coat is more than enough to create the effect that I was after, but if you want a more solid shade of color, you’ll want to put on at least another coat of paint.

After the white coat has dried, you can also add a layer of glow in the dark spray paint to add a little night time illumination!

Depending on where you plan to use it, you may also wish to toss a coat of clear sealer on. My front porch is a bit sheltered from the elements, so I chose to skip sealing it.

Ribbon Wrapping

Start by wrapping some ribbon around your painted wreath!
After your wreath is painted, you can start wrapping the ribbon around it!

I found this nice and thin glittery black ribbon at Walmart, so once my wreath was painted, I wrapped it all around. Use hot-glue to secure the ends, and you can also add a drop or two along the wrapping to keep the ribbon in place as well.

Add Some Pretty Words & Some Webbed Friends

I got these cute little sayings from Amazon last year, and I still had one left. So, I painted it purple (you can either use acrylic craft paint or spray paint) and glued it on. Then, I also created spiders with pom poms and pipe cleaners. Googly eyes are optional.

I chose to do four spiders, but you can create a whole army if you want! 

Once the glue has dried, you can gently pull off any glue strings, and then your wreath is ready for your door!

Other Super Spooky Ideas

Check out some other spooky and spine-chilling wreath ideas below!

There are heaps of exciting ideas on Pinterest if you simply type in “Halloween Wreath,” so if my little craft didn’t grab you, I think you’ll find something that will with a bit of searching. Here are some of my favorites!

Glamorous Crow Wreath

I’ve seen these fake crows at Michaels, so if you’re intrigued, head on over to A Pumpkin and a Princess and check out her gorgeously chic wreath tutorial. You can also see another take on the grapevine wreath, using black spray paint!

Adorable Ribbon Wreath

I love this cute little wreath from Positively Splendid, all you need are some ribbons, an embroidery hoop, and some tassel ghosts and you’re ready to rock!

Mesh Wreath

You can find a cool tutorial at Halloween Head, using items you can find in your local dollar tree. I love how unique this wreath looks when it’s all said and done, and once you’ve put the mesh together, there’s dozens of different ways to dress it up as well!

Black Rose Wreath

This tutorial available through The How To Mom blog is so beautiful and gothic. I love all the little creative details Kylie added to the wreath. If I were going to do a flower-based wreath for Halloween, this would be the tutorial I’d base it off!

Ornament Wreath

If you like a bit more sparkle on your Halloween decorations, be sure to check out this cool wreath tutorial from Where the Smiles Have Been. I’m more a “traditionalist” girl when it comes to my Halloween decor, but I have dabbled with more sparkly elements in the past. However, I love the bright and shiny look of this wreath!

A Witchy Wreath

I love this cute tutorial from the Crafty Sisters. It is simply an adorable way to utilize a straw wreath and usher in the witching hour.

Final Thoughts

I love a good Halloween Wreath, and based on the sheer number of unique ideas you can find on Pinterest, it’s easy to create your unique piece to hang on your front door. You also don’t need to go on a whole shopping spree at Michaels or Hobby Lobby to get the wreath of your dreams either! The wreath I showed you in this post will cost you around $40 if you’re buying all the materials (the spray paint and glue gun purchases will add up quickly). If you already have a large swathe of them from previous craft projects, you can save yourself even more money!

The grapevine wreath is incredibly versatile, which is something that I love. It is incredibly easy to change the look with a quick coat of spray paint (I think I’ll try a purple or orange next time!), and you can always try adding some dark and gothic flowers to the wreath for a bit more texture.

I hope you enjoyed my first look into Halloween for 2020, and I would greatly appreciate a share on your favorite social media platform and a Pin to Pinterest. Let’s share some creativity!

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That is all for this week’s post. Next week join me for a post about upcycling plastic containers. You know you’ve got them, instead of sending them to recycling, reuse them around the house! I’ll show you some slick ideas on how to do just that next Sunday. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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