How to Make an Absolutely Adorable Alcohol Ink Wine Glass

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Did you know that glass is a great surface to use alcohol ink on? Today let’s look at how you can paint an alcohol ink glass!

Since I made my alcohol inks using some Sharpie markers, I was just itching to try them out, and I love how these two stemless wine glasses turned out. You just need 3 things to get this craft completed!

Learn how to make this cool alcohol ink glass with just 3 things!!

You can also burn the alcohol ink, though I recommend you do that outside and in a controlled environment! I’ve done this with a tin foil wrapped cookie sheet, which contains things well, but please avoid this idea if it’s windy or if there’s a fire ban in your region.

This project from start to finish will take you about one hour and the longest part is waiting between coats of paint for things to dry. You can make this craft for under $20, especially if you make your own alcohol inks and you shop around for your glassware.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What You Will Need:

You don't need a lot to make an alcohol ink glass, just a few key items and you're good to go!
  • Glassware (I picked these up at Superstore, but you can probably find ones at the Dollar Store or Walmart as well).
  • Alcohol Inks (Bought or make your own).
  • Drop cloth or a work surface that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Optional: An eye dropper.
  • Optional: Gloves.

Prep Your Work Area

The first step once you’ve gathered everything is to prep your work area. Alcohol inks can stain, so if you’re worried about them getting on your hands, you’ll want gloves. Any table surface will do for this craft, but you’ll want a painting drop cloth or a thick cloth to cover your work surface to catch any stray droplets of the ink.

Wash The Glass

I recommend washing your glass in hot and soapy water, to get rid of dust and other residue that might be on it. A nice clean surface will ensure your alcohol inks adhere to the glass!

Dry the glass when done.

Paint The Glass!

Your alcohol ink will appear quite thin when you get started, but each coat will be darker and darker!

The last step in this process is to paint your glass!

The best way I’ve found is to tilt my glass a bit on the cloth and drizzle the paint down in different colors starting from the rim. It created a lovely watercolor-like look. Between coats, I let the paint dry. Two coats covered the glass, but you can do as many as you please.

Allow the paint to drizzle down from the rim in a variety of patterns!

I did not use gloves, but if you’re worried about getting paint on your hand, a pair of disposable gloves can be your new best friend.

You can also grab an eye dropper to use air to blow the paint around a bit and create a new type of look.

Final Thoughts

One afternoon is all you need to paint your glass. Even multiple glasses should only take a few hours. I love the watercolor-like look you get when the paint dries. If you do multiple glasses, each one will look different, which is cool. Each glass is a one-of-a-kind creation!

Once your alcohol ink glass is the shade you like, it's finished!

If you’re concerned about the paint wearing off, you can seal the outside of the glass with a glass sealer. Be sure to avoid spraying the sealer on the inside of the glass though, unless it’s rated as food safe! Otherwise, wash your glass by hand and the paint should remain.

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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