5 Easy Fall Decor Ideas

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Why Fall Decor?

Ah Fall, it is hands down my favorite season. I love the colors and slightly cooler weather.

This post is about decorating your house for fall. These projects are easy to make and generally low cost. So if you’re like me and love the colors, keep reading for my tips on how to quickly bring those colors into your house! You can go as simple as just adding one or two pieces or create a whole smattering of fall-inspired decor. Pinterest is a wealth of inspiration for these projects.

Most of these supplies you can find at your local dollar store. However, if you’re looking for something specific, you may have to spend a little bit more at a craft store though. If you’re stuck, check out my earlier post on sourcing craft supplies here.

Indoor Decor

For indoor decor, you want to think glass votives, pumpkins. If you have some glass votives, you aren’t currently using, toss in some leaves, pinecones and the like and top with a nice battery operated tea light. One neat little craft I’ve seen is making a pumpkin out of mason jar lids, check out the idea at The Country Cook.


Okay, fair point, these technically fall under Indoor Decor. However, given the amount of inspiration on Pinterest, they get their own category in this post. I particularly like using mason jars, either clear or painted, put together with some lovely fall foliage. Another idea is to snag a craft pumpkin (I like the white variety), cut off the top, insert some beautiful fall flowers in, maybe add some glitter for some extra sparkle as well.

Outdoor Decor

Outdoor decor is fun to make and admire!

Outdoor decor is fun to make, and I love the fact that it allows you to showcase your talents to anyone who happens to be walking by your house!

I love decorating the entrances (think door and garage door) with some key pieces. If you have some old urns, think of re-purposing them with some fall flowers, twigs, pinecones and the like. Pumpkins also make a beautiful accent for fall, and you can reuse them a bit later for Halloween.

I’ve also seen people use old tree stumps and dress them up with some fall leaves, pinecones and maybe a pumpkin or candle votive. You can even use an old clay pot, painting it to a color you like and adding in some lovely flowers or other foliage you want. For an added flourish, add some clear lights.

Rustic Fall Signs

Many shops and fairs have these cool little signs for sale, but they are super easy to make!

I love doing these, they’re so simple, and it’s a great way to show off your inner writer.

To make these, you need a slab of rustic wood. If you can find a blank one pre-made great, if not, you can stain or paint a block of wood to the look you need (Check out Ribbons & Glue’s tutorial post here).

To create the saying, I would create a template on your computer (think big and bold) and print it out on some cardstock. Cut out the words using an Exacto knife or similar tool to create a stencil. Paint your saying on the dried, stained wood using your stencil. Once it’s all dry, seal it and then it’s good to go!


Wreaths are super easy to make and instantly dress up a door!

Fall wreaths are a simple way to dress up your front door (or heck, hang it in the house!).

The simplest of wreaths is taking a willow wreath and a collection of fall foliage (such as flowers, leaves or even pinecones). Take a hot glue gun and begin gluing your foliage onto the wreath in the pattern you desire. You can also add a ribbon or anything else you like (crafter’s choice!). I love using these wreaths because you don’t have to cover up the whole wreath, you can leave some or even most of it showing.

If you wish, you can purchase a styrofoam wreath and use a hot glue gun to attach a variety of fall flowers, pinecones or the like. This method will take a bit longer as you’ll want to cover up the styrofoam wreath completely.


So that about sums up my favorite fall crafts, I hope you like them, and I hope you’re inspired.

If you are, I’d love to hear from you in the comments down below or share this post on social media using any one of the share buttons on this page! Also, please pin this content to Pinterest!

Fall is a wonderful season to decorate in, but it can get pricey. Check out my favorite ideas to easily spruce up your home for the fall season!

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