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Last week, I gave you a few tips for decorating your house for the holidays, this week is all about the food! I love baking for Christmas (okay, fair point, it’s because I LOVE cookies), and this week I have seven simple recipes you may want to try making for you and your loved ones this year. These are delicious, so fair warning, you may want to keep these to yourself and not share! I wouldn’t judge you if you did because these dishes are yummy!

Christmas Sangria

For those who like a holiday drink, look no further than this sangria recipe!

I stumbled across this recipe from The Sassy Southern, and I knew I just had to try it! If you are a fan of sangria, this is a beautiful holiday spin on the classic recipe.

The apple adds a lovely seasonal twist to what you might typically consider sangria. I’m not a huge rosemary fan, so I’d probably omit them the next time I’m drinking this, but I can see why the recipe included them as they look a bit “evergreen.”

Christmas Punch

If you'd rather not drink or have some underage folks at a party, this punch is perfect for them!

For the non-alcoholics or under-age of your group, this is a nice punch that is just fancy enough to feel like a Christmas drink. You can find the original recipe on Nest of Posies.

It’s a fairly basic punch recipe, but I love the addition of the cranberries. There’s a subtle tartness to the punch as a result. I used unconcentrated juices for mine as well (I looked high and low for frozen cranberry concentrate juice and came up empty!), so you can go that route if you like. You can also experiment with different flavors, as well. 

Cherry Dip

The cherries give this cream cheese dip a holiday color!

This recipe could be used year-round, but I’ve included it here because, with the cherries, this dip LOOKS like a Christmas appetizer! I found the original recipe from I Heart Eating. I wasn’t able to find cream cheese made with Greek yogurt, but you can use cream cheese. There will be more calories involved, but not as bad as some things you can have over the holidays!

Overall it’s a sweet flavor, and the cherries balance out all the creamy cheese nicely. I think if I were to do it again, I’d try and find some ginger crackers or something similar for an extra holiday twist.

Christmas Crack

I love toffee and this recipe has loads of it!

Warning, this recipe is ridiculously addictive, thanks to Crafty Morning

I love the simplicity of this recipe. The toffee flavor is a great addition, and I know I didn’t want to share my dish after I made it. The original recipe calls for mini marshmallows, I’m not a fan, so I omitted them. If you do like them, however, I think they’d make a delicious addition to your crack.

Grinch Sugar Cookies

These cookies are so delightfully "grinchy"!

One of my favorite Christmas movies was The Grinch (both the traditional cartoon and the Jim Carrey version), so when I found this recipe on Tasty Ever After, I was making sugar cookies. You make your favorite sugar cookie recipe, use a circle (or crinkle circle) cookie cutter, and a smaller heart cutter and raspberry jam.

If I were to do this recipe again, I’d double it. My circle cookie cutter is quite big, so the dough doesn’t make as many cookies as the recipe says it should (not a complaint at all, I love big cookies!). Overall, this is a unique and grinchy twist on your traditional sugar cookie recipe!

White Chocolate Dipped Ginger Cookies

The white chocolate adds a lovely sweet twist to your traditional ginger cookie!

Cooking Classy is where I found this recipe. If you love ginger cookies and white chocolate, you’ll love the combination. I did cheat, and instead of making icing holly decorations on each, I just used premade icing decorations. Still a delicious combination!

I found the white chocolate added just a nice sweet touch to the ginger in the cookies.

Cinnamon Rock Candy

I love these candies!

This recipe was found on Mom Dot. I’ve made rock candy before, and it’s delicious, but I love the cinnamon flavor with the green, and red colors are just what you need to get into the holiday spirit! If you can’t find cinnamon, you can substitute your next favorite flavor, like peppermint! I ran out of green food coloring, making the grinch cookies, so mine are just red, though!

A word of caution, this recipe is easy to make, but you need to babysit it. At least until you’ve gotten to the part where you’re waiting for it to harden. I love the results, though, and the icing sugar coating adds a nice balance to the cinnamon flavoring.

Final Thoughts

The bulk of these recipes were straightforward to make and didn’t have me spending hours in front of the stove (which was great because my other job had me working nights, and I still don’t think my system has quite recovered yet). 

However, these dishes should add a lovely holiday twist to any entertaining you plan on doing this holiday season. I hope you are suitably inspired, even if you plan on hoarding all these yummy dishes to yourself!

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