5 Beaded Earrings You Can Easily Make Yourself

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This week is all about beaded earrings. I like making earrings because while they can be tricky, they are also quick to make and make a thoughtful gift (You can check out my earlier post on the subject). Also, if you have leftover beads from a larger project (like a necklace or bracelet), you can use them up here! So this week, I decided to play around with my leftover beads and share the results!

What you will need:

  • Earring hooks (I chose French hooks, but you can use any earring hook)
  • Headpins (looks like a nail)
  • Eye pins (Looks like a head pin, but instead of a nail head, it has a hoop at one end)
  • Jewelry wire
  • Split rings
  • Beads (I used pearl and crystal)

I already had many of these in my supplies, but you can get most of these at beading stores or craft stores such as Michaels. Online options for you include Amazon and Create For Less (Affiliate Link).

If you’re just getting started with jewelry making, you will also need:

  • Round nose pliers
  • A set of wire snips
  • Another set of pliers (I find it useful to use another pair of pliers to grip your work sometimes).

Crystal Drop Earrings

Start with a crystal bead, split ring and eye pin!My crystal drop earring are simple, but pretty.

This one is a simple design. I attached the larger crystal with a split ring to an eye pin. The smaller crystal goes on the eye pin, and you look it closed and then hook it to the earring hook. Repeat once more to complete the pair.

Crystal “Tassel” Earrings

My crystal "tassel" earrings also incorporate crystal spacers for added punch!

These are so easy to make, you take your head pin (Mine are 5cm or 2 inches) run your crystal beads (I inserted crystal spacers on these). You loop off your headpin and attach to your hook.

Pearl “Tassels”

Sometimes all you need is a nice long "tassel" of pearls hanging off your ears!

I decided to try a wiring method for these, and they turned out okay; I might add a bit more wire work to “frame” the lowest bead, but not too bad for just basically playing around with some jewelry wire and pearl beads!

Pearl Drop Earrings

This is the middle bit of the dark blue beaded earringsPearl drop earrings are a little bit more complex, but not by much!

These were a bit more complex, using a head pin for the bottom pearl bead, attaching an eye pin, putting two smaller beads and looping the top, connecting another eye pin, larger bead (about the same size at the bottom) and finally looping that off and attaching it to your hook.

Pearl Clusters

Pearl clusters are a neat way to add dimension to your ear wear!

The only thing I’d change is I started these and realized I didn’t have gold toned hooks (oops!). Again, next time around, I’d probably add some more loops at the bottom. Not bad for something I just threw together.

Conclusion – You get cute little gifts and get rid of some extra beads

As I said in the beginning, earrings are great projects to rid yourself of leftover beads from larger projects, and they can make great gifts. They are also relatively quick to make and easy to put together. I spent just over an hour to make five pairs of earrings, and some of that was looking at my bead collection and pondering what the heck I’d make.

I hope you found this entertaining; I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment down below. Also, please share this post with your network and pin it to Pinterest!

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Next week will be all about the tools I use to grow my social media following and by extension, my traffic on this site. Until next time, stay crafty my friends!

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