How to Make A Wonderful Mason Jar Candle Holder In 5 Easy Steps

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I am a huge fan of mason jars and not just because they can hold yummy jam. You can make a beautiful mason jar candle holder in just five simple steps. You can also make one of these stunning pieces for under $20, which is super cool! 

Mod podge is a great crafting medium because it can both glue and seal items together for you and it’s perfect for sticking a comic book piece onto glass. For this craft, you can use either a glossy or matte finish!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s begin!

You can easily make a candle holder with just four items (five if you include a paper plate)

What You Will Need:

  • Mason jar (a 250ml is fine for a luminary);
  • A comic you don’t mind cutting up;
  • Mod podge;
  • A brush; and,
  • A paper plate or drop cloth to work on.

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Clean Your Mason Jar

Before you get started with the actual craft, I recommend washing your mason jar with just dish soap and hot water. Even with regular cleaning, stores and warehouses are dusty places.

Having a clean working surface will give you the best results.

Allow the jar to dry completely before proceeding with the rest of the craft.

Measure Your Comics

You need to decide how to stick your comic book on your jar. A few ideas:

  • Wrap around;
  • Angled wrap around; and,
  • Pieces or “mosaic style.”

Mod Podge Your Jar

After you have cleaned your mason jar, paint a layer of mod podge all over the sides of your mason jar!

The best way to start is to paint a single layer of mod podge onto the outside of your jar. I like to use my paintbrush and brush even strokes in the same direction until you have a thin coat on the sides of the jar. 

You need not paint the bottom or do anything with the jar lid unless you’d like to.

For a quick cleanup, use a paper plate to rest your jar on as you paint the mod podge on.

Mod Podge Your Comic On

Paint another thin layer of mod podge on the back part of your comic and then stick the comic in the design that you want onto the jar. Then allow the jar to dry for about 30 minutes.

I like to add some mod podge to the comic book piece as well!

Then paint a thin layer of mod podge over the top of the comics, it will dry either matt or gloss depending on the mod podge you have purchased.

Once you have attached the comic book pieces, paint a layer of mod podge on top to seal everything in nicely!

Finally, stick that jar in a quiet place in your home to allow the mod podge to cure (read your mod podge bottle for more details).

Light It Up

Once your mod podge cures, insert your candle or votive and enjoy!!

Once your mod podge cures (read the package for details), simply insert your candle or votive and enjoy your new mason jar candle!

I like using battery-operated candles because they’re so much safer than an open flame! I just pop a battery-operated votive light into my mason jar and set it where I want a relaxing candle glow. Instant ambiance!

You can also add embellishments like ribbons or paint the jar lid too.

Final Thoughts

I love how this mason jar candle turned out and I love upcycling a comic book that had seen better days instead of throwing it in the recycle bin. Another cool idea is to use old books like this wonderful idea from Paro Home

Mod podge is a versatile tool to add to your crafting arsenal, and I will definitely share more crafts using this product.

I hope this craft has inspired you to go out and get a jar of your own mod podge and start papering mason jars! I would love it if you could spread the love and share this post on social media using one of the share buttons or pin this post to Pinterest.

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Also, let me know how your crafts turn out, hit me up in the comments down below!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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