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Jewelry making pliers are essential to most beading projects!

You’ve no doubt seen beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry on Pinterest or even Instagram. Wouldn’t it be nice to make jewelry? It’s a daunting task, but this post is all about making it a little less overwhelming to get started. You don’t need a fancy kit, but you do need three jewelry making pliers to get started. I also have two other recommendations that if your budget can stretch, you may wish to consider including them in your purchase.

In order to make these pretty beaded ropes, you need to get yourself some jewelry making pliers!

Whether you want to do this for yourself or to create a side hustle for yourself by selling handmade jewelry on Etsy, let’s take a look at the jewelry making pliers you’re going to want to gather up to get started! For more tool suggestions, you can check out my earlier post, 6 Things You Need to Make Beaded Jewelry. This post is specifically about the pliers you want and why.

Pliers You Need

These are the pliers you will need, I can’t think offhand of anything you can substitute for these. There’s just no way around it; you will have to buy these if you don’t happen to have them lying about from other projects.

1. Round Nose

Round nose pliers help you make uniform loops in your jewelry making!

Round nose pliers are essential, particularly if you are looking to get into wire working. Round nose pliers make it easy to make loops.

2. Needlenose or just regular Chain Nose

Chain nose pliers can help grip your work while you work!

I find having just a regular chain nose or needle nose pliers handy for holding your project steady with one hand while you work with the other.

A cool tip if you’re in the market for pliers is to buy bent nose pliers. They’re like regular pliers, but the nose is curved making it easy to grip your projects! I have a set of these in my storage unit (I need to go through that thing), and honestly, I love them. Pity I can’t find them right now.

3. Crimper

Crimper pliers will help close crimp beads and tubes around jewelry wires to secure the ends of your work!

This neat little plier will “crimp” your beads or tubes around the wire, which is how you close off a strand of beads (well one of the easier ways).

Pliers You May Wish to Consider

I put these in here for if your budget allows, you may wish to consider getting these. The three pliers listed about are pretty much essential, that is to say, I cannot think of another common tool you might have lying around that you can substitute for them! These though, there are everyday items you can sub in if you cannot afford these tools.

1. Wire snippers

Plier snips are perfect for snipping jewelry wires. Never use scissors on wires!

Do not use Scissors. I cannot stress that enough! However, you can purchase or use an inexpensive pair of toenail clippers. Use the nail clippers to snip the wire when ready to finish off your project. Note, this will not work on a thicker wire!

2. Nylon Tipped Pliers

These are like your regular plier, with some nylon tips (hence the name). These can be useful for smoothing out kinks that you will invariably put into your work. I don’t have these myself, but after reading up on them at Bluprint, I pretty much think they will be my next purchase. For now, I use large books to flatten kinks out as best I can, but it’s not always ideal or practical.

Putting it all together

In order to make jewelry, you need to get yourself some jewelry making pliers!

You can get by with three pliers when you get started. Five if you are interested in doing more jewelry making projects. My recommendation is getting the three and then look at expanding your tool kit to include the other two as you can afford them. You can buy these tools at stores like Michaels or online at Amazon or my personal favorite, CreateForLess (Affiliate Link).

I hope you found this post helpful and I’d love for you to let me know what projects you are going to make with these tips, let me know in the comments down below! Also, please share this article to social media and spread the love.

Jewelry making pliers are essential to most beading projects!

jewelry making pliers are essential to all beading projects for the most part Jewelry making pliers are essential to most beading projects

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