9 Affordable and Stunning Ways To Decorate A Large Bedroom

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Okay, so a large bedroom seems like a decorator’s dream, doesn’t it? However, without the right mindset and knowledge, your gorgeously large bedroom can become a cavernous nightmare, want to learn some clever large bedroom ideas that help create a warm and cozy feeling?

In this post you are going to learn what you need to do to cozy up your large bedroom. Best of all, you’ll be able to do this all without breaking your bank account!


A soft sherpa blanket like mine can add a very cozy layer to your bedroom space!
I love soft fabrics like this sherpa blanket. They add a lovely layer of coziness to your bed!

Large rooms can take layers of texture without making the space feel too busy. I love the idea of adding a faux fur or chunky knit blanket to your bed and then a plush area rug.

Pillows can also create a wonderful comforting feeling, don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and colors. You also need not be afraid of adding too many. In a larger space, piles of pillows can cozy up a cavernous room.

I love the look of a chunky knit blanket or a soft fuzzy one like my sherpa blanket available at Walmart. I recommend getting a size bigger than your bed if possible, as then you can drape it to the floor to create a casual and cozy look.

Add A Sitting Room

A lovely inviting reading nook can make a large bedroom function much better!
Having a lovely reading nook like this one can use up extra space in your large bedroom and create a delightful place to curl up and read!

Okay, this idea may cost you a little more than a trip to your local dollar store or Walmart, but if your budget allows, you can add a couple of chairs, vanity or work area. A visit to your local thrift store may yield some gorgeous results as well.

When I get a large enough bedroom, I am creating my own reading nook!

Let’s Talk About Your Bed

When you’re blessed with a large bedroom, you can get king sized bed! Here are some clever tips to fill the space more effectively, even with a smaller sized bed!


Who wouldn’t want a dreamy canopy? A canopy can also add another layer of coziness in addition to pillows and other soft fabrics too.

The easiest DIY canopy is gathering some curtain rods and hanging curtains of your choice around the bed.

For more clever, yet budget-friendly canopy options, check out Romantic DIY Bed Canopies (On a Budget) over at The Budget Decorator.

Headboards Are Your Friend

A tufted headboard like the one pictured is perfect to fill negative space in your large bedroom!
A larger headboard like the one pictured can fill empty space and create another layer of cozy texture!

A headboard can fill a large bedroom space without making your room feel too crowded. You don’t have to run out and buy a big ornate wooden one either to achieve this effect.

Some interesting ideas to DIY your own headboard include:

  • Find and refinish one from a thrift store
  • A curtain rod to hang a blanket behind.
  • A folding screen – lay it flat behind the bed.
  • Use tile or even adhesive tile stickers to create one.

For more involved DIY ideas, check out 23 Stylish DIY Headboards You Can Make in a Weekend or Less over at The Spruce!

Make Your Bed The Center of Attention

Another quick trick is to pull your bed into the center of the room, it makes your bed the focus and creates an illusion that there’s less space all around. Together with a canopy, you will have a cozy and inviting place to sleep without having to purchase a whole new bedroom set!

Add Natural Textures

An instant way to add some warmth to a space is to add natural textures like wood or warm stone. I love wood and my favorite trick is to either change the carpet to a warm wood flooring or add wood accents to your ceiling.

If you choose a dark wood or stone to accent, I recommend picking a light color for your bedding and walls to contrast. If you prefer your bedroom to look like a cave, you can go dark, but if you don’t like the look, it’s important to contrast colors where you can.

Add Some Green

Plants are amazing, and the benefits of having house plants include having cleaner air and improving your mood. There’s some evidence that their presence may even boost your creativity and productivity. A house plant is a perfect way to bring a natural look into your room, particularly if you are a renter and cannot make too many alterations to your walls, floor or ceiling.

Some houseplants you may wish to look at include:

Parlor Palm

If your bedroom does not receive a lot of natural sunlight, this plant is perfect as they thrive in lower light as they grow in partial to full shade.

Snake Plant

A snake plant can be a wonderful addition to your bedroom!
A snake plant like this one can add a welcome pop of green to your bedroom!

My mother had a snake plant in her home for years, she did gift it to my cousin when she moved provinces, but my understanding is that the plant still lives. These plants are hardy and long-lived.

Corn Plant

If you want the look of a tree, this plant may just fit the bill. They tolerate shade and may produce flowers if in a sunnier spot, so you almost can’t lose with selecting this plant for your bedroom.

If you have children or pets that are prone to nibble on leaves, be sure to make sure any houseplant you bring home is not poisonous to them!

Rethink Your Lighting

Softer lighting will always cast a room in a warmer glow, so think of choosing lamps and overhead lighting that includes a dimming option. I like to pick lamps that are unique and add a punch of personality to my bedroom. A table lamp on your bedside table is a perfect opportunity to branch into a bold and vibrant color.

For more tips on lighting, be sure to check out my earlier post, How to Pick a Beautiful Light You’ll Absolutely Love!

Light a Fire

Electric fireplaces are quite affordable these days, and they can create a feeling of warmth by casting a fire-like glow to your bedroom. They may not throw as much actual heat as a wood burning or gas fireplace, but they create a lovely ambiance to a bedroom scape.

Pick The Right Window Covering

I recommend choosing drapes that are not heavy in pattern. Darker drapes can create formality and drama to a space and in a bedroom that may be overwhelming. Lighter fabrics create a much more casual space and I always think that a casual feeling for your bedroom is important.

Wallpaper Can Be Your Friend

Dramatic wallpaper can soften a large space and make it feel comfortable. I would not paper all four walls, but a feature wall can create a punch of personality in your space. If your local hardware or big box store doesn’t have a pattern that you love, you can find something online to suit you. I love the patterns available on Wayfair.ca!

Wrapping It All Up Together

With a few clever tweaks, your large bedroom can become the oasis you always wanted it to be.
With some clever twists, you can create a large bedroom that will be your favorite room in the house!

A large bedroom doesn’t have to be a curse. With some clever minor tweaks, you can turn a cavernous space into a comfortable space that you can retire to at the end of your day. I hope these large bedroom ideas will inspire you to look at your own bedroom space and change anything about it that no longer serves you.

Decorating a large room does not need to be an expensive venture, simple tweaks, such as what I’ve covered above can put a fresh spin on your space. Depending on your budget, you can incorporate one, two of these and enjoy a new bedroom space in the new year!

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