4 Easy Wire Wrapping Earrings that You Need to Make

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Full disclosure, I’ve never done any wire wrapping before, but I’ve wanted to try it for a while now. I figured by promising a post on this would force me to do it, and I was right!

In the interests of starting small, I decided to do earrings this post (I will do a post about necklaces, bracelets and other fun stuff later in the year), but baby steps, right?

Wire wrapping is the process of forming wire into a jewelry piece, making loops, twists and the like until you have a jewelry piece that is just a little bit beyond the usual string of beads and loops. Pinterest is full of inspiration if you want to find out more. I recommend searching “wire-wrapping” and see what you get.

What You Will Need:

Leafy Dangly Earrings

These were tricky, they didn't turn out exactly as I'd planned

This one project was inspired by a Panda Hall instructable post on a Lotus Flower Necklace. For the earrings, I chose my favorite color (purple) wire. Cut a sizeable length; I did about twice a ruler width (remember, you can always cut any wire tails off, you cannot add more wire!).

Start by making a loop about the size you want, once you have it, take your chain nose pliers and use them to squish the wire on the closed end of the loop to a point. Create another circle and repeat until you have as many leaves as you want. Use the end of your wire to wrap the open ends together and secure them.

Begin your wire wrapping with a series of loops and then crimp the edges to a point!

Use the remaining wire to create a loop and secure it to your leaves and attach to an earring hook.

Simple Twists

All finished and ready for wearing!

These are probably the least complex of the earrings you’ll find in this post. For some flair, I chose blue wire and three beads.

To begin, cut two bits off your wire, it doesn’t matter on the length, keep in mind that the length will be in half when you finish. Throw on your beads, I chose three pearls for each side, but you can pick whatever you want.

You start with a length of wire!

Use your hands to begin twisting the two ends of the wire into a twist, leaving a small loop where your beads are (I used a finger to measure). At the top, cut one tail flush with the last twist and use your round nose pliers to make a loop with the remaining tail (My favorite tutorial is here on Youtube

All you need is three little pearl beads!

). Connect that loop with an earring hook, and you are done!

Tidal Wave

All finished and ready for wearing!

This project has some similar attributes to the leafy earrings, just a slightly different twist. Begin by cutting a length of wire. Shape the wire into a wave with some curly loops on each side and a “crest” in the middle.

You start with making a lovely wavy length of wire

Use chain nose pliers to squeeze the “crest” into a point and curve it so that it looks more like a wave.

For added panache, I took a second length of wire, strung some crystal beads and silver spacers along with it and attached it to the “base” of the crest. I attached an earring hook to one of the loops at the end and finished it off.

For an added bit of polish, a group of beads add some sparkle to your wire wrapping wave

Black Cats

Just in time for halloween, you can have some lovely black cat earrings!

I couldn’t resist throwing in a Halloween-like piece, and these are cute as a button!

I chose black wire for this, but any wire of your choice will work. Begin by working the wire into the shape of a cat. To create the ear points, I used my round nose pliers to shape the wire. I used the pliers again to finish off each end with a loop.

Once you have your kitty shaped, you can add a pretty little crystal bead detail!

Attach your earring hook to one of the ears, and you’re ready!

The little crystal piece on the bottom of the tail is completely optional!

Wire-Wrapping is Tricky

So far, I’m pleased with my first attempt at wire wrapping. I think the next time I do it, I would use a thicker wire as it would hold the shape a touch better. However, the looping was easier than I pictured it being. Later this year we’ll see how we do with bigger pieces of jewelry (I have a lot of wire left to use up!).

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please leave a comment down below and share it on social media. Also, pin it to Pinterest!

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Next week I’m going to do a baking post (which I haven’t done in a long time so I’m super stoked), I’ve found some cool recipes for Halloween that I want to share with you. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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