Last Minute Christmas Decorations

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Last Minute Christmas Decorations need not be complex, check out my quick and easy tips!

Left Things to the Last Minute?

Christmas can still sneak up on you, but just because it's down to the wire doesn't mean decorating is a lost cause!

It is never too late to decorate for Christmas. Today is the 23rd and I’m going to give you some super last minute ideas to make your home all festive and ready. No judgments, we all get busy. So if you’re rushing around, take a seat and read on, this post will show you seven interesting ideas for Christmas Decorations!

If you’re reading this next year with plenty of time, check out my earlier post on Christmas Decorations!

Window Clings

All you need is some print out designs, wax paper, and some puff paint. You simply paint out your stencils with the paint and use the heat of your hand to adhere to your window! Check out the full scoop at Chica Circle.

Lighted Presents

You’ve perhaps seen the store bought version at places like Michaels for a pretty penny. Save yourself some money and build your own. Crafty Morning has the full tutorial, but essentially you build the boxes out of a wood frame, wrap some window screens around and spray paint white (or whatever festive color you’d like!), throw some lights inside and finish with a bow of Christmas ribbon. They look better than the “professionally” done job that you’ll pay for if you buy it pre-made in store, in my opinion.

Yule-tide Appliances

Thanks to Sparkling Yogini, this idea is super easy. Grab some Christmas ornament balls in the colors you’d like, simply use hot glue to attach magnets to the sides and stick ‘em on your fridge! She also has some other ideas for you, so be sure to check out her article.

Deck the Halls

Simply add Christmas ornament balls to various places around your house. My favorite thus far is adding a splash of them to your potted houseplants!

“Characterize” Your Doors

The Creative Stamper Spot is where I found this idea, turning your door into a giant snowman (works if your door is white of course). If your door is a different color, perhaps you can come up with a different Christmas character that shares a similar base color to your door though (Brown door, make a reindeer, etc.).

Snowy Mason Jars

I found this little gem of a craft at A Pumpkin and a Princess, using glue, Epsom salts and glitter to create a beautiful snowy mason jar luminary. You top it off with a flameless tea light and some nice sprigs of evergreen (you can use real or fake here).

Decor Using Old CDs

Architecture Art Designs has a wonderfully festive post about making Christmas decorations out of your old compact discs, it’s a great way to upcycle old items that you may no longer be using! My favorite is the CD tree, which makes for a great wall or door decoration.

Don’t Feel Bad About Being Last-Minute…

Christmas decorations can be easy to make and easy to put up, if you have proper inspiration!

I’ve shown you seven interesting ways to festively decorate, no matter how late in the game you are! I hope you found this article helpful, if you did, please share it.
Last Minute Christmas Decorations need not be complex, check out my quick and easy tips!

Do you have a favorite decor tip from above or even one not listed here? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear from you!

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Next week will be all about some helpful tips to make the most out of a fresh new year so that 2019 can be your happiest year yet, so stay tuned. Until next time, happy crafting!

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