How to make a Wonderful String Bracelet

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It is easy to create your own DIY Bracelet. I love bracelets because they are easy to make and more straightforward than earrings (which can be tricky due to their smaller size). This week on the blog, I’m going to show you how to make a single-strand beaded bracelet. It was the very first jewelry making project I ever learned to make, so if you’re just getting into it, this is a perfect design for you to try out.

You should be able to find the products you need for under $40 (if Michaels is too expensive, try the dollar store for some great finds!). Set aside about 30 minutes to complete your bracelet.

All ready? Let’s get started!

What You Will Need:

Just a few of the things you will need for this DIY Bracelet tutorial
Just a few things needed for this craft!
  • Jewelry string (you can buy stretch bands or metal)
  • Crimp tubes
  • Split rings (optional)
  • Beads
  • A closure
  • Pliers (I find even just some needle-nose can help you grip your work)
  • Crimper tool (such as this one from Amazon)

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Step One: Sketch It Out (Optional)

I find it’s easier to work with your beads when you figure out what order you’d like to put them onto the wire with. You can do this a few ways, my two favorite ways for a DIY bracelet is to roughly sketch out the finished bracelet.

The second way is to lay out your beads in the order you want on a beadboard. I really need to dig mine out of storage. It’s got a nice velvety flocking on it, so your beads don’t roll around, and it’s great for project planning.

If you aren’t one for planning, you can skip this step, I’ve planned a few pieces of jewelry without really sketching them out, and they turned out great. For example, check out my scrap necklace tutorial that I did earlier this year!

Step Two: Measure & Crimp

Crimp tubes will secure the wire or string you are using to bead with.

Once you’ve mapped out your bracelet, you will want to measure your jewelry wire. You can eyeball it, but a standard bracelet size for women is between 6.5 and 7.5 inches. Give yourself another two to four inches just in case. A big rule of thumb with any jewelry is that you can always cut off any excess wires, but you cannot add more.

The next mini-step here is to crimp one side of your wire. Start by stringing your crimp tube onto your wire and then loop the end back through the tube. Leave about an inch or so of a “tail” and then use your crimping tool to close the tube around your wire. If you want something more visual, I recommend checking out this video from Beadaholique on Youtube.

If you are not using split rings, you will want to include one side of your closure in the loop!

Step Three: String Your Beads

Once you have one side of your wire crimped, you can start stringing your beads!
Once you’ve crimped one side, you are ready to start stringing your beads along.

With a single strand, all you need to do now is slide your beads on in the order you would like them. I started with about half white beads, and then I started with some purple crystal beads that I had leftover from a previous project. Then these cute triangular pink beads that I got in a bead kit from Potomac Beads (If your craft budget can afford it, they have a fantastic selection!) and then some more crystal beads.

I created an asymmetrical look by just reversing the order to finish up with the white beads at the end.

Step Four: Closure Time

I chose a nice bar and circle closure, this is one side of it!
I chose a nice bar and circle closure, this is one side of it!

Once your beads are on, simply repeat the process in Step Two to crimp your wire closed on the other side. Again, if you aren’t using split rings, you’ll include the other side of your closure on that loop.

This is the circle side of my closure!

If you are using split rings, once you have your bracelet crimped, you’ll attach them to each loop and attach a side of the closure to each split ring.

And now you’ve just made yourself a bracelet, time to celebrate and wear it!

Final Thoughts

Once you have a closure, you can wear your lovely new bracelet!
Now your bracelet is ready to wear!

I love single-stranded bracelets because they can be stacked together with other bracelets or worn gorgeously on their own. In an afternoon, you can create several of these cute beaded DIY bracelets! They can also make charming gifts for people in your life.

Now that you know all about making a single-stranded bracelet, be sure to share this post on your favorite social media platform and save it to Pinterest! Also, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below, let me know how your jewelry-making projects are coming along!

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