How to Make Easy & Cute Memory Wire Bracelets

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The perfect first jewelry-making project is a memory wire bracelet. It is the perfect project to get the feel for stringing beads on a wire without having to fuss with a closure. You can easily get started making‌ memory wire bracelets for around $20 as well.

Whether you are an experienced jewelry-maker or are a beginner, this single-stranded bracelet tutorial will be a fun project to complete in a single afternoon. Memory wire bracelets also make amazing gifts and suit a wide variety of tastes. 

Ready to get started? Let’s go! 

What You Will Need:

  • Memory wire;
  • Beads;
  • Round-nose Pliers;
  • Wire Snips; and,
  • Chain nose pliers (optional, if you’d like something to help you grip things in your project).
To get started you don't need a lot of materials.

If you aren’t sure where you can find these items, I have a comprehensive post How to Find, Buy & Store Your Craft Supplies: The Best Tips that should help you figure out where to go.

Measuring your Memory Wire

once you have your length of memory wire, loop one end to prevent the beads from sliding off the end!
memory wire is a coily jewlery wire that you must cut down to an appropriate size

Start by measuring your memory wire. I usually just eyeball the measurement using my own wrist. You can also use a ruler if you prefer.

Also, don’t be afraid to be generous with your wire, if it’s too long it’s very easy to snip off any excess once you’ve finished beading!

Once you have your wire measured and cut, you are going to need to keep those beads from sliding off the end as you string them on. I recommend a simple loop, but you can also use jewelry glue and a stopper bead on the end.

To make a stopping loop, all you need to do is take your round-nose pliers and bend the memory wire back over itself. The round-nose pliers will create a nice loop as you do so. If perfect loops are something you’re struggling with, check out how to make Perfect Basic Wire Loops Every Time on YouTube! Liz Carter will get you sorted right out!

Stringing Your Beads

Once you've looped off one end, you simply start stringing your beads along the wire!

Once your memory wire is prepped, it’s time to string!

If you are going for a completely random pattern, you can just dive right in now. If you’d prefer to follow a particular pattern, you can keep track of that in one of two ways.

For a simple project like this, I usually will just lay the beads out on my work surface in the order that I want them and work from there. You can also create a simple sketch which can keep you organized.

If you get going and you’re finding that the stopping loop is too small, you can use your round-nose pliers to widen it. Gently insert one tip into the loop and press in until the wire widens a bit more.


Once your beads are on your bracelet, you are going to need to loop off the open side so everything is nice and secure.

Because you have beads on your project, this stopping loop will be harder to complete and you might find it easier to have another pair of pliers to grip the project while you make another loop with your round-nose pliers.

After completing that second stopping loop, your bracelet is now ready to wear!

Once you have your beads on, you loop off the other end and your bracelet is ready to wear!

Memory Wire Bracelets Are Easy to Make

If you are new to memory wire bracelets, this project might take you around an hour or less. The more experience you have with bracelets, the quicker you can throw one of these beauties together.

I love making these bracelets, mainly because you don’t need a lot of beads or other materials to get going and you can create an entire army of gifts to give or different bracelets to suit your own unique style.

I hope this project inspired you to go out there and create something beautiful and unique. Be sure to share this post on your favorite social media platform and pin it to Pinterest to read later!

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That is all for now folks, but check back for fresh content (or sign up for my email list and learn about it first!). Until next time, stay crafty my friends!!

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