Multi-Strand Bracelets – Everything You Need to Know to Make Them!

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Multi-strand bracelets are awesome and super easy to make, check out my tips and get crafting!

A Statement Bracelet – Multi-Strand Style

I'm going to show you how to make this pretty little double strand bracelet!

You’ve probably seen these if you are anything like me and use Pinterest to find inspiration for your next project. Multi-strand bracelets are beautiful pieces that can instantly add some oomph to your wardrobe. They also are relatively easy to make, as I’ll show you with my own project. But first, let’s look at what you will need.

Things You Absolutely Need

1. Jewelry Wire – Easiest way to create beaded strands, I’m using 0.38mm width. Be sure to choose a wire that is specifically for beading or jewelry. Anything else may be too inflexible or too weak to hold your project.

Every beading project will usually start with a good beading wire!

2. Pliers – You’ll want a cutting plier, round nose plier, and a crimping plier. You can check out my earlier post on beading tools for further information.

3. Split rings (or jump rings) & Closure– these will want to be fairly large, depending on how many strands. I’m just doing a double strand, so I’m using 7 mm size ones. The more stand you have, you may want to look at a larger ring. You will also want some sort of clasp, for my project, I chose a magentic closure.

A magnetic clasp and split rings that are also called jump rings.

4. Crimp tubes – I prefer tubes to beads, they’re just slightly bigger and don’t tend to break as easily as the beads.

Crimp tubes are generally easier to handle than crimp beads

5. Beads for your bracelet – I’m using some lovely blue metallic look ones with accented blue and white “china” pattern like ones. I got these at Michaels. Check out my earlier post on how to source your jewelry supplies (or any crafting supplies really).

These metallic style beads were found at Michaels I call these beads a "china" pattern, You can find these at Michaels.

6. An Idea – I recommend taking a few moments to map out what order you want the beads to appear on the strands. I like to spread my project out on a table or beadboard (I recommend buying a flocked or velvety-coated one). You can just go on the fly if you choose, but if you are going for something specific, your best bet is to plan out your project a bit before starting.

Things You May Wish to Consider

These are not essential to create a beautiful bracelet, but if you are going for a certain look, they may help you.

1. Multi-strand closure – These neat little pieces will separate your strands.

2. Multi-strand pendants/beads – basically these are larger beads that you can loop multiple strands through. They can make pretty accents and help keep your strands from getting twisted about. Depending on your design, you may wish to look into these.

Bracelet Tutorial

So, we’ve arrived at the project. Let’s get started, shall we? I’m super excited and I hope that you are too!

1. Start with a loop on your bead wire after measuring out a length (I usually do about 12 inches, sometimes more), crimp it with a tube (see my earlier post on how to do that). Ultimately, the crimper pliers crimp or bend the bead tube around your wire, securing it.

The second view of the crimp tube secured to your beading wire. View number one of a freshly crimped tube on your beading wire.

2. I chose to attach the split ring and magnetic closure, but you can also proceed with beading and attach those after you have your strings of beads.

You can attach your split ring and closure either before or after creating your bead string!

3. String your beads along the first string in whatever pattern or style you wish. Standard bracelets for women are about 7.5 inches, but you can eyeball it a little and make yours a bit shorter or longer as you need it.

Create your first strand and crimp it off at the end.

4. Create a loop on the other side and crimp it off with another tube. You’ve just created one strand, good work!

5. Measure out your wire for your second strand (I chose to do one about the same length, but if you’re looking to wrap the second string around the first, you’ll want to go longer). Repeat steps 1 through 4 until you have strand two made.

Repeat the steps above with your second string (and any further strands you wish).

6. Attach the two strands to your split rings on each end and the closure and you’re done! Wear it with pride!

It's time to wear your bracelet with pride!!

Conclusion – Multi-strand Bracelets Are Awesome & Easy

Multi-stand bracelets are amazingly beautiful and they are also super easy to make, aren’t they? I hope this post helped give you the confidence to get out there and make your own beautiful bracelets. If this content helped you, let me know in the comments down below (even share a picture of your project, I’d love to see that!). Also, please share this content to Pinterest or your other favorite social media platform, spread the love!

Multi-strand bracelets are awesome and super easy to make, check out my tips and get crafting!

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