3+ Amazing Sharpie Marker Crafts To Try Right Now

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Did you know that Sharpie Marker Pens aren’t just for drawing? I recently learned that they could be used on a variety of surfaces, not just paper, to create anything from custom plates to coasters.

To Get Started, You Will Need:

  • A selection of Sharpie Markers
  • The top of an eye drop bottle (or something similar)
  • Drop cloth (to protect your work surface)
  • Items you want to jazz up

Draw Your Own Dinnerware

You can easily jazz up a mug like this one with some sharpie pens!
You can use sharpie pens to create custom dinnerware. Take an everyday white dish, bowl, or mug, and create your custom design. I discovered this idea from A Beautiful Mess.
A nice dinner plate can be personalized with a nice sharpie pen!
I free drew my cup and plate, but you can use a stencil if you’d rather. You can also search through Pinterest for loads of design ideas, making this a very versatile craft to do.

One word of warning, do not put these dishes in the dishwasher. Hand wash only!

Jazz Up Some Acrylics

Start with a plain old acrylic toothbrush holder!

Do you have a clear acrylic item that is just begging to be colored? If you have a steady hand or a stencil, you can use a Sharpie to add a lovely shock of color to your plain old clear acrylic pieces.

A sharpie marker can add an instant bit of color to your plain old acrylic pieces!

I got this idea from this post from Brit + Co.

Mason Jar Watercolors

The more alcohol, the more blending

I got inspiration from this post from Instructables. They used glass ornaments, which I didn’t have any, so I grabbed a trusty glass mason jar instead. This craft will require you to experiment with how much rubbing alcohol to use as different amounts will lead to different patterns.
Starting with a mason jar, begin drawing random patterns with your marker

Begin by drawing random patterns with two different colors (or three, your choice) and then use your eye dropper to sprinkle some rubbing alcohol over your designs. The result is a neat little watercolor look.

Add some rubbing alcohol and begin to watch your patterns blend together!

If you aren’t liking the final result, adding more rubbing alcohol will allow you to wipe the surface clean again. Once it’s clean and dry, you’re free to start again!

Other Ideas to Try

You can find all sorts of ideas all across the internet. You can do tye-dye shirts with sharpie pens or watercolor coasters, among dozens of other purposes. I love the simplicity of using sharpie marker pens to create fresh looking items around the house without having to drop a ton of money on art supplies. Outside of the sharpie pens and mason jar (which I already had) I spent under $10 to get these items at my local dollar store.

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