Amazingly Simple Storage Ideas That You’ll Love For Your Home

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January is about renewal, and while I might be a bit late on this post, seeing as it’s February now, I did still want to share some of my favorite storage ideas. As I make a portion of my income from home, it’s very important for me to be organized. I am a very creative person, but if I spend a little time organizing tasks and my workspace, it allows for more creativity because I’m not focused on cleaning stuff up. After all, it’s ready to go!

The tips that I’m about to share are not exhaustive, but they are simple things that you can do to increase the organization of different rooms in your house without dropping a large amount of money or spending days setting it up. You can complete most of these ideas in a few hours or less, and you can probably find the materials at the dollar store or a thrift store to save some money.

De-Clutter That Closet

Some of the best storage ideas are perfect for your closet!

If your closet is anything like mine, it’s probably severely neglected! Not to worry, I have a few ideas that worked for me I’m going to share with you.

Identify What You Don’t Wear Anymore

Since I work from home (I have a part-time retail job right now to help supplement things), I don’t wear a lot of professional “office” attire. I used to, but I have no desire to go back to an office setting as it wasn’t for me. So I donated much of it.

One tip if you aren’t sure what you want to get rid of and keep is to arrange your hangers all in the same direction, and when you take something out to wear, turn that hanger the other way. The hangers still in the same direction in about a year are ones you may wish to donate!

Shower Ring Hooks Can Revamp Your Space

I saw this hack on the Budget Makeover blog and I love it. You take shower ring hooks and attach them to a hanger and then use it to store your scarves or you can unclip them and attach tank tops to them! Genius!

Wine Divider Shoe Rack

I live in a predominant wine country in Canada (Okanagan Valley), so I indulge in the occasional case of wine and have these boxes leftover with the dividers. Now all I need is a cute little basket to throw these into and put my shoes away! For more shoe tips, check out this post from Heart Work Organizing!

Kitchen Storage Ideas

An organized kitchen is a happy kitchen, get that happy feeling with these storage ideas!

Your kitchen is a busy room in your house, and keeping it organized is probably one of the more significant storage challenges you’ll ever face in your adult life! I know it is in mine!

Magnetize Your Spices

I love creating magnetized jars for my spices. All you need to do is find some jars that you like (or tins) and glue on a decently sized magnet to the bottom, and then it’s ready to stick where you need it. I like to stick these on the range hood!

Use Drawer Dividers

I love drawer dividers, you can use them for your silverware or other utensils that you want to keep in a drawer. Another option is a utensil caddy.

Use Cabinet Doors for Storage

I’ve seen a few hacks around the internet where you have hooks in your cabinet doors (or even corkboard), and you hang small things like measuring cups and spoons on the doors. I have never been in a kitchen (including my own) where I didn’t have to hunt for the right measuring cup or spoon. No more, I’m doing this when I get spare moment!!

Bathroom Clutter

A decluttered bathroom is a relaxing retreat. Get organized today to enjoy later!

Another challenging room is the bathroom, usually because it’s a smaller room in your house. Small rooms don’t have to be a challenge, as I explored last year with my post Small Room Decor Ideas – 6 Simple Hacks You’ll Love For Your Home. Planning storage for a smaller space means that you need to be prepared to get a little creative.

Spice Racks Aren’t Just For Spices

You can use these for your hair products if your bottles aren’t super wide. Even some of your makeup. Hang these shelves on the wall to save your counter space!

Grab an Extra Shower Rod

You can use this rod to store extra things, like caddies full of your shower supplies!

Use Hooks On Cabinet Doors

Similar to the idea of hanging your measuring cups on cabinet doors in the kitchen, you can use command hooks in the bathroom to hang things like your curling iron or straightener underneath the sink.

Wicker Baskets Can Be Shelves

I saw this on a Diply Roundup post, and I like this idea. Take some wicker baskets you want and hang them on the wall so they can function as a fresh looking set of towel shelves!

Living Room/Family Room/Den Ideas

A well organized living room/family room makes for a relaxing retreat after a busy day.

Storage in other areas of your home can also make a world of difference. 

Wood Crates Can Help!

I love wood crates; you can customize them and paint them as you like, so they suit a wide variety of decor styles. They stack nicely, and you can customize them to suit your storage needs as they change. For an added bit of style, they can also be hung from the wall to form shelves.

Two Words: Storage Ottoman

You can find various styles of these online and in stores and they are usually quite economical. Also, these can function as an extra seat or coffee table in a pinch! Love multi-purpose pieces!

Behind The Couch

If you can’t have your couch flush with the wall due to outlets or things like radiators, add a thin table behind there. You can then place photos or other items back there and create more space this way!

Bedroom Organization Ideas

Check out simple storage ideas for your bedroom and make it into a fantastic and relaxing space without clutter!

Your bedroom should be the ultimate place of relaxation, that’s why it’s essential to organize it. Instead of stressing about your bedroom clutter, you’ll drift off to sleep without a care in the world with some simple storage tips!

Perimeter Shelving

I saw this idea on a roundup post on Make Space, and I love it! You take some shelving and arrange it along the top of your room, all the way around. It will create a nice bit of space available to store things on!

Shower Caddy On the Back of Your Door

They aren’t just for the shower; you can use one of these in your bedroom, hang it on the back of your door and use it to store odds and ends that will be readily available for you to reach and grab when you need them!

Organize That Underwear

You can DIY your own underwear organizer with a hot glue gun and some felt! Check out the full scoop and some other organization hacks in this article from Buzz Feed! You can also try PVC pipes as well.

Home Office

Your home office should be a place of productivity, using some simple storage ideas to organize all your office supplies will help with that!

I work from home (I intend to leave behind my one commuter job eventually), so I can’t finish a post like this without talking about a home office.

If you work from home, an organized office is your key to productivity. I spoke about this earlier last year, but I’m repeating it – If you work from home, don’t skimp on the home office!

Binder Clips For Your Cords

You can use binder clips to keep track of the many cords you have for your electronic devices. Instead of hunting for that elusive tablet cord, with a binder clip attached to the edge of your desk, it’s right there at the ready for you!

Spice Racks Aren’t Just for the Kitchen (Or Bathroom)

Yes, I’m mentioning spice racks again. You can use them in the office to store your office supplies, like binder clips, paper clips, pushpins, and all that stuff! You simply fill the jars up with these items and arrange them on your rack. Bonus points if your jars are clear, and you can quickly identify which one you need, but you can also make use of labels to get the same result.

Multi-purpose your filing Cabinet

A cheap hack for the home office is to paint your filing cabinet with chalkboard paint. Now you have a space for notes and files!

Final Thoughts

Organization in your home can make your life easier. If you aren’t searching for the one item you need, you can then spend that time on your next crafting project (or whatever you want). You only have 24 hours in a day, you can’t get more hours, so it’s essential to set yourself up so that you can make the most of those hours. These minor fixes can help keep everything organized so you can immediately find what you need to find and carry on with your day.

I like these ideas as well because they don’t require extensive amounts of knowledge or gobs of money. You can complete much of this in one afternoon or less and find most of this stuff at the dollar store or other discount stores. Some other merchants you may wish to consider are:

That’s all I have for this week. I hope it inspired you to go forth and organize. If you enjoyed this post, I would love you forever if you’d share it on social media (you can click your favorite platforms button on the side), and please pin this to Pinterest!

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Next week I’m going to show you how to make a gorgeous charm-style beaded bracelet, so if you’re curious check that out. Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!

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