How to Make a Gorgeous Three Strand Pearl Necklace

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Pearl necklaces are very classy, check out my tutorial to make one of your own!

The last few posts have been about home decor, so this week we’re going to talk about a way to add instant polish to your wardrobe with a pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces are timeless and never go out of style. The real ones are pricey though, even the imitation set can set you back quite a ways, but today I’m going to show you how I made a three strand necklace with materials that cost me about $30 for the pearls and some of the findings. Just be aware, if you are new to jewelry design, you will need to purchase a crimper plier and maybe one other type of plier. You can check out my earlier post about jewelry tools here.

Materials List

  1. Pearl beads (I used John Bead ones that I bought through CreateForLess – Affiliate Link). I purchased three packages per strand.
  2. Magnetic Multi Strand closure (I got a ten-piece set from Amazon).
  3. Jewelry Wire (I recommend Beadalon’s jewelry stringing wire, you can buy at CreateForLessAffiliate Link)
  4. Crimp tubes in silver
  5. Crimping Pliers
  6. Regular Pliers (optional, I use these to help grip the necklace while I’m working)

You can also see if your local craft store has these things if you aren’t into the online ordering thing!

Getting Started

So I measure how long I want the necklace to be and leave plenty of room on the wire to cover any mistakes. I measured on myself how long I wanted it. Another tip is if you have a necklace that’s of the length you want to make this one at, measure its length and leave yourself around five centimeters or so (or more if you’re nervous!).

Next, make a wire loop with your wire, hook it onto one of the rungs of your closure and then secure it with a crimp tube.

Pearl necklaces are super classy additions to most wardrobes, and you can make your own custom set with some tools!

Stringing Pearls

Once you have the first strand attached to one end of the closure, begin stringing your beads. I’m choosing to do one color for each strand, if you want to mix it up a little, that’s up to you. Once you’ve reached the desired length of your strand, you’ll want to crimp it off on the other side in the same fashion and attach it to the other side of your closure. Boom, a third of the way done!

Pearl necklaces are an instant classic to most wardrobes, check out my quick tutorial today!

Second and Third String

Now you need to repeat the process twice more, and you’ll have your three strands. If you have any pearls left over, you can always make some cute little earrings to go with it. You can check out my earlier post on Earrings Basics for some tips or pay attention to the blog as I intend to have a few earring tutorials throughout the year.

Wrapping it all together

As I said above, a pearl necklace will never go out of style. Multi-strand necklaces, I think, offer the most classic of the looks and they give a necklace just a touch more style than a single strand.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you did, I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below. As always, if you know of anyone else who might benefit from this, please share this content to Pinterest or on your other favorite social media platform!

Pearl necklaces are very classy, check out my tutorial to make one of your own!

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