How to Pick The Perfect Color For Your Crafting Projects

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When you are starting a crafting project, one of the many questions on your mind is color choice. Just like writer’s block, crafters can suffer from a similar ailment that will stop them from completing their latest project. A quick way to derail a crafting project is to get hung up on choosing your colors! There’s something disappointing in an unfinished crafting project and it’s frustrating when you cannot find that perfect shade that makes your project pop.

Color can be hard to choose when crafting a project - colored pencils in a circle

I thought I’d make this post all about ways you can find the color inspiration you need to continue working on your project. Let’s get started!

Contrasting Colors

A color wheel can help you pick some contrasting colors for your next crafting project!

If you’ve ever taken an art class, no doubt you’ve encountered the concept of contrasting colors. The best way to describe this is that all colors sit on a wheel and to pick contrasting colors, you’ll want to pick two colors that sit on opposite sides of that wheel. So blue-orange, purple-yellow and red-green.

Design Seeds

One of my favorite color-based websites is Design Seeds. When I’m picking a new color theme for this website, I go here for inspiration and their stunning color combinations are a great way to get inspired with color. You can search for palettes by dominant color shade or browse through one of their many beautiful collections. I recommend checking out their autumn collection; it is my favorite of them all!

Television & Movies

Sometimes when you’re stuck, the best thing to do is watch a favorite movie or television series. Sometimes your inspiration will strike in the oddest of ways. For example, I used Sailor Moon to pick the colors for my Scrap Necklace Tutorial!

Colour Meanings

Who knew colors could have different meanings?

I often use color symbolism when creating gifts for people. In our global world, it is important to take note different cultures will also have different conceptions of colors. For example, they consider red good luck in China, but the color of mourning in South Africa.

The study of colors can be quite extensive, but if you’re interested in learning more, I recommend checking out Color Meanings & Symbolism by Art Therapy. I love how they break down the cultural meanings of each color, which can be useful.


Pinterest is a powerful visual search engine.

I often scroll through my following tab in Pinterest to gather inspiration for my crafting projects and there are some talented people cranking out content on the platform.

Among my many favorites are:

Creative Market

Studio DIY

P.S. I Made This

Design Love Fest



Like Pinterest, Instagram is a visual platform. Of course it’s different, but following some clever crafty folks on Instagram is a perfect way to find some inspiration for your latest crafting project.

Some of my favorite accounts to follow are:






I am always looking for inspiration so if you have an Instagram account that’s amazing, drop me a comment down below!

Final Thoughts

No matter where you look for inspiration, picking a color for your next project does not have to be difficult!

When you are crafting, you get to pick your own colors for your projects. I think sometimes having that wide open choice can lead to a bit of crafter’s block, but you can figure it out. There are many ways to get inspired, but these are my top five favorite methods. Or you can just look to nature!

I hope you found this article helpful and if you did, spread the love by clicking one of those share buttons you see floating about. Also, please pin this post to Pinterest!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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