How to Make a Multi-Strand Bracelet-5 Easy Steps To A Beautiful Bracelet

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A multi-strand bracelet is a wardrobe staple that can instantly elevate your look. When talking about multi-strand bracelets, it means there’s over one string of beads. For this tutorial, we’re going to make a six-stranded bracelet using a variety of techniques.

This bracelet is quite easy to make. If you’re just learning how to make beaded jewelry, despite the complex look, I’ll show you how to break this down without overwhelming you. This craft will cost you around $50. It will depend on whether you need to buy additional tools, but the materials should cost you around that.

You can find most of these materials at your local crafting store, some dollar stores or you may need to source online retailers for these. 

I recommend Create For Less because they sell many of the same items you can find in bigger craft stores like Michaels and I trust the quality they carry. If you live outside of the United States, you will need to allow for some shipping time, but it’s worth the wait.

Amazon is also good, but I recommend reading product reviews as sometimes you don’t always get the quality that you need.

What You Will Need:

  • Beading wire (Beadalon carries the best wires);
  • A selection of beads;
  • Eye pins (They are a pin with a loop on one end);
  • Headpins (They look like a little nail);
  • Split rings (basically a tiny ring that’s open or “split”);
  • Crimp tubes;
  • Metal chains (Pick any chain that’s labeled “jewelry chain” or something similar); and,
  • A closure (I recommend a large one, as it can hold all your strands!). 

For all your findings (the metal parts of your bracelet), you may wish to choose either silver or gold or mix it up. I chose strictly silver findings for my bracelet.

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Beading Tools You Will Need:

  • Round-nose pliers;
  • Straight or needle-nose pliers;
  • Wire snippers; and,
  • Crimping tool.

You can find kits on Amazon. My only complaint about most plier kits is that they don’t have the crimping tool! So just be aware that you may have to buy that separately. 

Otherwise, you can crimp the bead tubes with a regular set of pliers; you can check out the full video tutorial from Blue Moon Beads on YouTube.

For more detail on the pliers you may wish to consider buying, please check out my Pliers post!

Alright, now that we have our equipment and our supplies sorted, let’s get into the tutorial!

Step 1: Plan Your Multi-Strand Bracelet Out

I start with a sketch. A bullet list can also work. Simply list out what order you want your beads to be strung onto the wire in. I highly recommend planning this out because you’ll have six wires to keep track of, and you’d be surprised at how quickly it can get out of hand.

When planning a multi-strand bracelet, I recommend a sketch.

If you have a sketch or bullet list, you can simply refer to it and save yourself the frustration. It also helps if you need multiple days to create your bracelet, because you don’t have to remember what your original plan was.

Step 2: Measure & Cut Your Wire

You might have heard the famous adage in home improvement, “measure twice and cut once.” That saying applies to jewelry making as well. 

Always measure your beading wire with a few inches to spare. You can cut down the length of wire, but you cannot add to it!

I use my wrist as the model for how long I want my strands, but you can also use a measuring tape if you like. Usually, bracelets are about 7 inches on average for women.

Once you have your six lengths of bead wire, you are ready to move to step 3.

Step 3: String Your Wire

How I like to complete bracelets is to loop closed one side of the beading wire and secure that loop with a crimping tube. 

I prefer crimping tubes as they are bigger and I find sometimes the crimp beads will break as I’m crimping them onto the wire. Tubes can still break, but I find they are sturdier than the beads.

Next, you simply string your beads along in the order you would like them on the strand and crimp the other side closed. To remove the “tail” of wire, simply thread that back through the beads and trim off the excess with your wire snippers.

Then continue to work to add every strand until you’ve finished with six individual strands.

You’ll have six beaded bracelets when finished that you’ll then connect with your closure. I try to keep the same length in all the strands, but you can make some slightly longer and loop them around the shorter strands to create a subtle, twisted effect. 

With my longer strands, I only added about half a length to them, doubling the length may lead to them being too long for your bracelet.

Step Four (Optional): Include a Chain Strand

You can simply do six strands of beads if you prefer, but another option is to add a chain strand. 

With my bracelet, I added a simple silver jewelry chain with some pretty turquoise teardrops. I used eye pins to attach them to the chain where I wanted them.

Step Five: Finish It!

Once you have all your lovely beaded strands closed off from above, you simply need to connect everything to your closure. 

I did two strands per “loop” on my multi-strand closure and combined them with a split ring. You can also choose to connect them all to a single toggle closure (look for a large sized one as they’ll be up to holding all your strands together) or another type of closure.

This bracelet is now all connected to the closure and ready for wearing.

Again, if you have differing lengths of strands, loop the longer lengths around the shorter ones to equalize the length better. I find it also creates a nice layered look.

Final Thoughts

This multi-strand bracelet took me just over one hour to complete. If you are newer to jewelry making, it might take you longer, so just go slow and keep at it! Jewelry making is mostly about practicing what you’ve learned to get better.

Now that I'm finished this bracelet, you know I just had to try it on!!

I love this style of bracelet because you can pretty customize it to suit a variety of tastes. Don’t like the blues and blacks that I’ve done here? Simply pick bead colors that go better with your wardrobe! Change the metal findings around by choosing gold or copper instead of silver! Have a question about this tutorial? Drop me a comment down below. I’d love to hear from you.

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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