How to Create A Home Office That You Will Absolutely Love

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When you work from home, the top thought in your head is how you are going to create a home office that will be functional and inspiring. This week’s blog post will explore 7 clever, yet affordable ways to make a workspace you’ll love to spend hours working away in.

The very last thing I wanted to do when I began my work from home journey was spend a load of money on office furniture, so finding these simple, yet helpful ideas eased my productivity struggles and I hope you’ll find them useful as well. 

So let’s turn your home office space into a lean, mean, productive machine!!

A Desk or Workspace

Whether your home office is small or large, it's important to have a work surface like a desk!

Your desk doesn’t have to be a desk. For example, I use the dining room table because it rarely gets used in my house so I can leave things set up, mostly. It’s okay if you just don’t have the budget for the perfect workspace. Focus on figuring out how to make your existing situation work until you have the money to splurge.

I recommend you pick a desk or a makeshift desk like a table because it’s going to help with your posture and focus. You can’t sit in front of the television with your laptop and expect to have the same productivity as you would if you have a dedicated workspace!


Make sure your chair is comfortable, too. You’re going to be spending some time sitting in it!

My recommendation is if you only have a little money to spend, invest in a chair. You need a chair that’s comfortable for long periods of sitting.

Look for a chair that is adjustable on multiple points, such as the armrests, pitch and height.

Walls, Wall Art & Other Decor

In order to be productive, you need to be comfortable. The quickest way to do that: surround yourself with your favorite color!

However, if painting just isn’t in your budget, you can always add pops of your color into the decor, such as a pillow, curtains, or art and other decor.

Another sweet tip is to find an inexpensive picture frame you like and use a photo editing software program, such as Canva, to create a cool inspirational saying put into the frame.

Natural Light

Natural light in your home office is very important!

I always try to find an office space with lots of natural light. It saves your eyes from strain if you have a well-lit work area. Adequate light may also help prevent headaches, so definitely spend some time making sure your workspace has enough light.

No matter your situation, you can check out lighting tips from The Spruce and find some ways to illuminate your workspace.

It’s all about the Tech

Technology in your home office is a given, you need to be able to keep track of all your cords and things

You will also want to consider where you want things like power cords, mainly for ease of access. Your computer will be your lifeline, so you’re going to want easy access to a power cord if you’re like me and on your laptop for much of your workday.

Another slick tip is to staple or secure your cords to your desk, so they’re organized and out of your way. You can also use Washi tape to label each cord so you can tell at a glance what cord belongs to what!

Don’t Forget the Scent!

Did you know scent can affect your productivity? It makes sense when you think about it. Have you ever been in a place where the smell was completely off?

If you have a favorite scent, I would start with that. However, if you aren’t sure, try softer scents like vanilla or jasmine. Peppermint is helpful for boosting focus and concentration for many people, too.

Organization Tips

Organization is key to a home office that will be productive and efficient

Once you have your office set up, it’s time to get it organized. Organizing tools and tactics can be easy to make, despite what the glossy magazines tell you to buy. You can find these items at the dollar store or a secondhand store to save some money.

  1. Calendar – I love having what I call a tactile calendar. I’m totally in love with this Acrylic DIY project from The House of Wood. I recommend a wall calendar because you can tell at a glance how busy your month is, and it’s always visible.
  2. File Cabinets – they don’t have to be boring and plain-looking. I recommend checking out second-hand stores and places like Liquidation World for a good price on a file cabinet. Once you find one, it’s time to make it work for you. I found a really interesting tutorial from Design Improvised to turn a plain old file cabinet into a chalkboard one!
  3. Wall cabinets – with limited space, put storage onto the walls. Even shelves can take some office clutter off your desk and floors and still be easily accessible.
  4. Drawer organizers – Never underestimate how simply partitioning a desk drawer can help with organization! I love opening a drawer and being able to see exactly what is in there.

For more home office organization tips, check out Awesome Home Office Design Ideas That Will Skyrocket Your Focus

Create A Home Office You Will Love!

There you have it, seven cleverly simple ideas that will create a home office that is teeming with productivity! Best of all, these tips will not break your bank account, so if you are bootstrapping in the beginning no problem.

Let me know your favorite home office productivity tip in the comments down below and as always, be sure to click one of those share buttons located all over this post and pin this content to Pinterest!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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