How to Make a Stunning Potion Bottle Just In Time For Halloween

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A potion bottle can be easily one of the best pieces to add this year to your Halloween decor. My favorite part of this particular style is you can create your own mini “nebula” inside your bottle for a stunning look. There is just something about a creepy or sparkly bottle that just screams Halloween and these bottles instantly call to mind a witch brewing something interesting in their cauldron!

After adding layers of watered down paint, cotton and glitter, eventually your potion bottle will be filled and ready for display.

The very best part of this Halloween craft is you might just have a good chunk of the materials around your house already. All you need is some craft paint, cotton balls and a splash of glitter. A few other things are recommended as they will make this craft come together smoothly and cleanly.

Are you ready to call in your inner witch? Let’s get started!

Materials You Will Need:

To make your own potion bottle, you just need a few materials to get going.
  • Glass bottle with a lid (Like this lovely set of bottles I got through Amazon)
    • A mason jar also works great!
  • Black or Purple acrylic craft paint
  • Plastic cup (or a cup you don’t mind mixing paint in)
  • Wooden stick (or a pencil that you don’t mind ruining)
  • Cotton balls
  • Glitter (Silver or white works best)
  • Hot glue (to secure the lid)

Prepping Your Work Area

I recommend spending a little bit of time planning out your work area. I found that using an old cardboard box (I cut it completely open so it lay flat) worked perfectly. This craft has the potential to be very messy, so you definitely want to minimize damage done to your furniture and your clothing.

If you have a painter’s drop cloth, that can also work.

Watering Down Your Paint

The next big step once you have your work area set up is to mix your craft paint with some water. The more diluted your paint is, the more “cloudy” your bottle will appear. I aimed or a pretty solid black bit of water myself, but everyone is different, so you do you.

Add a bit of your paint mixture into the bottom of your bottle.

Deconstruct a Lot of Cotton

Take your cotton balls and spread them apart into fluff.

You will need a lot of cotton for this project. The bigger your bottle, the more cotton. All you need to do is pull apart each cotton ball. Most of them come apart quite easily and form almost a string.

Once you have some cotton ball “remains”, start stuffing those into your bottle and using a wooden dowel or stick to tamp them down into the paint mixture.

Glittering Things Up

Continue to add cotton and paint water to your potion bottle, adding in a few layers of glitter along the way.

Once you have a layer on the bottom of your bottle, it’s time to start adding in some layers of glitter as you work the cotton and paint into the bottle. Use your wooden stick to mix things in nicely as you work.

Once You Have a Full Potion Bottle

Fair warning, this craft can be messy, using an open cardboard box is perfect to contain any messes.

You’ll want to secure that lid on it as if it spills, you’re going to have a nasty mess on your hands. One tip I’ve seen is to hot glue the lid on. You can add a bit of artistic flair by buying hot glue gun sticks in a funky color and drizzle it all over the cork lid.

Final Thoughts

I love how easy it is to create your own potion bottle. You can definitely experiment with different sized containers and add oodles of personality to those bottles if you like as well. I didn’t paint the current bottle, but you can add accents of paint to the top and bottom of the bottle and still display the “nebula” inside. I would recommend painting the outside of your bottle before adding your nebula mix though.

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Until next time, stay crafty my friends!!

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