Festive Christmas Jewelry You Need to Make

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Earlier this year, I published a post about Halloween Costume Jewelry, so of course, as we head into the busy holiday season, I thought it prudent to share with you some simple tricks to create your own beautiful and festive Christmas jewelry for the holiday season!

Where to Shop:

I have a vast collection of jewelry making supplies, so it can be hard at times to track where I bought that particular bead or finding. However, here are my favorite places to find jewelry making supplies:

If you have a local bead store or want to check out other online sites like eBay or LetGo, you can sometimes find some unique supplies there, but the above five are my main go-to places.

What You’ll Want to Buy:

  • Pliers (Check out my earlier post about different pliers and their uses)
  • Jewelry wire
  • Crimp tubes
  • Closures
  • Split rings
  • Earring hooks
  • Beads (I found some “Christmassy” themed ones on Amazon, plus I used pearl and crystal beads in reds, greens, golds, etc.)

To get started with Christmas jewelry you don't need much, beads, some findings and tools!

I used both silver and gold findings in my designs; they both work well for Christmas themed jewelry, so it just depends on what look you like the most. That’s the beauty of making your own jewelry, and you can customize it!

So, let’s get on with the holiday jewelry, shall we?

Starry Earrings

These earrings are simple, but so adorable!

I couldn’t decide between dangly and super-dangly, so I did both!

Looping is easy, before forming the loop, bend the pin to one side! Once you have your beads on the headpin, you just loop it closed!

The blue and white set was made with a headpin, two clear crystal beads, and a blue star bead. Once on the pin, create a loop to secure them onto the pin. Simply loop on an earring hook at the end and repeat to create a pair.

These gold beauties just build on the simple design of the clear and blue!

For the green and gold set, I used a headpin and eye pin with green crystal and gold star beads. Loop your headpin closed like above and then repeat with an eye pin, connect the two and earring hook, and you’ve got a super dangly earring. Repeat to create a set!

Holiday Charm

A simple charm bracelet is a perfect way to create some festive jewelry!

Charm bracelets can be fun to make, and I had these kitschy little Christmas charms. For a bit of classy polish, I used pearl beads. I strung everything together on gold jewelry wire, looping it off with a crimp tube at each end. You can finish with a closure of your choice, and I went with a magnetic closure!

Angelic Necklace

If you like angels, you might just like this golden necklace!

I had some gold angel beads that are perfect for necklace making, so I paired them with some gold beads on some gold jewelry wire. I admittedly didn’t have enough beads to complete a full necklace, but enough for about half. So one way to get around this is to do half the necklace in beads and then attach it to a gold chain!

Holly Jolly Memory Wire

All finished and ready to test out!
I love memory wire bracelets (and clearly lots of other people do too based on the shares I got from this earlier post!). Naturally, when coming up with designs for this post, I knew I just had to do another one! 

To start, you simply loop off one end and attach a pretty little charm!

This bracelet is a relatively simple, silver memory wire, pearl beads in green and red, and two enamel charms (for the ends). Use your pliers to create a loop at one end of your length of memory wire and attach the charm and then string your beads in whatever pattern you’re liking and then loop off the other end and attach another charm.

After a bit of looping, your memory wire bracelet is good to go!

I went with a shorter bracelet, but for a multi-strand look, you can create a longer string of pearl beads along your memory wire.

‘Tis The Season For Christmas Jewelry

As with all of my Jewelry Posts, or any of my posts for that matter, I hope this one has inspired you to get all festive and jolly. The sky is the limit when it comes to designing and creating your own Christmas jewelry because you can customize it to whatever you want.

Also, these designs make for great little gifts if you have someone you know who loves to wear jewelry.

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That’s all for this week. Next week is another Christmas themed post; I’ll be showing you some ideas on how to create your own adorable little ornaments for your tree. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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