I have some many excellent products and places that I go for my crafting supplies or other things, so it is my pleasure to lay them all out here for you in my recommendations page. Right now, I have just the tools I use for my website, but I will be updating this from time to time with some great sites that I think will add value to you as my reader.

Note: This page will contain affiliate links. That means that I make money if you decide to buy through the link provided at no extra cost to you. I only ever recommend products that I have tried and love.

Tools For My Website/Marketing

SiteGround (Affiliate Link)– I wholeheartedly recommend SiteGround. It is where my blog lives, and I have yet to encounter any major issue (knock on wood).

MailerLite – I use MailerLite for my email services. They are free up to 1,000 subscribers and have an extremely user-friendly interface.

Tailwind (Affiliate Link)– Pinterest is a massive part of my social media networking. Tailwind helps me schedule posts throughout the month so that I stay consistent. They also offer Tribes and scheduling to Instagram as well!

AppSumo (Affiliate Link) – AppSumo has a plethora of many deals on various tools that can help you with everything from content AI to mailing list maintenance. They often have special sales and promotions throughout the year.

Online Courses/Communities

Some of the best learning you can get is online these days. These are some of the best courses I have taken and have offered me the best bang for my buck!

Simple Pin Courses – Kate Ahl teaches numerous strategies that you need to know as a blogger. I have taken both her Simple Pin Master Course and How to Master Tailwind. If you want to blog, you need to know how to use Pinterest. Be sure to join her facebook community as well for ongoing support and help.

Courses By LadyBossBlogger (Affiliate Link) – Elaine Rau is an outstanding & engaging teacher. I’ve taken her Instagram Influencer course and would not hesitate to consider her other courses!

Work From Home School – When I left my last office job, I knew I wanted something more than finding another office job, but I had no idea what the heck I wanted to do. The value I got from the cost of enrollment was terrific. Caitlin Pyle brought together a variety of people who offered segments or full courses of theirs. I recommend this as your first purchase if you want to work from home but haven’t got a clue where to start. There’s a lot of ideas out there and Work From Home helps you narrow down what you’re good at and what you’ll love doing because you can try out a few different things!

Jeff Goins – I’ve taken two courses from him (one offered by the Work From Home School & the other from the Genius Bloggers Toolkit). Intentional Blog is essential if you are looking for some direction for your blog. Effective Writer helps you to narrow your focus in your writing to make sure you are creating “clickable” content.

Freelance Writers Den (Affiliate Link) – Put together by the talented Carol Tice, the Den is a great place for freelance writers to get the support they need. There is a monthly fee, but with that $25, you get access to all the great boot camps and forums as well as the job boards. If you are serious about being a writer, this is a great and supportive way to get started.

Writing Tools

Scrivener: Y'know, for writers. – Scrivener is my go-to tool for writing my fiction stories. I love it because I often create works with loads of characters, so I can keep everything organized. It’s also useful for tracking your progress as you write your stories.

Google Docs – I use Google Docs for my blog posts. I love how I can set up my headings and links in the google document and then copy and paste into WordPress when I’m ready. Very little extra formatting work! I also use docs for any other web-based writing work (such as Medium or LinkedIn Pulse articles).

Other Programs

 (Affiliate Link) – Share-a-Sale is an excellent affiliate program to get into if you can get involved. They handle the affiliate programs for a wide variety of merchants such as Tailwind, Jysk, and many others! They’ll hit a wide range of niches.