9 Amazing DIY Coffee Gifts You Can Make For Under $30

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Do you have a coffee snob in your life? Today’s post is all about creating some amazing DIY coffee gifts that even the most discerning coffee-a-holic in your life would love to receive! I kept these ideas as items that you can easily make for under $40; some of them are quite a bit less than that as well, so you are sure to find some inspiration no matter what your budget may be.

No matter what kind of coffee your friend prefers, these gifts are sure to delight!
Coffee comes in many forms, just like these gifts can be highly customized to suit a wide variety of tastes!

It would be so easy to just head to the nearest grocery store and gather a few different blends of coffee together and toss them in a gift basket, but I like thinking outside of the obvious choice.

That is the inspiration behind this post, providing nine cleverly amazing ideas for coffee gifts that aren’t specifically coffee.

Drink Perch

If you are comfortable using a circular saw (or know someone who would be willing to do you a favor), you can make a lovely wooden coffee perch for that caffeine-loving friend of yours. This is the perfect gift for someone who likes to sit on their sofa and drink their morning coffee as they ease into the day. I normally have my coffee mug on the coffee table, but I wouldn’t even have to lean over when I wanted a sip of my drink with a perch like this!

The perch can also be painted in a variety of different styles to suit a variety of unique decor tastes.

I found this enchanting tutorial on Francois et Moi and you can head over there for more details.

Crochet Coffee Cozy

I am not a huge “hooker,” but I did share earlier on the blog about whether it was possible to make a crochet hat in about an hour. I stumbled across another cute little pattern, this time for a coffee cup cozy that includes a neat handle portion!

This pattern will make a perfect gift for that friend who enjoys their coffee on the go, particularly if they enjoy Starbucks or another particular coffee shop. Nobody enjoys trying to juggle a too-hot coffee cup in their hands as they rush off to their daily agenda. This craft will cost you well under $10 as well; you could even sweeten the gift by slipping in a coffee gift card!

Check out the full tutorial for this idea on Moogly!

Homemade Flavored Syrups

Do you have a friend who loves their coffee with a bit of flavor? Instead of them using store-bought syrups and creamers, you can make them some delicious homemade syrups that will be sure to delight them.

These recipes are simple and contain few ingredients, which makes them far healthier than the store-bought versions at times. 

You can check out the full details and recipes on the Nellie Bellie blog.

Coffee Jelly

This recipe was found on Foodie With Family, and I can’t wait to try it. This jelly gift is perfect for the coffee-obsessed in your life because they can now spread delicious coffee flavor on their morning toast!

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are not just for brewing coffee, they can make a delightful snack too!
Coffee beans can make a great snack, instead of just brewing them in your coffee!

I love chocolate covered coffee beans, but I never thought about making my own…until now. All you need are coffee beans and semi-sweet chocolate. Melt the chocolate, add the beans, coat them, scoop them out onto a parchment-lined sheet and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Nice and easy!

You can check out the full recipe on Intimate Weddings.

Coffee & Roasted Almond Bark

This recipe, details available on Love Food Eat, is perfect for that friend who loves coffee, chocolate, and nuts. This recipe is also quite customizable, as you can change out the almonds for another type of nut or combine a few types. You can also switch from dark chocolate to milk chocolate or even white chocolate (though that will make it sweeter, so keep that in mind!).

Smoky Coffee BBQ Spice Rub

I love a good barbeque, and coffee can add a really nice dimension to meat. I’ve recently encountered an espresso-based bbq sauce from Wal-mart under the Our Finest label that is perfect on steak or pork.

Coffee can be added to a spice mix like this one to make a delicious barbeque rub for meat!
Add some ground coffee to spices like these to create a delicious spice rub for your favorite barbeque meats!

So naturally, when I encountered this intriguing recipe from Balanced Bites, I knew it would be something worth putting in this post. Coffee adds a great dimension to most meats, combined with the spices, and I’ll be throwing together this rub the next time I have some steaks for the grill!

Instant Mocha Mix

Mocha is a chocolate flavored coffee and it’s seriously delicious. What coffee fiend would turn down an instant mocha mix that they can just toss into some boiling water and enjoy?

Check out all the yummy details at Something Turquoise!

Coffee Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a fun way to enjoy a relaxing bath after a tough day. Coffee can help to improve circulation on the skin which will aid in maintaining elasticity and promoting healing and it smells so good.

Bath bombs like these can be punched up with some coffee grounds!
Generally bath bombs are more fruity in smell, but some coffee grounds can be perfect for the person who loves the smell!

Bath bombs are relatively easy to throw together, and you can create a few of them for well under $10. You can find the full recipe and details at Beauty Crafter.

Final Thoughts on Coffee Gifts

So there you have nine easy to throw together ideas for coffee gifts that aren’t coffee. All of these ideas are quite affordable, as well. Due to the pandemic, this year was sure to be quite different, and I think it is the perfect year to focus more on handmade gifts. There’s nothing quite like receiving a gift that was made, not bought in a store, and it’s a great way to show people you care, even if you can’t be together for the holidays.

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Next week, join me for a quick and easy earring tutorial. Until then, stay crafty my friends!!

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