17 Absolutely Clever & Cool Mason Jar Crafts To Try This Summer

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Mason jars are one of the most versatile things you can use to craft with. In this blog post, I’m going to share with you my favorite 17 mason jar crafts to make that are sure to inspire you and chase away boredom.

I love crafting with mason jars because you can usually get at dozen or so jars for well under $20 and it’s a great way to experiment with different ideas to find something that suits you.

So let’s get started and spark some inspiration!


Luminaries are fun to make with mason jars, they function both as a source of light and some cool decor even when they aren’t lit up with a candle or a battery operated LED tea light (my personal favorite)!

Stained Glass

Here's my mason jar completely finished and sitting on a window sill!

I love how easily this luminary is to make, all you need are some different colors of sharpie markers. The design is entirely up to you! Simply color your jar with your markers in whatever gorgeous pattern you want. If you want to blend them a little, you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol to do that. I used a damp cloth of rubbing alcohol and it turned out great!

Bubble Luminary

Image courtesy of Dream a Little Bigger

This gorgeous bubble jar craft comes from Dream A Little Bigger! A little bit of glue and some glass pebbles and you can have a gorgeous luminary that will cast some interesting patterns depending on what you use in it.

Stocking Leg Luminary

The light is a little hard to see, next time I'll take a night picture with it!

This one is so easy to throw together, all you need is a pair of child size tights, for this one, I did halloween themed, but you can pick a myriad of colors. Slide the jar into the leg of the tights and cut to size. Boom, instant luminary!

Wordy Luminary

These make beautiful luminaries!

Frosted glass paint and painter’s tape combine to make a lovely group of mason jar luminaries that spell out whatever word you’d like.

Snowy Luminary

Once the glue is dried, I recommend a sealer and then dress with a lovely wintery bow!

Epsom salts combine with some glue to create a snowy covering for your mason jar, which is the perfect ambiance when you’re looking to add something wintery or christmassy to your tabletop decor!

Halloween Luminary

What really makes this luminary pop is the use of black paint or black vinyl stickers to create a truly creepy Halloween scene on your mason jar.

Comic Book Luminary

Once your mod podge cures (read the package for details), simply insert your candle or votive and enjoy your new mason jar candle!

Comic book decor has to be one of my favorite things to create, because you can take a beat up old comic book and upcycle it into something clever. That’s what I did with this luminary and I love how it turned out!

Decor Items

Mason jars can also make wonderful tabletop and shelf decor, when you need to fill a space with something unique, a mason jar crafted in your unique style is sure to impress.

Chalkboard Jars

Chalkboard jars are great because you can reuse them again and again, just erase the old decor and put something new up. You can have something for every season without creating a different jar for each one!

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

This beautiful bathroom storage set was put together by Mason Jar Crafts!
Image courtesy of Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars also make great decor items in the bathroom to store a variety of items, like liquid soap, toothbrushes or q-tips. Check out this amazing tutorial from Mason Jar Crafts for more details on how to make these farmhouse-inspired items.

Super Hero Coin Bank

You can find the full details of this design over at Fireflies & Mudpies, but you’re basically making an adorable coin bank in the style of Batman or Superman which is perfect for the comic book/superhero person in your life!

Bumblebee Bee Jar

Bumblebees make attractive decor pieces, I love a good bumblebee theme and I love this jar that is painted up in attractive yellow and black stripes! A stripey pom pom adds just the right touch to it!

Lacy Mason Jars

These beautiful lacy vases were designed by Mod Podge Rocks!
Image courtesy of Mod Podge Rocks!

I love how adorable these lace mason jars from Mod Podge Rocks. Check out the full tutorial on the link, these jars can be used for vases or a wide variety of decor items!

Mason Jar Wind Chime

You can find the tutorial for this gorgeous mason jar windchime by visiting Saved By Love
Image courtesy of Saved By Love Creations

Wind chimes can be soothing when you listen to them as you’re chilling on your balcony or patio. I particularly love this clever idea from Saved By Love Creations to create your very own wind chime using a mason jar.

Food Containers

Mason jars make great food containers for single serving meals, like salads, smoothies and desserts! They aren’t just for canning preserves like pickles or jams anymore.

Mason Jar Salad

Mason jars are perfect for creating a variety of different individual sized salads!

Mix together your favorite greens and veggies and add a dressing of your choice to create a colorful salad that just needs a good shake to combine everything!

Mason Jar Smoothie

Similar to the salad above, blend together your favorite smoothie ingredients and stick them into a mason jar for easy travel!

Mason Jar Dessert

Mason jars are perfect for plating individual desserts, like this yummy pie from The Girl Inspired!
Image courtesy of The Girl Inspired

Mason jars make the perfect size for a delicious dessert. You can portion off some pudding or ice cream that are sure to delight your guests.

My personal favorite though is chocolate cream pie, you can get the full details and recipe over at The Girl Inspired!

Final Thoughts

Mason jar crafts are numerous, what one is your favorite?

Mason jar crafts are surprisingly easy to complete and I hope this blog post left you suitably inspired to go off and create something unique and beautiful with the next plain old mason jar you have lying about.

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Until next time, stay crafty!

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