3 Awesome Resin Crafts You’ll Love

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Last week, I introduced two coaster crafts that use resin (check that out here). I was going to do a dessert post this week, but I am impatiently waiting on some pastry horns for one of my ideas, and I think it’ll be worthwhile for me to delay the post for a week. So I swapped this one with that one, and I hope that’s okay for you.

This week is a resin crafts post, as I recently purchased two resin mold sets through Amazon. As is usual, when you get new toys, you have to give them a try. 

Sea Glass Coaster

no resin crafts post is complete without a coaster craft! This time with seaglass!

Last week I did a hexagonal and square coaster, this week is a round mold. Instead of seashell pieces, I went with sea glass pieces. Relatively simple, you arrange the sea glass in the mold in a pattern you like (or completely random as I did). Just be sure to pick pieces that fit in the mold, or they’ll stick out of the resin after it cures!

Pour the resin mixture on and allow to cure according to the package instructions (the brand I buy through amazon cures in about 8 hours). Note, if you use the same brand, your resin will be a bit pliable still after eight hours, I find it easier to remove from the mold, and then I place on a flat surface for another few hours until completely hardened.

Assorted Shapes

A nice green cone, the splotches were simply drops of alcohol ink, dropped into the resin rather than mixed! A nice glittery purple gemstone for me! The sphere was super bubbly, but it still looks kinda cool I think! This is the one shape where I mixed the ink with the resin before pouring into the mold, the result was a fairly uniform color throughout. This triangle was predominately made with glitter and resin!

I really couldn’t decide on things that I wanted to put in my molds, so I settled for glitter and color! I had some lovely alcohol inks in metallics. Full disclosure, I spilled some resin from the shapes while moving my resin work area (I made a box) so they aren’t as tall as I’d hoped they’d be!

Glittery Pendants

The rectangle pendant isn't too bad, I love the red glitter! Teardrop pendants are my favorites! They're even better with glitter!

These are a little different from my earlier experience with resin. Instead of a bezel pendant, my silicone kit came with a rectangle and teardrop pendant form. I added a touch of glitter, and once set, you loop a split ring into the hole and string it on a chain. Simple yet elegant! 

My mind is already spinning at other ideas that I can throw in these molds for the future. I love the idea of little flowers or maybe some ink drops!

Resin Crafts Are So Much Fun!

It can be a bit daunting to get started with resin crafts, mainly because the resin is pretty permanent once it hardens! However, provided you take precautions, use a drop cloth (or I used a box), and wear gloves!

Resin doesn’t have to be scary, be prepared, and do it right. You can even plan smaller crafts to start as well.

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Next week will be a dessert-themed post. I’ve prepared some fantastic desserts that you can bring out for any occasion (or keep them all to yourself – no judgments here!). Until then, stay crafty my friends.

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