Multi-Strand Bracelet – Learn How to Easily Make a Stunning New Bracelet

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I love a good memory wire bracelet and if you’re nodding along, you will definitely enjoy this gorgeous multi-strand memory wire bracelet tutorial that I’m about to share with you!

This tutorial will introduce my first cuff bracelet to you. Cuff bracelets are nice because they just slide on, they don’t require a finicky closure. I’m not a huge fan of closures in jewelry, as I often find they are the weakest part of your piece and often break. Memory wire bracelets are more durable because they don’t require them.

Usually, I will create a lengthy memory wire bracelet that wraps fully around the wrist a few times, but because I’m adding another strand to the bracelet, it’s easier to work a shorter strand of memory wire.

This bracelet is beginner friendly and affordable. I estimate the approximate cost to be around $20 or less if you already have the pliers (I always say you can cheap out on materials sometimes, but never on your tools!). This tutorial should only take you roughly 30 minutes as well, unless you decide to add more strands.

What You Will Need:

  • Memory wire (I chose silver)
  • Eye pins (in silver)
  • Beads (I picked crystal)
  • Wire cutters (read more about pliers here)
  • Round-nose pliers

You can instantly change up the look by changing to gold metal pieces or even different style beads.

Measure and Cut Your Wire

So you'll see my little error, but you'll need to loop closed one end of your wire so the beads won't slide off!

Because we’re doing a multi-strand bracelet, I recommend being less generous with the length of wire you’re using, otherwise your project might get a little difficult to manage. You need two lengths of wire about the same size.

For my bracelet, I cut one loop, with just a touch extra. You can measure the wire on your own wrist if that helps too.

Before you bead, you will need to loop closed one end (otherwise all your efforts will slide off the end!). Take your round-nose pliers and grip the end of the memory wire so the end is flush with the edge of the pliers. Next, pull the wire with your pliers back over itself. The round barrel of the pliers will form a loop as you do this.

For more wire looping tips, check out one of my favorite YouTube channels, Making It Easy With Liz!

Time to Bead!

Now that your beads will not slide off the other end as you slide them on, you are ready to form your first strand.

With this tutorial, I recommend attaching the eye pins as you go. I used a pattern of five crystal beads and then an eye pin until I had six groups of crystal beads. Pick all the same color or mix it up.

Your first strand should look similar to this, with your eye pins already secured between your color blocks of beads.

Loop closed the first strand so everything stays on!

How to Attach Your Second Strand

I recommend working your second strand with your eye pins; it means a lot less looping and bending things.

The best way to work this bracelet is to connect your eye pins as you work the beads of the second strand.
The best way to add your second strand is to add your eye pins as you work the beads of your second stand on.

To start, make sure you loop closed one end of your second strand of memory wire (like the first one!) and string on five beads, add a smaller crystal bead to your eye pin (you can use the same size as well for the eye pin) and create a loop to hook onto your second memory wire strand.

As you progress, your two stranded bracelet starts to really take shape!

With eye pin loops, if you have too much of a “tail” once you’ve looped it over, you can use wire snips to cut the excess. Eye pin wire is more bendy than the memory wire, so you can adjust the loop with your pliers if it’s not quite lined up right.

Continue to work along the length of the bracelet until your second strand connects to all the eye pins and then loop closed the second strand. Your bracelet is now ready to try on!

Final Thoughts

Once you loop closed the second strand, your bracelet is ready to wear!!

I find multi-strand memory wire bracelets to be a bit more tricky than other multi-strand projects, but they are quite stunning when completed and I love the simplicity of the cuff bracelet. This style of bracelet is simple to customize, experiment with different colors of metal or beads. You can also add additional strands as well for a really cool cuff-style bracelet!

Now you know how to make a multi-strand memory wire bracelet! Did you enjoy this tutorial? Give me a shout out in the comments below. Also, please share this content to your favorite social media platform and pin it to Pinterest.

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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