How to Make an Easy Spring Wreath That You’ll Love For Your Front Door

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A wreath can add a personal touch to your front door. To keep things fun and interesting, you can create a series of wreaths to usher in all the holidays and the seasons and in this post I’m going to show you how to create a beautiful and rustic spring wreath that will be perfect for your front door.

A simple ribbon bow will add the finishing touch to your spring wreath!

I love how simple jute rope comes together to create an interesting braided feature which differs from buying a preformed willow or other type of wreath. We’ll actually be forming our wreath shape to some extent instead of just adding flowers onto an existing wreath, which is totally cool.

You don’t need to be a floral designer to create a beautiful wreath with seasonal flowers, either. You can make this wreath in a single afternoon and spend around $20 or less.

Ready to get started? Let’s start with everything you will need to get started with your spring wreath! 

What You Will Need:

To get started with this spring wreath, you won't need a lot to get started, just some flowers, jute rope and a few other things.
  • Rope.
  • Tape (Masking Tape works fine).
  • Wreath Form (Either store-bought or you can trace your own out of cardboard).
  • Hot glue gun and glue.
  • Spring flowers.
  • Spring ribbon (wired).
  • Other spring decor pieces like:
    • Words.
    • Signs.
    • Animals like birds or rabbits.

You can make this wreath to suit a variety of tastes, keeping things simple or adding more complex pieces to the wreath.

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Start With Some Rope

Each braid will be formed by a "strand" of six equal lengths of rope.

The main part of this spring wreath is a beautiful rustic braided rope design. I started by making three different braid strands.

Start by cutting out your length of rope. Easiest way is to measure it against your wreath form and give yourself a little more length, just in case.

Each braid will comprise three bundles of rope made of six pieces of rope. These are the “strands” for your braids.

Simply weave your strands into a braid!

You can secure each strand with a length of masking tape (otherwise you’ll have rope everywhere!) and then use a length of tape to secure the three blocks of rope strands to a table and then you simply pull the three strands together in a braid and secure the end with another length of tape or rope.

Once you have three braids, you're ready to start tying or gluing your braids onto your wreath form.

Never braided before? I recommend checking out the YouTube video How to Braid Hair – Basic 3 Strand Braid For Beginners by EverydayHairInspiration. You’re just going to repeat that process until you have three different braids!

Setting Up Your Wreath

You can use extra rope to tie your braid onto the metal wreath form, along where the metal runs across the circular pieces.

I went with a metal cage style wreath form because I’m planning on putting this wreath on my front door (which is sheltered, but still outside) and I think that should give me a bit of stability for winds and whatever else mother nature might toss at it.

To secure your braids to the metal frame, I recommend using either a spare rope or fishing line and simply tie the braids directly onto the metal frame. Most metal wreath frames have metal “ribs” or pieces that secure the circular frame pieces together. This is the perfect spot to tie your braid on, as it will prevent your braids from sliding around.

Before long, you will have a lovely braided wreath that needs some colorful flowers!

If you don’t want to do a metal frame, you can either buy a wooden form or create a form from cardboard easily enough. With these types of wreath forms, it’ll be best to use hot glue to secure your rope braids into a wreath form.

Time To Add Flowers

Glue your flowers onto your wreath around the ends to disguise the ends of your braids!

You’ll probably find after securing your braids that you have some tape ends still visible. No problem, we’re going to hide those unsightly tape pieces with flowers! 

Hot glue works very well to secure flowers onto your wreath. Coat the floral stem with your glue and stick it into the braids. If your flower still feels floppy, you can add a few small drops of glue onto the back of the flower and stick it onto the wreath. 

Continue adding more flowers until you have the look that you want.

Finish With A Ribbon

A simple bow can add a finishing flourish on your spring wreath!

A ribbon adds a beautiful finishing touch to wreaths and serves to tie everything together perfectly. If you aren’t a fan of ribbon, you can totally add in a spring-like plaque or some pretty birds instead. Use a string to attach the bow and, if needed, use some hot glue in places to secure the bow onto your wreath. You won’t need a lot of hot glue either, just the barest amount will do!

You will need wired ribbon, ‌as that will allow you to fluff it out and have it hold its shape.

For more help to make bows, check out The Shabby Creek Cottage’s YouTube video How to Make a Bow with Wired Ribbon – 5 EASY ways!

Final Thoughts

Once the glue is cool and your ribbon is tied on your spring wreath is ready to hang up on your front door!

Once the glue has cooled off, your wreath is ready to hang on your front door. You can find a variety of over the door wreath hangers at various big-box retailers or at your favorite online retailer. I like using an over-the-door hanger because it won’t damage your door at all and it’s super easy to install.

This wreath was so easy to make and the total cost of everything was around $20. It is also so much fun to customize and make it yours. Use thicker rope and only one braid around or thinner and more braids. Change out the flowers for lilacs or tiger lilies, add in fake birds or insects… the possibilities are limitless.

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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