How to Make Perfect Fall Leaf Earrings for Yourself

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Dangle earrings are the best, aren’t they? This post will show you how to make the cutest and yet easiest pair of fall leaf earrings you’ll love to add to your jewelry box. 

I decided I needed a fall themed pair of earrings and I had these pretty brown leaf shaded beads I wanted to use up, so with that in mind, I got to work designing these earrings. I love asymmetrical dangling earrings, so I knew that’s what I wanted to do for these.

This craft is beginner friendly and will take you approximately thirty minutes to an hour to complete. Let’s get started, shall we?

What You Will Need:

Making fall leaf earrings is simple and you don't need a lot of things to get started, learn how to turn this into a gorgeous pair of earrings.
  • 4 leaf shaped beads;
  • 6 pearl beads;
  • Gold jewelry chain;
  • 4 head pins;
  • 2 eye pins
  • 2 earring hooks;
  • Round-nose pliers;
  • Cutting pliers; and,
  • Straight-nose or needle-nose pliers.

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Map Out Your Earrings

Before you get started, you’ll want to sit for a minute and design your earrings. I choose to just arrange the pieces in my work area in the order that I’d like to put them in.

You can also do a rough sketch. No matter how you do it, this part is crucial for keeping your earrings on track.

Start With At The Bottom

Start your fall leaf earrings by using a headpin to create a loop at the top of your leaf-like beads.

I like to start at the bottom of my earrings, mostly. Not sure why, but it makes the most sense for me for whatever reason.

So for this project, it means your leaf shaped beads. Simply slide those onto the head pins and loop them closed. 

To learn how to do loops, I recommend checking out How To Make A Simple Loop For Wirework Jewelry by the O’Niel Sisters on YouTube. I particularly love their tips for creating the same size loops every time as I often struggled with that when learning!

Connect The Chain

Once your leaf beads are ready, you can connect them to a piece of jewelry chain, one for each side.

Your next step is going to be connecting your leaf beads to the chain. I started by measuring out two lengths of chain (for each earring). As our earrings are going to be asymmetrical, you don’t need to focus on getting the length exact. Close is good enough!

Once you have your chain measured, you simply need to connect a leaf bead to each end of the chain.

Make Your Beaded Eye Pin

Once your leaves are connected to the chain, its time to add the pearl eye pin, you do not need to center this as I think it actually looks better if your leaves are asymmetrical!

It’s time to make the next feature of these earrings, the pearl beads. To do this, slide your pearl beads onto the eye pin and loop off the end when done.

I did two different colors of pearl beads and a group of three, but you can change this up with just one pearl bead or all the same colors.

Everything is now connected, except your earring hook, simply connect that to the top of your pearl eye pin!

Then you connect this eye pin to your chain. For an asymmetrical look, connect it off center.

Finish Your Earrings

Once you have attached the earring hooks, your fall leaf earrings are ready for wearing!!

The last piece of your earrings is the hook (or the clip style finding if you don’t have pierced ears). All you need to do now is connect the free loop on your beaded eye pin to the loop on the bottom of the hook.

I find it easiest to open up the loop on the eye pin rather than the one on the hook.

Final Thoughts

I love the simplicity of these fall leaf earrings and I really love how the gold combined with the brown colors I chose for my beads. The result was exactly what I needed for the season! These earrings are ready to go whenever I am now. Wear them with a casual look or dress them up with fancier clothes and I love making jewelry that can be versatile like that.

If you don’t like pearl beads, swap those out for crystal beads in fall colors or experiment with a different metal for your findings like antique silver or a rose gold.

Have questions about this project? Drop a comment down below or hit me up on social media and don’t forget to pin this post to Pinterest to refer to later!

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That’s all for now. Stay crafty, my friends!!

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