How to Make an Amazing Charm Bracelet That Will Go With Anything

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In this post, I wanted to keep things simple with a pretty charm bracelet tutorial using memory wire, headpins, and some beads. I enjoy using memory wire because it’s super easy to use, and you can quickly throw together something stunning! Another bonus to memory wire is that your finished bracelet is easy to put on, as you won’t be fussing with bothersome clasps.

This bracelet tutorial will take you roughly 20 minutes from start to finish, and the materials should cost you approximately $15 or less. This tutorial is also beginner-friendly. You do not need any special skills, but you may wish to have a pair of round-nose pliers at the ready!

Once everything's strung and looped off, you have a brand new wearable bracelet!

Where to Shop:

I bought all the materials I used at Amazon or Create For Less (Affiliate Link) over the last year or so. As I enjoy making jewelry, you can imagine that I buy a lot that I then use up over the year rather than buying enough for a single project. Full disclosure: I have an Amazon Prime membership, so I save some costs on shipping.

If you aren’t familiar with Create for Less (Affiliate link), they are an online retailer that specializes in crafting materials. They are amazing, and I’ve used them frequently since discovering them about a year ago. For my US-based readers, they offer free shipping on orders over $50, so keep that in mind! They are an excellent option for those of us without a lot of crafting store options nearby!

Items I Used:

Note: Yes, at the time of publishing this article, the beads I selected are out of stock on Amazon, but I wanted to show you them so you might find something similar that works for you.

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Other Retailers to Consider:

Getting Started

Always start with looping off one end of your bracelet so the beads won't slide off!

To get started with this charm bracelet tutorial, you’ll first need a length of memory wire. I use my wrist to measure out a length that looks good. Just remember, the longer the wire, the more beads you will need! Also, if you’re just starting out, I recommend cutting more wire than you think you’ll need. You can always snip off any excess wire. You can’t add more on later!

I then take my round-nose pliers (for more information on pliers, please refer to my earlier post about them here) and create a loop by merely wrapping the end around over itself. The loop prevents your beads from sliding off the end of the bracelet.

You can also use jewelry-making glue (you’d glue the first bead onto the end), but if you’re like me and wind up wearing glue, the loop method works just as well and is just as permanent!

Create Your Headpin Charms

You can loop these on after stringing the main part of the bracelet as an option, but I find it’s easier to create them and string them on as you work the main beads onto the memory wire.

I went quite simple, but you can elect to use more decorate beads for this part if you wish. I used a pattern of one green–one crystal–one green on the headpin and looped it off.

Once you have your angle, snip off any excess and loop closed!

Once you have assembled your headpin “charms,” it’s time to string your memory wire!

A tip for creating easy loops is to start by pulling the excess headpin “wire” at a 90-degree angle from the work, and then snipping down to a few centimeters before using your round-nose pliers to close the loop. I recommend checking out this cool video tutorial from Making It Easy With Liz!

Once your beads are on the headpin, start by pulling your wire at a 90 degree angle from the beads

Beading The Memory Wire

I began by stringing twelve green beads onto the memory wire, then a headpin charm, and then another twelve beads. I repeated that pattern until I used all six of my charms and then finished with twelve beads.

Once everything's strung and looped off, you have a brand new wearable bracelet!

Once I had everything on the memory wire, I snipped the excess off the end, leaving a few centimeters and taking my round-nose pliers. I created another loop on the other end to create a stable and secured beaded bracelet.

Final Thoughts

I love this charm bracelet design because of its versatility. You can use chunkier beads for a unique look if you wish and even add a fun tassel or charm on the looped ends. It’s why I love charm bracelet ideas; they are very easy to make and look stunning when done. This tutorial is excellent for a beginner as well. If you need more practice making jewelry loops (I sometimes still struggle with these), it’s perfect because the bracelet design disguises the loops, mostly.

I hope you enjoyed this inspiring tutorial. Please consider sharing this on social media using one of the share buttons along the side or pin this to Pinterest!

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That’s all for now. Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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