6 Easy Winter Patio Decor Ideas To Try This Season

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Winter usually means staying cozy inside, but you can easily try these winter patio decor ideas to create an enticing outdoor space that you can enjoy no matter what the weather.

Creating a winter patio does not need to be overly expensive either, but probably the most important things to buy are light, heat and comfort. Finding pieces that function in those categories and look great can be a challenge, but if you are determined to enjoy your outdoor space even in sub-zero temperatures, you can do it!

A lantern is a perfect piece to set out on your winter patio!

You can also enjoy greenery even in the coldest months of winter by selecting hearty plants that thrive in snow, and they can add a lovely splash of color to an otherwise barren winter patio. Adding in warm and comforting throw blankets and a warm patio heater or firepit will entice you to get some outside air throughout the season, too.

There have been many studies showing that our bodies and minds benefit from exposure to colder temperatures, so it may be worthwhile to bundle up and get out there.

Let’s get started on everything you need to make your winter patio oasis!

Places To Shop:

In no particular order, I recommend checking out the following retailers. They offer a variety of options for you and a variety of price points. They will give you loads of inspiration and help fine the perfect winter patio decor within your budget.

Don’t Forget A Light

Lights are essential to winter patio decor because the winter months have less daylight!

Winter features a shorter period of daylight, so if you plan to use your outdoor space, then you are going to need to add some sources of light in. If you are like me and live in the Okanagan Valley in Canada, you’ll want to consider both solar lights and perhaps some electrical lights as well. January and into February can feature loads of clouds, so solar lights won’t be much use then!

Types of lights to consider for your winter patio:

  • Lantern or tabletop style – these lights sit nicely on your table.
  • Sconce – these lights attach to your outdoor wall.
  • Stake Lights – most commonly these are solar powered and they feature a stake shaped bottom that allows you to place them in the ground alongside pathways.
  • Ceiling Lights – these lights attach to a ceiling. You’ll find these lovely pieces in covered patios and porches often.

There are other specialized types of outdoor lighting, the above are the most commonly found types.

Heat Things Up

A fire is a perfect way to keep yourself cozy on your winter patio!

If you’re jazzing up a patio space for the winter, you should definitely consider a source of warmth like a patio heater or a nice fire pit. There are many great varieties, ranging from wood burning to even propane or ethanol burning ones. I’m a fan of the latter type because you can just flick your fire on with a switch and turn it off when you’re done. No worrying about embers causing trouble later!

I love the ambiance of a fire while sitting outside. Some of my best memories are of hanging around a campfire with hot chocolate and s’mores!

Regardless of what you decide to go with, always ensure your purchase complies with any local bylaws or rules.

If you aren’t a fan of fireplaces, another option is a patio heater.

Ideas For Seating

Comfy seating is essential to any winter patio!

It’s no fun to stand around a fire, so if you’re looking to enjoy your outdoor space this winter, you’ll want to find a patio set that goes for the vibe you want. I recommend steering clear of metal pieces, as they’ll be quite cold in the winter months. Wooden and wicker pieces are usually a little warmer to seat yourself on.

Don’t forget to pick pieces with plush cushions and be sure to find some lovely throw blankets for added warmth. Layers are your friend in the colder months!

Add Some Vintage To Your Winter Patio Decor

Whether you are decorating a patio area, you can’t miss adding in pieces of vintage decor. There’s something charming about an old pair of wooden skis or a traditional wooden sled.

Keep in mind that wooden pieces may need a weather-proof sealer.

Add a Wreath

A wreath is a perfect way to add interest to doors or walls of your patio!

Wreaths are a very common piece of decor for your front door. People started hanging wreaths on their door, typically to invite the Christmas spirit in. Now you can use a wreath to invite whatever spirit you’d like.

A grapevine wreath with sprigs of evergreen branches will look elegant and add some interest to the door leading to your patio or on the wall of your patio.

Winter Greenery

Berries can add a nice pop of vibrant color against the snow on your patio!

Some plants hold up well under certain temperatures. Depending on how low the mercury dips on your patio, you can have live plants outside. Otherwise silk varieties can give you the same effect, but won’t die.

Some examples of hearty, winter greenery:

  • Winterberries (you’ll want to make sure you have both a male & female plant)
  • Evergreen plants like junipers or spruces
  • Red twig dogwood
  • Late winter flowers like snowdrops or crocuses.

A visit to a year-round plant nursery may help you pick hearty plants that will survive your unique climate needs.

Also, be sure to double check for invasive plant species in your area so you know what not to buy!

Final Thoughts On Winter Patio Decor

Winter does not mean that you have to shut your patio down anymore. There are so many tricks you can use to make your beautiful summer space a liveable and enjoyable winter patio as well. With a little attention paid to adequate lighting, seating and heating, you can create a beautiful outdoor year-round oasis that will entice you to enjoy some of that beneficial winter air.

So get out there and take these simple tips and create your perfect winter patio today!

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