Craft Paint Ideas You Need to Know About

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I can’t speak for everyone, but I have an insane amount of craft paint just lying about my crafting supplies. So this week, rather than drop a bunch of money on new supplies, I thought why not look at things I could do with craft paint and objects around the house!

What You Will Need:

To get started, you just need a few odds and ends beyond your craft paint you want to use! I have three items that I'm going to paint up for this post!

  • A selection of craft paint
  • A paint marker (optional)
  • A variety of stuff you want to paint, for example:
    • Mason Jar
    • Wooden Letter
    • Rocks

Pastel Weathered Mason Jar

Chalk paint is a beautiful finish for mason jars!

If you have chalk paint or even a lovely pastel color, this is super easy to make. Paint the mason jar with your craft paint and allow it to dry. Apply as many coats as you like. Once the paint is dry, take some sandpaper and scrub some patches of color off.

Once your jar is painted up, you just need to use sandpaper to scratch some color off!

I got this fantastic idea from It All Started With Paint!

For ease on this craft, be sure to choose a non-smooth sided jar.

Gradient Paint Letters

Another option is to squeeze the paint onto your brush One option is to squeeze some paint onto the item you're painting

I had a wooden ‘K,’ and I honestly can’t remember why I’d bought it. Part of me knew I’d be using it now, right?

I was inspired by numerous rock painting ideas but chose to use it on my letter. Depending on how much of a gradient you want, you may need to include a few different techniques. I wanted a simple blue mixture, so I selected a light blue, medium, and dark.

Eventually you get a lovely blend of colors, next time I try this craft, I'll go a bit more bold

All I did was dab a little paint of each color and used a sponge brush to combine the colors. With the blues I chose, it’s hard to see the gradient, I think the next time I do this, I’ll pick different colors. Still, it was a lovely mix!

Painted Rocks

All you need for rock painting is a rock that looks like the thing you want to paint such as a lady bug

These beautiful pieces are all the rage right now. It can be quite a bit of fun to scout out suitable rocks and paint them up. I’ve seen people paint vegetables onto them and use them as garden markers.

I found a suitable rock for a ladybug and kept it simple. I painted the whole rock red and then used a black paint marker to add in the buggy details!

After-Paint Care

Depending on what you want to do with your creation after, I recommend sealing your paint with a clear sealer. You can find these at Wal-mart or your local hardware store and if you want to put the piece outside, be sure to pick an outdoor use sealer.

Craft Paint Crafts Are Cool

Other ideas on the internet include painting terra cotta pots and canvas. If you’re curious, I recommend searching through Pinterest to access numerous different approaches to use up any craft paint you might have lying around.

I hope this post gave you some inspiration and if it did, I would love to hear from you, drop me a comment below and be sure to share this content on social media and pin it to Pinterest!

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Next week will be a Halloween post; specifically, I’m going to explore traditional Halloween decor that is wallet-friendly and so cool! Until then, stay crafty my friends.

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