5 DIY Christmas Gifts That Are Easy to Make

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Ah, Christmas, the time for stress and gift-giving. I often struggle to find unique gifts for my list at times, so I wanted to look up some interesting ideas that you can perhaps use yourself! I’m specifically focusing on DIY Christmas Gifts for this post because Christmas is still the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year. However, many of these gifts don’t need to be limited to Christmas!

These gifts also will not break your bank account; in fact, you may even have some of these materials an ingredients sitting in your house already! If not, no worries, I’ve got your back. Before I delve into the actual gifts you can make, let’s check out where you may want to shop to get everything you need.

Where I found my stuff:

  • Grocery store (for the chai tea mix and salt mixes)
  • Hardware store (for the spray paint)
  • Walmart (for the plastic ornaments, comic book, and shell pieces)
  • Amazon (for the resin & molds)

Chai Lattes On Demand

The Kitchen Is My Playground introduced me to this mix, and it’s delicious! If you have a chai hound on your list, this is an easy mix to make, and I am keeping some of this to myself! Once the powder is all mixed up, you need to come up with a container to put it in. Some thoughts are a hollow ornament (either plastic or glass) ball or a mason jar.

It’s a delicious mixture and puts the store-bought mixes to shame. The recipe yields quite a bit, so I wouldn’t judge if you kept some for yourself!

Comic Book Lovers Will Love This

Comic book lovers will love this resin coaster idea!

I’ve begun this year to experiment with resin, and this time I wanted a coaster. I had some old comic books that were a bit worse for wear anyway, so I cut up one into the shape of my coaster molds. If you don’t have an old comic book that you don’t mind cutting up, you can get comics at Walmart or another store for this craft!

It did cure a little crooked, so I think if I did it again, I’d spend a bit more time smoothing out the comic book piece while the resin cured. Overall though, I’m happy with the result.

Quotes For the Word Lover

If you have someone who loves a pithy quote, check out this resin coaster idea!

I love a good quote. Even better? A pretty resin coaster with said quote on it! I chose one from Walt Disney and freehanded my wording with a white paint marker, but if you’d rather, you can use a stencil once your resin cures! For a twist, I added some seashell pieces in the resin. I adapted my craft from Beautiful Inspiring Creative Life.

Seasoning for the Spicy

If you have someone who likes some spice in their life, look no further than making them some gourmet salts!

If you have someone who loves to cook, they’ll likely enjoy a homemade salt set. I ran out of enough ground pepper (oops), so I did improvise with my house seasoning by adding a lemon pepper mix to make up that portion. Still delicious! You can find these recipes at Delicious Table or experiment with your own! I used plastic star ornaments for my containers, but you can use mason jars or anything else.

Frosty Glasses

The best DIY Christmas Gift for a wine drinker? A frosted glass wine glass of course!

Among the easiest gift you can make, all you need are some glass wine glasses, frosted spray paint, and painter’s tape. I saw storebought versions of this and remembered that I had a little frosted glass spray paint and painter’s tape leftover from my Mason Jar post earlier this year. An idea was formed! You can experiment with different designs on your wine glass too.

DIY Christmas Gifts Are a Great Way to Spread Holiday Cheer

I like making my gifts; it allows me to be creative and gift people on my list something unique. These ideas have only really scratched the surface of what you can do. If none of these suggestions work for you, I recommend checking out Pinterest for more ideas; you’ll find tons of inspiration there! Start simply by searching “DIY Christmas Gifts” and go from there.

However, I do hope these five ideas have given you the inspiration to forge ahead and make gifts for the people on your shopping list this year instead of buying them. I would love it if you’d give this article a share on your favorite social media platform using one of the buttons on the side, or you can pin it to Pinterest and spread the love!

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That’s all for this week, next week I will be doing some more resin crafting (originally I’d planned to foray back into desserts, but I’m waiting on some pastry horns for one part of it, so it’ll be delayed a week as a result – I think it’ll be worth the wait!). Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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