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Memory wire bracelets are a fantastic first project if you’ve debated picking up a jewelry making hobby. I love making memory wire jewelry because you can have a finished project ready in just 20 minutes sometimes and they are quite durable.

Whether you are an experienced jewelry maker or are looking to get started, this single-stranded memory wire bracelet tutorial will impress. This tutorial should cost you around $20 (less if you already have pliers) and in 20 minutes or under, you too can have a uniquely gorgeous bracelet to wear or gift to someone special in your life.

Ready to get started? Let’s dive in!

What You Will Need:

To get started you don't need a lot of materials.

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Measuring your Memory Wire

once you have your length of memory wire, loop one end to prevent the beads from sliding off the end!
memory wire is a coily jewlery wire that you must cut down to an appropriate size

I recommend starting by measuring your wire. The best way to measure what you will need is to wrap it around your wrist and eyeball it. You can snip off more than you need, as you can always further snip it down after you finish beading.

Once you have your wire measured, you will use your round-nose pliers to create a little loop on one end of the wire, so your beads don’t slide off! Alternatively, you can use jewelry glue to glue a stopper bead onto the wire, but I find looping gets the job done easily. 

For more tips on looping your jewelry wire, I recommend checking out a helpful video tutorial from Beadaholique – How to Make a Simple Wire Loop for Jewelry Making

Stringing Your Beads

Once you've looped off one end, you simply start stringing your beads along the wire!

I recommend figuring out what order you would like to string your beads. You can do this two ways, the easiest being that you just lay your beads out and decide on an order or you can create a brief sketch.

Once you’ve decided on an order, just begin stringing your beads along the wire, if you find the round loop is too small, you can use your round-nose pliers to widen it.


Once you’ve got all your beads on, you’ll want to close off the wire with another loop. With your beads on the project, this will be a bit trickier, so I like to have a pair of straight pliers or needle-nose pliers. Memory wire is pretty durable, so using your second set of pliers to pull the wire around your round-nose pliers can save any strain on your hands!

Once you have it looped off, your bracelet is ready to wear. You can add a charm onto one or both of the loops if you like, but it’s not required. Other ideas for finishing can include using jewelry glue on your end bead to secure it to the wire.

Once you have your beads on, you loop off the other end and your bracelet is ready to wear!

Memory Wire Bracelets Are Easy to Make

My project took roughly fifteen minutes from start to finish if you are new to jewelry-making it may take you a bit longer. Memory wire bracelets are a fantastic project to get started with jewelry making, as they don’t require a lot of materials either. 

I hope you’re now inspired to go out and create your own bracelets. Please post questions about this project or just say hi in the comments down below. I would love to hear from you. Also, please share this content on social media and spread the inspiration!

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