Easy Crochet Hat In One Hour? Can You Really Do It?

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Crocheting can take time, but can you really complete a project in one hour? Check out my experiment!

I have a confession to make; I have never finished a crochet project. Naturally, when I encountered an article that promised that I could create a crochet hat in about an hour, I knew I’d be trying it! Check out the 1.5 Hour Beanie Tutorial at Make and Do Crew for yourself!

The tutorial used variegated yarn, but I used Bernat alpaca yarn, as it was of a similar weight (5 or “bulky”). I wanted to try a natural yarn as I often find acrylic wool to be itchy and the natural fibers breathe better.

Things You’ll Need

  • 1 Skein of a “bulky” or “5” weight yarn
  • Size L (or 8mm) hook
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Pom Pom Maker (Or you can make your own with a fork or cardboard)
  • Stitch markers (optional)

Getting Started

I got started with my foundation chain, and while I didn’t keep stopwatch going when I was working on this project, I attempted to keep track of the time. It’s not precise, but I marked my progress at various intervals. Also, I didn’t exactly sit down and crochet for a full hour; I picked at the project over the course of about a week!

To start your crochet hat, you need your foundation chain!

About 15 minutes in, I could start the first row of double crochets – not bad for a beginner!

Once you got a foundation chain, it's all about double crochets!

Dark yarn is awesome because it is hard to see what you’re doing, but it hides your mistakes nicely. I guarantee I made mistakes on this hat, but thanks to the darker blue of the yarn, you can’t see them!

Halfway Done, or About One Hour In

Once you get into it, you can begin to see the "cable" look of your double crochets!

It took me about an hour to get halfway done; this project will take me longer than the original promise of the article. However, it won’t take THAT much longer. My rectangle of double crochets though is coming along nicely, and so far I’m pleased with my progress.

Finishing Your Crochet Hat!

You need at least 18 full rows of double crochets to finish this hat, I did 20 rows
After about 20 rows, my hat is ready for the next step!

True to my estimate, I took about two hours to finish. Once you have 18-22 rows of double crochets (I did 20), you will have a rectangle that you will then fold it in half like a book. The crochets should run vertically (so you have your “lines” running up and down). You then work the final tail of yarn along the seam so your rectangle now basically looks like a leg warmer. Once you got that down, you then work your yarn along the top to create a drawstring to pull it closed. I found it quite easy to do all this, especially if you follow along with the tutorial!

Once that’s done, you make a pom-pom (if you don’t have one, check out this video tutorial) and attach that to the top. Boom, done, may your head stay nice and toasty warm! I found the alpaca yarn less itchy, so if you’re like me, I suggest giving natural fiber wools a try.

My hat is done, it now just needs the pom pom as a topper!
Every winter hat needs a jaunty pom pom!

I hope you enjoyed this post this week, as much as I enjoyed making the hat (it was great to rediscover crochet!). If you enjoyed this, please share this content on your favorite social media platform or pin it to Pinterest!

Crocheting can take time, but can you really complete a project in one hour? Check out my experiment!

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