7 Genius & Affordable Kitchen Hacks That You Will Love

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Kitchen Hacks are genius little ideas that you can implement so that the busiest room in your house is also the most efficient one. Even if you aren’t a professional chef or food blogger, you can still benefit from a few clever tricks that enable you to quickly find that perfect ingredient or kitchen tool.

I used to waste so much time tracking down everything I needed to create that perfect recipe and I still kick myself sometimes when I think about how many minutes or hours I spent looking for something when I could’ve been showing off my latest masterpiece. If this sounds like your life at the moment, read on, I have some straightforward ideas to implement in your kitchen today for incredible results. The best part about these kitchen hacks, though is that they aren’t super pricey to apply. Some of them you can even do yourself with a little bit of knowledge and some tools!

Ready for some kitchen efficiency? Let’s dive right in!

Pull Out Drawers

I adore pull out drawers and if you are not blessed with them already in your kitchen they are easy to install. You can also find a wide variety of styles, from wire mesh to wooden ones. It’s so much easier to find that pot you need for your dinner when you can pull out that drawer and pick the item you want. 

These drawers are super useful for pots and pans because you can keep your sizes all organized in the tray and just pull out the ones you need when you need them!

I use my pull out drawers for pots, but you can also try small appliances or plates in them!
I like using drawer pull outs for pots and pans, but you can probably use them for just about anything!

The main trick with pre-packaged drawers is to measure your cabinet space. Check out this helpful post about measuring your cabinets for pull-outs. A lot of big-box hardware stores like Lowes and Home Depot will have kits for cabinet pull-outs.

If you are an eager DIYer, you can check Ana White’s simple video tutorial to create your own with a little bit of wood and other materials.

Lazy Susans

I dislike the term for this particular kitchen hack, but if you have corner cabinets in your kitchen, a lazy susan can help you utilize a ton of space in your kitchen. You can buy the inserts from most hardware stores, and they can run anywhere from $50 and up. A simple model is best though, remember, nobody is going to see it unless they open up cabinet doors!

You can store pretty much anything in a lazy susan, and yes, I'm using one of mine for alcohol and some small appliances!
You can store just about anything in a lazy susan, I like using it for bottles of alcohol and some small appliances!

Another option is to buy a tabletop version, which you can use to store an assortment of everyday items. I use mine to store my salt and pepper, honey, and peanut butter, for example.

Hanging Your Cleaners

If you have a lot of those trigger bottle cleaners (like Windex or Mr. Clean), you can hang a tension rod under your sink and hang them up by their nozzles, instant organization!

You can find a tension rod at most housewares stores, such as Walmart for under $10.

DIY Food Storage Area

If you have some unused space between your cabinets and fridge, or another area where you can make a pull out drawer for your canned foods. Find out all the details at Classy Clutter, just remember that this can’t be a free-standing cabinet!

I love this idea because it can help you organize all those canned goods so they are at your fingertips!

Hooks On Cabinet Doors

You can also use the negative space in your cabinets to store items that can be hung. 3M has a wide range of hook options that are incredibly easy to install and they can hold some weight to them. You can hang tools, even small baskets if they’ll fit and clear off some space from your counters.

For a cool idea, check out this inspiring pin Skinny Ms. on Pinterest and create your own measuring station! I often find that I am halving or quartering recipes – I love kitchen hacks that help me with math!

Spicey Drawer Insert

I found this idea on this Addicted to Decorating blog and I am tempted to make this my next DIY project in the kitchen because it’s terrific! I love how organized your spices look after creating a tiered look inside a drawer. No more fumbling for that oregano when you need it, slide open that drawer, and spice it up!

Tool Caddy

I’ve seen numerous ways to create one of these puppies on Pinterest, and it will really depend on your tastes. I’ve seen mason jars, old decorative plant pots, and everything in between. Rather than hide your most-used kitchen utensils away in a drawer somewhere, you can put those into a caddy that just sits on your countertop.

You can even find a retro one that spins like the one I’ve got!

You can use a retro style tool caddy like this one if you've got loads of tools and gadgets in your kitchen!
This is a retro style tool cady, it even spins!

These are useful when you have tools that you use every day, like a stirring spoon or whisk. Keep those tools at your fingertips, but yet contained.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen Hacks can turn your busiest room in the house into an oasis of efficiency. A well-organized kitchen will make it easier for you to focus on preparing your next great culinary masterpiece rather than wasting time hunting for that spatula that you swore you just had in your hand. 

There are thousands of other ideas out there, but I’d start with these seven as they make a world of difference. An efficient kitchen is within your reach, and you’ll thank yourself for doing this. Don’t waste any more time hunting for things when you could be cooking or baking! For more clever storage ideas, check out my Simple Storage Ideas post.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post. If you did, let me know in the comments below or feel free to share a kitchen hack that I didn’t cover. Also, I would greatly appreciate it if you could share this post on your favorite social media platform using one of the share buttons above or below or on the sidebar, and please pin this to Pinterest!

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Next week, I’m going to share a bracelet tutorial with you, specifically one that features a neat toggle closure, so be sure to check that out. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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