How to Make Easy & Beautiful Spiral Earrings That You Will Love to Wear

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This jewelry tutorial is all about making an absolutely gorgeous set of Mobius spiral earrings.

So what is a Mobius spiral? In jewelry-making, it is combining at least three jump (or split) rings so that they form a twist-like design. It is based on a mathematics principle by the same name (or sometimes called a Mobius band or strip) where you take a strip of paper and attach the ends together in a half twist.

Today we’re going to make a simple set of dangle spiral earrings by making a line of three Mobius spirals attached by jump rings to an earring hook. This design is loosely based on the Mobius Knot Jewelry post by Make & Fable

Ready to get started? Let’s start with what you’ll need.

What You Need:

Pliers are essential to making these spiral earrings!
  • An assortment of jump rings (I used antique silver ones).
  • Two pairs of pliers (I used my needle-nose and my bent-nose pliers).
  • 2 earring hooks.
  • Crystal beads for accents (optional).
  • Eye & head pins (optional).

If you want to dress up your earrings with beads, you will need the eye and head pins. Otherwise, you can just let the spirals take center stage!

Start With Mobius Spirals

A mobius spiral all finished!

Start by making your spirals, ‌six spirals or three for each earring.

I like to use two pairs of pliers here as it’s easier to pull the jump ring apart with pliers than by hand. Two pairs of needle-nose, two pairs of bent-nose or a mixture in between will work just fine (I used a needle-nose and a bent-nose). When opening a jump ring, all that you need to do is bend it along the seam by pushing one side away from the other. 

To close the jump ring back up, simply twist it back into place. You can sometimes hear a slight “click” when the two ends connect again. It’s okay to have a slight gap in your jump ring, so long as it’s not large enough for it to fall out of sequence.

To make a Mobius spiral, you connect two jump rings together and then place them together so they form what will look like a Venn Diagram.

Once you have two jump rings connected, you'll want to form a "venn diagram" with them. That's where the third jump ring will connect!

The third jump ring connects to both of them through the center of that Venn diagram and then you close the third jump ring as you did the others.

For these earrings, you will need 3 spirals for each earring.

Each earring will need three of these spirals!

Make Connections

Once you have three mobius spirals, connect them into a chain using more jump rings!

After you have six Mobius spirals, it’s time to connect everything. I simply attached each spiral to a jump ring to form a “chain”.

Add An Earring Hook to Your Spiral Earrings

Your spiral earrings only become earrings when you attach an earring hook to them!

Once you have your chain, then it’s time to attack an earring hook. To do this, your chain should end with a single jump ring. Then simply attach the earring hook to that final jump ring and close it.

Put it All Together

Your earrings are ready to wear once you top them off with some earring hooks!

These earrings are so customizable. There are many ways you can alter the basic design and make them uniquely yours, such as varying your jump ring sizes or even mix up the metal used. You can attach beads to the spirals as well, by connecting them with eye or head pins.

It is important to keep in mind that you’ll need a lot of jump rings. To recreate my pair of earrings, you will need about 24 jump rings. I discovered that my findings collection is looking a little sad, so I’ll have to look at buying some more jump rings over the next little while!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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