Thoughtful Christmas Gifts To Craft

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Have you ever thought of crafting your own gifts? It need not be complex, check out my ideas for inspiration here!

Handmade Christmas Gifts

It's gift giving season again, did you know you can make your own gifts?

Making your own Christmas gifts can be extremely satisfying. I like doing it for people in my life who are notoriously hard to shop for. You know the types of people I’m speaking of no doubt. I know I few, either they’ll offer up vague ideas or just out and buy what they want after telling you about it. Even worse, I know of a chronic returner, who returns everything. Sometimes making their gift seems like the least stressful of your options, so if you want to go this route, I’m hoping you find this post super helpful (if you do, comment and share!). As the holiday season can be super expensive and busy, these projects are cost and time friendly.

Foodie Gifts

Sometimes the best Christmas Gift is one you can eat or drink!

Yes, you can gift food, depending on the situation you’re in (I don’t recommend mailing anything food related – unless it’s non-perishable and you aren’t going through international customs). These gifts can make for a lovely hostess gift too if you suddenly find yourself invited to a party and want to be a good guest.

Dipping Sauce Kits

Sprinkle Some Fun came up with this one, you just need to find some clear ornaments to fill and put together some spices from your favorite dip recipes or use the recipes included in the tutorial. You can get your ornaments from Amazon or at stores like Walmart. If you can’t find the sealable kinds (like the ones from Amazon) you can seal the tops of regular ones with plastic wrap or foil.

Sangria In a Jar

This one is from Fantabulosity and it’s adorable! If the person you’re gifting is a fan of sangria, this is perfect. Or you could always change it up for the ingredients to their favorite punch recipe or anything like that. You just need a drink dispenser jar (I like this one, available through Amazon) and then gather up the ingredients for the beverage kit you want to create (such as a bottle of wine and various varieties of fruit for sangria). Be sure to include a recipe, you can print that out on some nice cardstock paper, even use Canva to create a beautifully designed recipe page.

Cookies In a Jar

Or your other favorite dessert recipe in a jar actually. These are quite common and if you’re stuck for ideas, you can find a myriad of recipes floating online. You simply throw the dry ingredients for your recipe into a mason jar. Wrap the lid with a festive bow and be sure to include a recipe card so the receiver of this gift doesn’t have to figure out how to make their dessert!

Health & Beauty Gifts

If you have someone who loves to be pampered, why not make them a spa gift?

Some of the best gifts I get are ones where I get to pamper myself a little bit. A word of caution though, be sure the person receiving your gift isn’t allergic or has a condition that might be aggravated by what you include. For example, my mother has asthma, so when choosing health and beauty type gifts for her, I have to aim to select things without a heavy scent.

Lip Balm

You can make your own lip balm with just three ingredients, check it out at the Seasoned Mom. This gift is excellent because almost everyone experiences chapped or dry lips in the winter months (I go through so much lip balm between November and February!).

Body Soak

Simple Pure Beauty has the full details and recipe for a lovely bath soak. This gift would be perfect for someone you know who loves nothing better than a nice soak in the bathtub!

Body Scrub

I love peppermint, it’s a refreshing scent and White Cottage has a lovely body scrub made with that uplifting scent.

Home Decor Gifts

Some of the best gifts are home decor gifts!

Sometimes the best gift to give is one that is one for the house.

Nail Varnish Marbled Coasters

I love these. I’ve seen images of them floating around Pinterest for a few months now, you can check out The Mad House for their fantastic tutorial. Coasters are a relatively rarer gift, so if you want to get someone something that stands out, I think these sweet coasters are a great way to go.


Get yourself a selection of fillable Christmas ornaments (see the above link under the Dipping Sauce kits, or you can snag some at Walmart, the dollar store or even Michaels). Check out Pinterest for a whole host of ideas on what to fill them with. My favorite is some fake snow and a few sprigs of evergreen (fake will last longer).


Garden Therapy came up with this one and it’s seriously a cute idea. You can make your own snow globe with a mason jar and a few other little items to pick up.

Gifting Uniquely

So I hope the above tips have given you loads of inspiration on making unique and thoughtful gifts for this holiday season. If you liked this content, please share it on Pinterest or any other social media platform. Also, don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you in the comments, tell me your favorite tip or even suggest one that I haven’t thought of!
Have you ever thought of crafting your own gifts? It need not be complex, check out my ideas for inspiration here!

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Next week will be all about Last-Minute Christmas Decor, so be sure to stay tuned and until then, happy crafting!

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