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Glitter resin jewelry is a fun summery project to learn how to make, and this week I’m going to introduce you to how to create a multi-piece project. What I mean by multi-piece is that you have two or more separate pieces of resin that you connect somehow.

You can accomplish this in a few different ways, but the easiest is to use eye screws. If you recall that eye pins look like pins that have a loop instead of a head at the top, eye screws are the same thing, except they have tiny screws instead of a pin look.

These little eye screws can help you connect the different pieces of resin that you have created for your project, and today I’ll show you a simple two-piece project that will introduce you to using these little findings.

What You Will Need:

To make glitter resin jewelry, you need a few things, glitter being one of them!
In addition to glitter, you’ll need a few other things to complete this project!
  • Craft Resin (Sometimes called Epoxy Resin)
  • Resin Molds (The ring molds I found are in this kit from Amazon)
  • Eye screws (the kit above includes silver and gold ones)
  • Eye pin and some beads (optional)
  • Pliers (Round nose is probably all you need – read more about pliers here)
  • Jewelry chain (I went with silver)
  • Glitter (You can find most types at the dollar store or places like Wal-mart)
  • Alcohol Inks or other objects to cast into your resin (optional)
  • Resin measuring cups (You can also use plastic cups that you can just toss out later)

Planning crafting projects can be time-consuming and frustrating. Snag a copy of my printable crafting project workbook (Details below!):

Prepare Your Resin Workspace

Resin can be a messy project, so I recommend starting by taking a few minutes to set aside an area that you can work from that won’t be disturbed. If you don’t have a workbench type area that you don’t mind getting a little messy, I recommend working with a cardboard box. 

Make sure it’s sealed up, so there are no resin leaks once you start working. Packing tape works fine to do this.

I like the box idea because you can then cover up your resin while it cures. The last thing you want is dust or bugs to gum up your project (Speaking from personal experience)!

Prepare Your Molds

Once you've chosen a mold, you'll need to glitter that puppy up!
First step: prepare your jewelry molds with some glitter!

I like to prepare my molds first before mixing the resin as once you’ve combined the resin, you have around 45 minutes of working time, depending on the product you use. So if you prep your molds before mixing the resin, you can immediately start pouring it.

If you’re just using glitter or other objects, just sprinkle that stuff in as liberally as you like. I used a few different colors and sizes for some texture because I wanted to put the “glitter” in glitter resin jewelry!

If you are planning to use any alcohol inks or paint, you’ll use those later on.

Measure and Mix your Resin

Once your molds are ready to go, it's time to mix your resin!
It’s resin mixing time!

The resin will come with instructions on how to mix it, you will have the resin and then a hardener that you need to mix in a 1:1 ratio. I highly recommend reading the instructions in full before proceeding! These instructions will also tell you how much working time you have once you mix everything – super important!

I recommend wearing gloves, and you will use your measuring cup or plastic cup and pour your resin and hardener in and stir for the length of time in the instructions (usually about 3 minutes).

Check out this quick hack from Hirst Arts if you are using a plastic cup!

Pour That Resin!

Once it’s mixed, it’s time to pour! Carefully and slowly pour your resin into your glitter prepped mold. A little bit of spillage is fine, but you want to pour until you have a nice even line on the top of your resin mold. If it’s not precise, don’t worry, you can sand any rough edges of your resin once it’s cured.

At this point, if you want to drop a few dribbles of alcohol ink into the resin, do that. You can use a toothpick to stir the color in or let gravity create a pattern as the resin cures.

Check for bubbles periodically throughout the “working period of the resin.” For my product, it was 45 minutes. You can use a toothpick for popping any large bubbles that form. You will also want to cover your work at this point and only uncover when you’re checking for bubbles to pop.

Once you've poured your resin in, cover your work!
Always cover your resin work, it keeps the dust and bugs out!

Wait For A Cure

Depending on your resin product, a full cure can take about 72 hours. It will also depend on the size of your resin mold too, smaller rings like in my project were ready after about a day. Once your pieces are cured, your glitter resin jewelry piece can start to take shape!

Also, if you notice some imperfections, such as a “seam” or “tag” of resin that’s attached to your final piece, you can take this time to sand it off. I always use wet/dry sandpaper and wet the paper as it will keep the dust down.

You can check out some more finishing techniques on the Resin Obsession YouTube Channel.

How To Use Eye Screws

Your next step is to start working with your eye screws!
Now it’s time for those eye screws!

Once you have your glitter resin jewelry pieces, I recommend taking a minute to map out where you want them to connect. That’s where you’ll want to screw in an eye screw. You can either mark that with a chalk marker or eyeball it, and it’s entirely up to you. It will likely depend on the shape of your piece, in my case, I had two rings, so it didn’t matter where on the ring I chose to have the connection.

Once you've got some eye screws into your resin pieces, you can connect them all!
Once your pieces have their eye screws in them, you can start connecting them!

Once you know where you want to secure an eye screw into your piece, grab one and start screwing it into the hardened resin. You can be fairly rough with your resin, depending on the width, it should withstand some pretty good wrenching forces.

If you’re working with rings, like I am in this project, you may wish to “stagger” the location of the top screw and inside screw. It will depend on how much space you have on your ring (as you don’t want to run into not having enough room to screw in two eye screws!).

Connecting It All

I chose to do a lovely little eye pin with some metal beads to add just a little something more to the glitter resin pendant. The eye pin then connected with the screw on the top of the small ring and the screw on the inside of the larger circle.

Once you have some connection points, you can connect your rings together with an eye pin and some metal beads!
With an eye pin and some metal beads, you can forge a connection between your two resin rings!

Your pendant is now all ready to be strung on a simple jewelry chain, and then it’s ready to wear.

You may need to remove the end split ring on the chain to get it onto the loop on the top of the ring, but once it’s on, you can just put it back.

Glitter Resin Jewelry – Final Thoughts

Once you have your chain connected, you can wear this necklace!!
Your necklace is now ready to wear!!

Resin can seem a bit daunting at first, but if you can follow instructions, you can create some beautiful projects that have multiple pieces of resin attached. You can do earrings, bracelets, and necklaces as I showed you here. The biggest tip that I can offer for these projects is to spend some time figuring out how you want these pieces to connect. Once your resin is hard, it is more challenging to put holes in it and adjust it, so save yourself the time and energy and just map it out to yourself ahead of time.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you did, I would love to hear from you! Drop me a comment down below, share this project to your favorite social media platform, or pin this to Pinterest!

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Next week, I’m going to show you a few projects that you can do with alcohol inks. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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